C.J. Stroud NFL Draft Scouting Report & Draft Profile

C.J. Stroud is the 2023 NFL Draft's best pure pocket passer.

by Jake Ellenbogen
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Coleridge Bernard “C.J.” Stroud IV is a two-year starting quarterback from Ohio State who left two more years of college to pursue an NFL career. One would say this was a no-brainer as Stroud is in play to be the number one overall selection this April. The two-time Heisman finalist fell short of bringing a championship to Ohio State but he certainly has a chance to kick off a bright future with whichever team drafts him.


Stroud is a gifted quarterback with a strong arm that allows him to make any throw on the field. He is a polished passer who works well within a structured offense. Stroud is an accurate thrower, showing the ability to put the ball in tight windows with excellent ball placement.

He has good field vision, allowing him to read defenses and make the right decisions quickly. Additionally, Stroud displays impressive poise in high-pressure situations, and he has the clutch gene to deliver accurate passes that allow his receivers to make plays.

Another strength of Stroud is his ability to deliver passes with velocity, making deep out routes and sideline throws look effortless. He has shown the ability to make throws to the far hash mark from the opposite sideline, demonstrating his arm strength and accuracy. Stroud has also received high praise for his work ethic and leadership skills, which should bode well for his transition to the NFL.


While Stroud is a talented quarterback, there are areas where he could use improvement. His lack of mobility is a concern, as he struggles to escape pressure and extend plays when he’s forced to move out of the pocket. This could lead to sacks or negative plays, limiting the offense’s ability to sustain drives. Additionally, Stroud struggles when he’s forced to make throws off-platform, which could result in interceptions or incompletions.

Furthermore, Stroud had the benefit of playing with elite college receivers and a great offensive line at Ohio State, which led to a relatively low number of pressured throws. He may struggle more in the NFL when facing stronger defenses and increased pressure, and will need to improve his ability to make plays when under duress.


I graded C.J. Stroud a first rounder and a rookie year starter. He’s got the highest floor and he’s the safest pick in my opinion in the draft. The issues he has wouldn’t be issues in any other era of football and to an extent they are a little exaggerated to begin with.

QB Traits Grade (0.1/10)
Short/Intermediate Accuracy 9.1
Outside the Pocket Accuracy 7
Deep Ball Accuracy 8.5
Off-Platform Accuracy 6.4
Arm Strength 8.4
Clutch Gene 8.7
Decision Making 8.5
Mobility 7.1
Pocket Presence 8.8
Ball Velocity 8.5
Overall 81/100
Rookie Year Starter (1st Round)
Pocket Passer


Overall, CJ Stroud has the potential to become a top-tier pocket passer in the NFL. His strengths lie in his arm strength, accuracy, and poise under pressure. However, his limitations in mobility and off-platform throws could hinder his performance, and he will need to work on his improvisation skills to maximize his potential. With proper coaching and development, Stroud has the talent to become a successful NFL quarterback, but he will need to work on his weaknesses to reach his full potential.

Pro Comparison

Tony Romo

I like this comparison a lot. Tony Romo might not be someone you think of when you think of pure precision pocket passers but Romo had a career 65.3 completion percentage in the NFL. Stroud’s archetype doesn’t really fit today’s game which is why I think he’s closely in comparison to Romo. Both aren’t afraid of throwing downfield and pushing the ball through the air nor are they afraid of the pocket.

I think Stroud is very similar to Romo in play style. Romo was a little more interception prone but the two almost had identical number of passing touchdowns in college. Stroud can very well end up a top half of the league QB if he continues to develop and build around his style of football.

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