Los Angeles Rams: Top 10 Options For Offensive Coordinator

by Blaine Grisak
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The Los Angeles Rams are in the market for an offensive coordinator. Kevin O’Connell is officially the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings which opens up more than a few spots on the Rams coaching staff. However, most notably the offensive coordinator position is open. Here are 10 options that the Rams could explore.

1. Thomas Brown, Rams RB Coach

Thomas Brown is the most obvious choice here. The hiccup here is that Brown could leave to Minnesota to join Kevin O’Connell on the Vikings staff as the offensive coordinator. With that said, the Vikings have been putting tougher their staff and Mike Pettine got the assistant head coach label. That’s a title that Brown currently holds with the Rams.

Brown is widely regarded around the league and has received head coaching interviews. He’s currently the running backs coach with the Los Angeles Rams, but has been something that has challenged McVay. That’s someone who could be beneficial as the offensive coordinator.

2. Zac Robinson, Rams Assistant QB Coach

Zac Robinson might be the promotion that makes the most sense. Sean McVay has liked former quarterback coaches to be his offensive coordinator. Matt LaFleur was the quarterbacks coach in Atlanta before joining the Los Angeles Rams in 2017. Kevin O’Connell was the quarterbacks coach in Washington before joining the Rams staff in 2020.

Robinson is currently the assistant quarterbacks coach and has been Kevin O’Connell’s right-hand man for the last two years. The Rams could keep some consistently with Robinson as he has been with the team since 2019.

3. Liam Coen, Kentucky OC

Liam Coen was the Rams’ assistant quarterbacks coach last year before he left to go to Kentucky to be the offensive coordinator for the Wildcats.

In his first season at Kentucky, the Wildcats ranked 46th in the nation in total yards. They had the 25th best rushing offense in the nation last season, rushing for 199.5 rushing yards per game. The also ranked fifth in the NCAA in third down conversation rate at 50.3% and ranked 38th in scoring offense.

4. Greg Olson, Former Raiders OC

Greg Olson was the quarterbacks coach in 2017 with the Los Angeles Rams before going to Las Vegas with Jon Gruden in 2018. This is a move that would make a lot of sense for the Rams. Olson and McVay go back to their time in Tampa Bay in 2008. They only spent one year together in 2017 with the Rams, but McVay would likely be more than happy to have him back.

5. Eric Bienemy, Chiefs OC

This is one that’s interesting. Eric Bienemy’s contract is expiring with the Kansas City Chiefs and McVay has typically gone outside the organization for coordinator hires. This allows McVay to continue to have fresh ideas within the organization. The Chiefs offense has been one of the more dynamic offenses in the NFL.

Matthew Stafford certainly isn’t Patrick Mahomes, but both have insane arm talent. Bienemy could leave Kansas City and join McVay’s staff in hopes of becoming a head coach. Additionally, McVay could sprinkle some of the Kansas City offense into his own.

6. Wes Phillips, Rams TE Coach/Passing Game Coordinator

Wes Phillips will be a strong contender to be the Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator as well. With that said, if Brown gets the job, Phillips will be someone to keep an eye on. Phillips has been on the Los Angeles Rams staff since 2019 and was the team’s passing game coordinator last season. The Rams passing offense ranked fifth in the NFL

7. Dan Pitcher, Bengals QB Coach

Dan Pitcher has been on the Cincinnati Bengals staff since Zac Taylor took over in 2019.  However, he’s been with the Bengals since 2016. He’s only 35 years old and is a riser in the NFL ranks. Pitcher has been a part of an offense that is very similar to Sean McVay’s and could come to the Rams in hopes of becoming a head coach within the next few years.

Pitcher is considered to be one of the top offensive minds on Zac Taylor’s staff. While the move would hurt Cincinnati, this is a move that could make sense for the Rams and McVay.

8. Shane Day, Chargers QB Coach

Last season Brandon Staley and Sean McVay teamed up to create one of the best offensive and defensive staffs in the NFL with the Los Angeles Rams in 2020. Day spent two seasons as the quarterbacks coach in San Francisco before becoming the quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator for the Chargers last season.

As seen, Justin Herbert took a huge step forward in his development becoming one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL. Again, Herbert and Stafford are both talented quarterbacks. Day also has familiarity with the Shanahan type offense that McVay runs.

9. Graham Harrell, Former USC OC

In 2020, USC led the Pac-12 in passing yards and just last season they ranked 17th in the nation. Harrell did accept a job at West Virginia as the offensive coordinator, but it would be tough for him to turn down the opportunity to come back to Los Angeles and be the offensive coordinator for the Rams.

He’s a former NFL quarterback and has been a quarterback coach since 2016. This one might be a little less likely, but McVay has gone to the college ranks before, hiring Kevin Carberry last offseason as the offensive line coach.

10. No Offensive Coordinator

Don’t be surprised if this is an option that the Los Angeles Rams go in either. McVay didn’t have an offensive coordinator in 2018 or 2019. It’s possible that the Rams would just make Zac Robinson the quarterbacks coach and McVay would take on the role as offensive coordinator. Fans likely wouldn’t be happy with this, but don’t rule it out, especially with how late it is in the coaching hiring process.

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