NFL Draft Profile: Nevada Quarterback Carson Strong

by Pat Pryor
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Nevada quarterback Carson Strong is one of the top passers in the 2022 NFL Draft. Strong was named 2020 and 2021 All-Mountain West and the 2020 and 2021 Mountain-West Offensive Player of the Year. Strong missed his senior year in high school due to knee injury. He’s had had multiple surgeries on knee and lingering questions remain.

NFL Draft Measurables

Height 6’3 Wingspan 76-5’8” Vertical N/A
Weight 226 40-time N/A Bench N/A
Hand 9-1/4” Shuttle N/A 3-Cone N/A
Arm 31-5’8” Broad Jump N/A RAS N/A


How We Grade

Grade Player Meaning Grade Player Meaning
9.5-10 Generational Player 6-6.4 Average Starter
9-9.4 Perennial All-Pro, Top of Position 5.5-5.9 Below-Average Starter
8.5-9 Perennial Pro-Bowler 5-5.4 Developmental Player
8-8.4 Very Good 4.5-4.9 Special Teams Player
7.5-7.9 Talented Player 4-4.4 Practice Squad
7-7.4 High-End Starter 3-4 Journeyman PS
6.5-6.9 Slightly Above Average 0-2 Free Agent

NFL Draft Evaluation


Arm Strength 8.75 Athleticism 6
Arm Talent 7 Decision-Making 6.25
Short Accuracy 6.25 Processing 6.25
Medium-Deep Accuracy 6.5 Productivity 7.25
Mechanics 5.5 Football IQ 6.75
Footwork 6 Size 6.25
Pocket Presence 7.25
Scrambling/Mobility 5.75 Overall 6.56


Carson Strong is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL Draft. He has complete control of the offense at the line of scrimmage, and utilizes it. Fantastic arm strength and velocity. Slides well in the pocket, adjusting to his lack of mobility. Can place the ball extremely well on the sideline.

Strong stays steady under pressure and continues to read the field. Rarely throws an interceptable ball, and fires it too hard for defenders when he does. Quality deep ball thrower, always a threat for an explosive play. Smart player who could make a lot of plays when given full freedom with the entire offense.


Despite being a top quarterback in this NFL Draft class, Strong has his flaws. At times, Strong will go right to his first read, off an unnatural stance for little gain. He can scan the field, but needs to have more confidence in doing so. Will throw off platform when he doesn’t need to, leading to errant throws.

No rushing threat, due to his knee surgeries. Doesn’t step through into throws in clean pockets, causing overthrows. Imperfect mechanics leading to errant short throws.


Strong is a quality quarterback in this NFL Draft who has the arm strength and ability to make any throw. A lot of questions come from his mechanics, which are unnatural at best. He’s smart, and has more pre-snap control than any college quarterback I’ve scouted.

The mechanics will be a concern for any team, as will questions about his knee, but you can’t teach someone to have a cannon on their arm like Strong does. He’s a smart player, and once he really gets a throwing motion down could be very good. Allowing him full use of the field, and giving him more ability to go through is progressions will allow him to develop. He’s a project, and not someone you should take as a day-one starter, but he has nice potential.

Round Grade: 3rd
Team Fits: TB, INDY
Floor: High End Backup
Ceiling: High End Starter

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