Is California making progress towards legal sports betting? 2023 update

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California is the most populated state in America, with nearly 40 million residents. So, any business that launches in the state is potentially opening to a considerable market.

Many of the world’s leading companies are based on the West Coast of America. California could
efficiently operate as its own country due to its size and GDP. Despite this, the legal landscape for sports
betting in California is complex.

The online gambling market is gaining more momentum in the United States. Some states have legalized sports betting and most digital casino gaming over the last couple of years.

We will see where California ranks on this scale and the latest updates for gambling companies eagerly
watching the most significant potential American market by far.

Gambling in California

When looking at other industries, California has been a global leader. Individual companies in the state
have an annual turnover in the hundreds of billions of dollars, such as Alphabet, Meta and Apple.

This makes it relatively easy to see why legalizing gambling wasn’t high on the agenda. For some states,
such as Nevada, the tax base afforded to the state due to gambling has become their number one

With such huge industries bringing in massive revenues for California, the requirement to legalize
gambling has never been as crucial compared to smaller states.

The last couple of times legislation has been put forward for California to legalize gambling, for both
online and physical casinos, it has been voted down.

It’s not only one specific reason that California does not have casinos operating within their state lines. It
is a complex decision that needs to be unpacked. One of the key reasons we have already touched on is
that the state is seen as a global corporate technology hub.

Simply put, California doesn’t need casinos or to appeal gambling legislation to attract visitors.

Issues with repealing the current legislation

California isn’t the only state that has stringent gambling laws. Other American states, such as Hawaii
and Utah, also forbid gambling within their state lines.

There are arguments that people who are against gambling have made that it can cause problem
gambling among susceptible people. California has operated fine without legalizing gambling, so why
does it need it now?

This is a fair question. Unfortunately, some individuals suffer from addiction and participating in gambling
can cause them great harm.

A gambling problem can take many forms. However, if you view it as a form of income or it is damaging
your relationship with your friends and family, you should stop immediately and seek help.

Los Angeles Rams and other Californian sports teams

Regarding sports betting, there wouldn’t be a shortage of teams to place a wager on if you follow teams in
California, whether it is the Golden State Warriors, the LA Lakers or the Los Angeles Rams.

As the defending Super Bowl champions, the Rams rightly take their place against other legendary
Californian sports teams. Notably, there’s only one other team aside from the Rams who have won the
Super Bowl on home soil.

They didn’t make the cut this year to defend their title; however, many Rams fans who would have been
outside California for last year’s Super Bowl may have placed a wager on the Rams to make the win a
little bit more exciting.

The Rams will be looking to get back to the upper echelons of the sport after a sobering season. Sean
McVay has spent six successful seasons with the Rams, and the fact he has committed to an additional
season should be taken as a mark of intent.

Although there have been rumors of some unrest within the Rams camp, with Cam Akers allegedly
requesting a trade and then denying it, this unrest behind the scenes may have contributed to the Rams
not reaching the same consistency they managed in the previous season.

With key players such as Van Jefferson missing significant portions of the early part of the season, the
Rams lost the momentum they may have had if they were firing on all cylinders. The Rams aren’t exactly
a team looking to rebuild, but they will be hoping for better luck next season.

If they can begin to work on a level playing field again, both on and off the field, they should be able to
push on next season and recapture some of the form that made them such a strong franchise in 2022.

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