Fantasy Football: Stop Questioning Your Studs. Patience Pays Off

by LaQuan Jones "RealDealFantasy"
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Heading into Week 4 of the fantasy football season, we are left with more questions then answers more than ever right now about some of our stud players. Players like Allen Robinson, Jonathan Taylor, and Kyle Pitts have fantasy managers questioning whether to put them in lineups.

Given their performance thus far, it’s understandable. However,  hold on just a little bit longer before  whispering sell now. It’s better to have these guys on the bench than to face them later in the season or in the playoffs when they get back on track and put up big fantasy football numbers.

WR Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson is the main player right now that is being questioned in fantasy football lineups.  Justin Fields took over as starting quarterback with Andy Dalton’s injury. Fields’ first start wasn’t pretty as he went 6/20. Robinson was thought to be quarterback-proof, but he is struggling with arguably the best quarterback in the draft.

There are a lot of fingers pointing at Matt Nagy and some saying that Fields simply wasn’t ready. There’s some light in this with Matt Nagy saying all three quarterbacks are in conversion for the starting job for Week 4. This is great news for Robinson if Nick Foles is making a return some time soon. Weeks 3-10 Allen Robinson was a fantasy stud with 13 weeks of double digit fantasy points and tons of volume going his way.

With Foles under center, Robinson had 77 targets and was his security blanket. I’m holding strong on ARob only for the simple fact I know he’ll bounce back. Matt Nagy maybe out of calling the shots for the offense pretty soon or he’ll be out of job very soon. Either way I believe a bounce back is due.

RB Jonathan Taylor

Now moving on to Jonathan Taylor. We all know how talented he is and his ability to put up big points on the board. The problem is fantasy football players are panicking because Taylor is having a slow start to the season. The heavy price tag in the draft doesn’t help matter.

There are a lot of questions of what’s going on with the Colts offense as they are starting out 0-3. Taylor will be fine based on his usage in the offense. His opportunities aren’t being slashed by Jordan Wilkins or Nyheim Hines. That should make Taylor owners feel better moving forward.

Hines has his role in the passing game so he’s not cutting into Taylors workload by anything noticeable. Taylor is actually getting some passing work as well. Taylor has outperformed in rookie season as he already has 11 targets through three weeks.

Hines as of now has a 15% target share vs Taylor with a 10% target share. It’s easy to be down on Taylor, but players like Derrick Henry have started slow in the past. Before you know it, he’s going off for seven straight weeks. Henry would show up at the end of the season around playoffs were it mattered. Taylor did the same last season going crazy for five weeks straight, leading ton of fantasy players to championship victory. Sit tight and relax and watch Taylor show us all to be patient with greatness.

TE Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts is in a situation were he’s having poor quarterback play that’s hurting his fantasy football value. However, he still holds a healthy 15% target share. Still, it doesn’t look great to see Pitts and Mike Daivs have the same amount of targets.

I’m not concerned season long for Pitts based on pure talent. He’s going to have his weeks as long as the volume remains there for him. Matt Ryan and that offensive line will have to get it together for Pitts to be a top-10 fantasy football tight end this season.

I’m hopeful for him with the matchups that he has coming up with some defenses who have been struggling against tight ends. This week they play Washington and then the Jets in Week 5. After a bye, the Falcons play the Dolphins who are giving up double digit fantasy points to opposing tight ends.

The points are there for Pitts. We just need to hold on just a little bit longer before bench him or sell him for less than his value.

Hopefully this gives you all some confidence to hold on to your players who are currently in a rough patch. There’s no need to sell your shares just yet. It’s still very early  as it’s only Week 4. There’s still a lot of football left.

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