One Player From Each NFC West Team Rams Would Love to Steal

by Nikko Buenavidez
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Stealing a player from each of the Rams’ NFC West rivals is a fantasy, but it would make this team an even bigger threat. The NFC West was once considered to be the best division in football with all the talent on both sides of the ball, so let’s break down who the Rams would steal from their rivals. In this hypothetical scenario, rosters and players are current and this is mostly on who the Rams should take for the future. The salary cap is a myth as well, which is usually the case for the Rams anyway, so any player is on the table.

San Francisco 49ers- Fred Warner

Warner is one of the best young linebackers in the game. Many Rams fans have been jealous of Fred Warner the past few seasons. There were many enticing positions from the Niners. However, a linebacker room of Wagner, Warner, and Jones would be the best in the NFL.

A really close second choice would have been Nick Bosa, as seeing him across from Aaron Donald would be a threat on the D-Line. A popular option among general NFL fans would probably be George Kittle, but his injury history isn’t great. Warner meanwhile hasn’t missed a game. A strong MLB would improve any defense, and pairing him with some of the best defenders in the league is a dream.

Arizona Cardinals- Budda Baker

The Rams have a lot of young talent at safety and don’t  have a veteran on the back end. Who better than a 4-time pro bowler and 2-time all-pro to help solidify the safety position. Baker is one of the best safeties in football. Adding him could do the same thing for Jordan Fuller that adding Wagner does for Ernest Jones.

Deandre Hopkins or JJ Watt would have been the following choices. However, both are starting to decline in play the past couple of years. Givin the fact that the Rams had to lure Weddle out of retirement for the playoffs, and loaded up on DB in the draft, it’s clear they’re not 100% sold on the position just yet. Adding Baker gives them the stability and veteran presence they so desperately need.

Seattle Seahawks- Noah Fant

Under different circumstances, this answer would have been Bobby Wagner, but the Rams were able to make that a reality. That being said, Fant is a young star. After being traded to Seattle he will continue to have the same quarterback throw him the ball. I think he has a lot of potential at the position and would really like to see another quarterback throw him the ball.

Matthew Stafford could also unlock Fant’s true potential similar to how Cooper Kupp’s was unleashed. A former first-round pick with potential as well as being only 24 is hard to pass up. Even though the Rams have Tyler Higbee, he’s not as dynamic as a pass catcher as Fant is. If this situation were to play out, I could see them using Higbee as more of a blocker with Fant playing a Gerald Everett type role.

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