Los Angeles Rams Featured Fan Week 1: Holden Cantor

by Blaine Grisak
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The Los Angeles Rams begin the season this week against the Chicago Bears. Every week this season on Downtown Rams, we’ll be featuring one Rams fan and get to know them a little more. We’ll find out why they became a Rams fan as well as some gameday superstitions.

This week, we start with TurfShow Times’ Holden Cantor. Be sure to check out Holden’s latest work on TurfShow Times, including his three things the Rams need to do to beat the Bears. You can also follow Holden on Twitter at @HoldenCantor.

1. When and how did you become a Rams fan?

I became a Rams fan when I was seven years old. My dad was a huge Cowboys fan so I had watched their games a whole lot, but I wanted my own team. So I started watching Rams games and became obsessed with the greatest show on turf with guys like Warner, Faulk, Holt, Bruce, and the rest of the team I just couldn’t stop watching the. Soon after I got my first jersey and that was a Marshall Faulk jersey, they won the super bowl that year vs the Titans and the rest is history.

2. What’s your favorite Rams memory?

Obviously winning the Super Bowl is a good memory but I was just seven years old. My favorite memory in general would be the Greg the leg field goal to send the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl. I was surrounded by friends and family which they know how much the Rams mean to me, so when he made that field goal it was just such a happy moment. They were lifting me up, high fives all around, it was just a great memory.

3. Who’s your favorite player on the Los Angeles Rams and why? Who’s your favorite player in Rams history?

It’s Aaron Donald all the way. He is by far the best defensive talent I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. He is just so fun to watch, every single play it seems he’s in the backfield and he just makes our defense a top defense every year. I don’t think we’ll ever see another player of Donald’s caliber so it’s nice to be able to watch him get after it week in and week out.

When it comes to my favorite player in Rams history Donald is up there but SJ39 is a close 2nd. SJ39 I feel is one of the more underappreciated backs to ever play the game, he was beast mode before there was a beast mode. He gave us a reason to tune in every week when the Rams weren’t at their best. I really wish we could’ve had more success when he was playing for us but I think the least we can do now is give him the praise he deserves.

4. Do you have any gameday rituals or traditions? Do you have a specific gameday jersey? What’s your gameday spread (what do you eat, drink, etc.)

I’m very superstitious when it comes to game day. If I watch at a bar where the Los Angeles Rams win, I keep going back until they don’t and then i’ll just pick a new place or watch it at my house. Same thing goes for my jersey, If the team is having success in a certain jersey I’m wearing I will continue to wear it.

The jersey the team has had most success while I’m wearing it is my Todd Gurley color rush jersey, so that is the jersey I wear the most. We lost a ton when I wore my Goff throwback jersey so that has stayed hidden in my closet. I have a new blue Aaron Donald jersey now so that’ll be the attire for week 1 and I really hope it works out!

When it comes to food, it’s difficult for me to eat before or during because my stomach is in knots from all the nerves. But if they’re blowing a team out I’ll eat maybe a burger or chicken sandwich at half time. While I’m watching the games, I tend to either have a few beers or hard seltzers to help ease the nerves.

5. What’s your prediction for the game this week?

I honestly think it’s going to be an identical game as this past year when we played the Bears but I’ll give them 3 more points and say it’ll be 24-13 Rams win. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the defense looks like without Brandon Staley, John Johnson, and Troy Hill but my gut feeling is they wont miss a beat.

I’m intrigued by our running game and I’m waiting for the game where Henderson has a 50+ yard touchdown and I believe this will be the game.

As for my bold prediction, I think Leonard Floyd has another monster game vs his former team and repeats his performance from week 7 of 2020 with 3 sacks.

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