What We Can Learn From The Los Angeles Rams 2022 Season: The Key Takeaways

It’s an understatement to say 2022 was a disappointing season for the Los Angeles Rams. Find out why and what challenges face the team as they look to bounce back.

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No one ever said winning in the NFL was easy. But the 2022 season for the Los Angeles rams was a huge surprise. Surprising because they’ve done so badly. McVay’s team had one of the worst follow-up campaigns for any Super Bowl-winning team in NFL history. So to say the ‘22 season didn’t go their way is putting it lightly. 

The offensive line couldn’t stand up to scrutiny, star players faced injury, and the team struggled. So following a 5-12 end to their campaign that’s left them short of a playoff spot, the Rams are looking at a long offseason of repairing and looking forward. 

4 Key Takeaways of the ‘22 Season

After the LA Rams’ success in the ‘21 season, many fans will have assumed they’d end up in the running for champions again. Or at least still in the mix. So much so that using a northstar bets promo code to make a stake in them would have been seen as a safe bet. 

But, instead, the Rams’ have ended up on the opposite end of the standings. Let’s look at the Los Angeles Rams’ 2022 season and the key takeaways. 

1. Offensive Line Injuries

Though the offensive line was shaky from the get-go, the injuries didn’t help. And boy have they stacked up. Joseph Noteboom was out for the season thanks to an Achilles injury. Knee injuries plagued the offensive line, taking out Logan Bruss, Brian Allen, and Chandler Brewer. And that’s just 4 players. Half of the players on the offensive line didn’t see games because of injury. 

In fact, injuries caused problems for the Rams all over the squad. A total of 23 Los Angeles Rams players missed out on games because they were injured. That’s tough for any NFL team. And it’s a problem they couldn’t even have fixed.  

2. Cornerback Worries

The hole left at cornerback by Williams’ departure was filled by Hill and newcomers Decobie Durant and Derion Kendrick. It was a tough transition from the heights of the 2021 unit. They gave it a good go. And had some moments of excellence. But there were too many poor performances and it showed. Even with Durant’s late rising to the occasion. 

3. Missed Opportunities

This year, the LA Rams’ coaching staff missed some great opportunities. After a hamstring injury, Durant was left on the bench for 5 games. When he was finally allowed in the mix in the final five weeks, Durant was a key playmaker. But it was too little, too late. 

The same can be said for Michael Hoecht. Moving to outside linebacker, he played well in the season’s last weeks. And should have had that chance sooner.  

4. Not Everything Is Bad

Time for some positivity. While the Rams have struggled, it’s not all been bad. 

Cam Akers might have had a rough start. But he stuck it out and proved why he deserves his spot with the Los Angeles Rams. We all underestimated how much impact Bobby Wagner could have. He solved a lot of the issues in the middle of the defense and more. Wagner has had one of his best seasons ever. So much so that his showing is among the top all-time performances by a Rams linebacker. 

And we can’t talk about positives without mentioning Matt Gay. He’s had an absolutely outstanding season with the Rams, making 28 of 30 field goal attempts. Gay is one of the best kickers in modern football. 

Looking Forward

The 2022 season might have been a disappointment for the Los Angeles Rams. But that doesn’t mean we should give up on them. Looking forward, what do the team need to do to rise back to the top? 

Clear Spending Cap Space

The Rams’ are projected to be well over the cap. They’ll have to look at ways to free up some space. But that means some really tough decisions during this offseason. 

Filling Holes

There are some big holes that the Los Angeles Rams need to fill for this upcoming year. The offensive line, the receiving corps, and the fact that Tyler Higbee is getting older just to name a few. Deciding which areas need the biggest help is top of the Rams list. 

Coaching Team

Raheem Morris might be on his way out. He’s had interviews for head coaching jobs with the Colts and Broncos. 

Final Thoughts

The 2022 season was not what the Los Angeles Rams wanted. And it wasn’t what anyone envisioned after being champions. Even though it hasn’t been great for the LA Rams, not all is lost. There are plenty of things to be excited about.  

So there’s a hell of a lot of work that needs to be done if we want to see the Rams of the past. That means a lot of tough decisions. But who’s going to be around to make them?

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