Anthony Richardson NFL Draft Scouting Report & Draft Profile

Anthony Richardson is the biggest boom or bust QB in the draft.

by Jake Ellenbogen
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Anthony Richardson is a one-year starter who declared early for the NFL Draft. He has all the tools one would want in a franchise quarterback but he isn’t a guarantee. There’s some things to be cautious about but I believe the positives outweigh the negatives. I also believe the negatives are all very correctable at the next level.


Richardson has a cannon for an arm, which is arguably the best in the draft. He can effortlessly throw deep balls with accuracy and can make any throw on the field with ease. His arm strength enables him to fit the ball into tight windows, and he can zip the ball to his receivers at all levels of the field. His arm talent is among his most impressive assets and should translate well to the NFL.

He is an exceptional athlete who possesses rare speed and agility for his size. He is arguably the best scrambling quarterback in the draft, as he can make defenders miss with his quickness and elusiveness. He has the ability to extend plays with his legs and can take off and run if there is open field in front of him. His athleticism is a significant advantage and allows him to make plays with his legs and arm.

He is a composed quarterback who is not easily rattled in the pocket. He has the ability to climb the pocket and avoid pressure, keeping his eyes downfield and making accurate throws. He shows good poise under pressure and can hang in the pocket to deliver the ball with accuracy. His ability to navigate the pocket and make throws under duress is a significant strength.

He has a natural throwing motion, and his delivery is very smooth and effortless. He throws the ball with ease, and his passes come out with a beautiful spiral. He can make all the throws needed to succeed at the next level, including touch passes, deep balls, and bullet throws. He is very accurate when throwing on the run and shows good ball placement.


Richardson’s inconsistency can be a significant concern. While he has all the physical tools needed to be a top quarterback, he is still raw (although not as raw as perceived) and inconsistent with his mechanics and decision-making. At times, his accuracy can be off, and he can miss easy throws. He can also be inconsistent with his footwork and timing, which affects his accuracy and ball placement. He will need to become more consistent to become a reliable quarterback at the next level.

He will need to be developed by an experienced coaching staff that can help him refine his skills and improve his consistency. He will need to work on his decision-making, footwork, and timing to become more consistent with his throws. He will also need to learn how to read defenses and adjust to the speed of the game at the next level. His raw talent is evident, but his success in the NFL will depend on his development.

Richardson can be a bit of a gunslinger at times, taking unnecessary risks and making poor decisions with the football. He can be prone to turnovers and negative plays, which can be costly at the next level. He will need to learn to be more patient and take what the defense gives him, rather than trying to force plays that are not there.

He has a history of injuries, including a hamstring injury that limited his playing time in college. He will need to prove that he can stay healthy and durable at the next level, as injuries can derail a quarterback’s career.


I graded Anthony Richardson a first rounder and a rookie year starter. Can he really start day one with all of those comments about him being raw? Yes, I believe he’s the type of quarterback that will need to learn at the flow of the game. I also have to say that his weapons will be much more of an upgrade at the NFL level and perhaps could cause a surprise leap as early as year one.

QB Traits Grade (0.1/10)
Short/Intermediate Accuracy 7.6
Outside the Pocket Accuracy 7.6
Deep Ball Accuracy 7.9
Off-Platform Accuracy 7.5
Arm Strength 9.5
Clutch Gene 8
Decision Making 7.7
Mobility 9.2
Pocket Presence 8.2
Ball Velocity 9.5
Overall 82.7/100
Rookie Year Starter (1st Round)


Overall, Anthony Richardson has the physical tools and athleticism needed to succeed at the NFL level, but his success will depend on his development as a quarterback. He has an incredible arm and is a dynamic runner, which are two of his most impressive assets. However, he will need to work on his consistency, decision-making, and footwork to become a reliable quarterback at the next level. He will also need to adjust to the speed of the game. If he can stay healthy and continue to develop, Richardson has the potential to become a star in the NFL.

Pro Comparison

A little Patrick Mahomes, a little Cam Newton

Before you freak out, I think Anthony Richardson is a similar prospect to Patrick Mahomes but not necessarily Patrick Mahomes. The comparison makes sense to an extent because both were boom or bust guys coming out of the draft and both had some crazy raw tools. It’s not a perfect match though, so insert Cam Newton. In case you forgot, Cam’s legs were elite and I think he has that Mahomes arm and the Newton legs if not better. Richardson is a really hard player to compare but these are the closest and again, it doesn’t mean he will end up being them.

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