DTR Draft Snapshot: Boise State QB Brett Rypien

by Jake Ellenbogen
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In this new series, we give you one-minute draft profiles. In a pinch of time but want to learn in general about prospects in this draft? This series might be perfect for you. Nothing crazy, no links, no stats, just a straight-up paragraph of the player’s strengths and weaknesses, a comparison and round grade if need be.


The Best: Mechanics are flawless, does a great job of extending the play with his legs, showing the awareness to climb the pocket or bail if need be. Accuracy is impressive and the ball placement is normally on point for his receivers. Throws with confidence and anticipation, not someone that will throw to where the receiver is but more so, where the receiver is going to be. Makes “wow” throws often and displays no hesitation if he has a crease in the defense. Bucket throws are his forte and he can hit the back shoulder throw with ease. Is fast enough to use his legs to extend drives at the next level and does throw well off-platform. Consistency is a big factor in his game.


The Worst: Size isn’t NFL prototype which just means he has to work harder at finding throwing lanes carved out by the offensive line. Will get trigger happy and will throw it all on the line to hit the big play even when it’s not there. Can get too comfortable with the first read even when others are better options. Internal clock could be better. Overall arm strength (which can improve) is just slightly above average if even. Sometimes throws off-platform when he can set his feet and get a stronger throw out of it. 


My Position Grade: QB3


Player Comp: Kirk Cousins















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