Fantasy Football: 2021 Running Back Pre-Season Projected Rankings

by Jake Ellenbogen
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The new NFL season is fast approaching and so I’ve compiled my running back rankings in fantasy football for this season. Before we get into it the scoring format I used was a full 6 points per touchdown and half-point PPR. Of course if you don’t know where to go to start your fantasy football journey I highly recommend our sponsor if you head on over and use promo code DTR you will receive $25 bonus cash on your first deposit. Now, let’s get into it.

1. Saquon Barkley, New York Giants (343.4 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 284 CARs, 1,363 rush yards, 14 TDs (78 receptions, 601 yards & 4 TDs)

The Giants have slow played this whole Saquon Barkley injury from the get-go. He’s back, he’s going to play week one and he’s going to kick off the comeback campaign in which he makes you remember just how special he truly is. Barkley is going to be the engine for the Giants offense and is going to be immensely helpful for young quarterback Daniel Jones on the Giants quest for a playoff berth they came just one game away without Barkley.

Barkley’s all-around ability is going to allow him to explode this year and the best part is no one wants to touch him. In fantasy football, I’ve drafted him way too many times in the second round and even the third. Buy all of your stock in Saquon Barkley. He’s not the first running back coming off an ACL tear and he won’t be the last but we have learned from Dalvin Cook and Adrian Peterson you can do it in the NFL and have major success. You will be able to add Barkley to that list after the season.

2. Najee Harris, Pittsburgh Steelers (330.4 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 322 CARs, 1,481 rush yards, 11 TDs (55 receptions, 528 yards & 6 TDs)

The rookie Najee Harris lands here at number two and probably garners and eye pop or any sort of weird reaction from you the reader. Here’s the deal though, Harris can do it all as a running back, he’s athletically gifted, he’s in an offense that has plenty of weapons around him, a quarterback who loves him and a brand new offensive coordinator.

Sure, the offensive line is a work in progress but Harris has been creating yards out of thin air since even his days at Alabama. It’s a trait you either have as a ball-carrier or don’t and Harris has it. He’s guaranteed to get at least 300 carries following a historically bad run game last year but could get close to 400 touches if the Steelers really want to maximize his potential.

3. Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints (330.3 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 232 CARs, 1,066 rush yards, 10 TDs (89 receptions, 832 yards & 6 TDs)

The Saints have one of the best pass catching backs of all time in Alvin Kamara and if you didn’t know he’s had at least 80 catches in every season he’s played in since 2017. The level of consistency has been incredible and now with Michael Thomas on the shelf for a bit he should be expected to have a bigger role than ever before. It might not be a much bigger statistical output but I do think this ends up being Kamara’s best year was he approaches 1,900 total yards from scrimmage and takes on more carries than ever before in his career. With the Saints cutting Latavius Murray, Tony Jones should have a hefty role but not on the level of Mark Ingram in prior years, this is Kamara’s backfield.

4. Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers (315.2 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 272 CARs, 1,224 rush yards, 11 TDs (80 receptions, 808 yards & 1 TD)

Christian McCaffrey has shown plenty of elite ability. However, his injuries scare me to no end. With new quarterback Sam Darnold I could expect him to have his best season but it’s a wait and see approach. The team may start to limit McCaffrey’s carries after last year and use more of rookie Chuba Hubbard than a McCaffrey fantasy football owner can take. Buyer beware. While McCaffrey is of course one of the game’s best, his injuries are a real concern for me. It is worth mentioning though that he had played every game since 2017 before last season’s 13 missed games.

5. Derrick Henry, Tennesse Titans (314.4 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 345 CARs, 1,794 rush yards, 16 TDs (25 receptions, 145 yards & 2 TDs)

I have potentially the NFL’s best back in the league at five here because of the lack of pass catching usage for him. Derrick Henry has been absolutely nuts in the last two seasons and last year he threatened breaking the all-time rushing yards record for a single-season. Henry has only missed 2 games in his career and is coming off 35 touchdowns in total the last two seasons. My only concern is the prospect of the Titans deciding to try and prolong his career by limiting his touches. If they do that Henry will plummet down my rankings without his reliability in the passing game. Henry also could break the damn record this year and it wouldn’t surprise me. If the Titans do not limit him he’s going to have another elite level season.

6. Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings (302.1 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 303 CARs, 1,454 rush yards, 15 TDs (46 receptions, 377 yards & 1 TD)

Dalvin Cook is going as high as number one overall in fantasy football drafts and I can’t say it’s the worst idea. He’s a fantastic player on a fun offensive team that will use him in the passing game while also giving him the number of carries to be successful. Cook had 17 total touchdowns in 2020 and came very close to hitting the 2,000 total yards from scrimmage mark. In this projection, I do think Cook retains 300-plus carries last year but I have him finishing just a tad under the statistical output he came away with last year.

7. Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers (286.4 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 210 CARs, 1,008 rush yards, 4 TDs (91 receptions, 801 yards & 6 TDs)

You know it’s 2021 because we are talking about Austin Ekeler as a RB7 in the whole damn thing. That’s not a knock on Ekeler it’s more so the fact this is where we are with fantasy football and the movement of PPR into almost every league now. The popular format maximizes Ekeler’s abilities. Did I project him to eclipse 2,000 total yards? No, but I think he can get close and has the team to do it on. Will they give him a chance to is the question. Either way, Ekeler shouldn’t be falling into my lap in the second round like he is right now. Buy the dip on Ekeler.

8. Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns (264 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 262 CARs, 1,389 rush yards, 14 TDs (27 receptions, 216 yards & 1 TD)

The Browns backfield I’ve been gushing over for the last two years and to be honest they have changed the game in the NFL. It’s not to say they are the first team to have two star-caliber running backs (because they are not) but it is to say they have really mastered how to best utilize them so that both are getting a fair workload to their strengths and being rested so they are fresh all game long. Nick Chubb got hurt last year and has an injury history which is my only worry about him but man is he an exciting running back and only because of Kareem Hunt‘s pass catching ability I have Chubb lower on the rankings than where I want to put him.

9. Antonio Gibson, Washington Football Team (260.9 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 279 CARs, 1,339 rush yards, 10 TDs (44 receptions, 330 yards & 2 TDs)

Last year’s rookie from Memphis had a role that expanded as the season went on and now Antonio Gibson is expected to take over the full-time duties in the Washington backfield. Now, the team does very much like J.D. McKissic and there are weapons all over the offense Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel and Logan Thomas but I expect Gibson to be a focal point of the Washington offensive gameplan in 2021. Gibson has massive upside and projected him 9th even seems like a bit of a underrating. He’s that good.

10. Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts (255 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 275 CARs, 1,320 rush yards, 13 TDs (30 receptions, 240 yards & 1 TD)

Taylor emerged last year as an impressive rookie running back but this year Marlon Mack is back from his achilles tear and Nyheim Hines is ready for a bigger role. I don’t really care though because Taylor’s fantasy football value is through the roof and with Carson Wentz one can expect the Colts to want to run the football to set up the play action. Taylor is going to tote the rock plenty and honestly I think he takes a more grounded running back role while Mack and Hines shore up the receiving role out of the backfield.

11. Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals (251.6 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 253 CARs, 1,113 rush yards, 7 TDs (59 receptions, 448 yards & 4 TDs)

The Bengals lead back Joe Mixon has experienced all sorts of injuries in his career but if you look he’s really only missed four games before 2020. This past season was rough but in back to back seasons before Mixon almost hit 1,500 total yards from scrimmage and totaled 17 touchdowns. This year I expect Mixon to have his best year to date going over the 1,500 yard mark and breaking his career high in total touchdowns with 11.

12. Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers (250.2 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 209 CARs, 1,087 rush yards, 10 TDs (47 receptions, 400 yards & 3 TDs)

The Green Bay Packers have a lethal offense because of Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams but do we even give Aaron Jones enough credit? Jones has scored 30 total touchdowns over the last two years and has added a level of consistency to the running game Rodgers has been looking for since the Eddie Lacy experiment was shot down in flames. Jones has the upside to be the RB1 in fantasy football but the only thing holding him back is the fact the best wide receiver in the league is also on the roster. With Jamaal Williams off to Detroit, it will be interesting how much of a workload Jones is given and how much they give A.J. Dillon.

13. James Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars (246.6 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 234 CARs, 1,076 rush yards, 9 TDs (57 receptions, 445 yards & 2 TDs)

James Robinson exploded onto the scene last year as an undrafted rookie free agent out of Illinois State. Robinson amassed 1,000 yards and found the end zone 10 times which included seven rushing touchdowns. He was delivered the tough blow when his team occupied by a new coaching staff/regime in general decided to select Clemson running back Travis Etienne in the first round of the draft. That, however, was delivered a tougher blow when Etienne suffered a season-ending injury in preseason. Now, it’s Robinson season yet again and he’s expected to at the very least replicate last year if not improve on it.

14. Chris Carson, Seattle Seahawks (241.1 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 240 CARs, 1,128 rush yards, 9 TDs (45 receptions, 338 yards & 3 TDs)

Chris Carson is one of the best running backs in football and furthermore he’s one of the most underrated in general. The same can be said for his fantasy football perception. The big issue with Carson has always been health. He missed four games last year and still almost had over 1,000 yards from scrimmage. One can expect as long as he stays healthy he will once again be back over the 1,000-yard mark he previously went over in 2018 and 2019.

15. Darrell Henderson, Los Angeles Rams (230.6 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 200 CARs, 1,040 rush yards, 7 TDs (38 receptions, 416 yards & 4 TDs)

Like Gus Edwards, Darrell Henderson is loved by the coaching staff and was expected to still have a significant role before Cam Akers went down with a season-ending injury. Now, Henderson is the lead back in Los Angeles and is ready for a breakout season. Henderson’s injury concerns are a bit overblown as he’s only missed four games in his career.

Henderson was also the most efficient Rams running back last year, broke the most tackles and in games of which he had more than 12 carries he averaged over 5 yards per carry. The big thing with Henderson has been keeping him in his groove and I think he’s going to be in it much more this year especially running against lighter boxes with the bulked up passing attack. Sure, Sony Michel could take some opportunities and touchdowns away from Henderson but it won’t be enough to hold him back from RB2 status and potential RB1 status this season.

16. Gus Edwards, Baltimore Ravens (230 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 240 CARs, 1,224 rush yards, 9 TDs (32 receptions, 256 yards & 2 TDs)

This may seem ridiculously high but for Gus Edwards but that’s because you aren’t used to his name being up here. Edwards has consistently run for over 700 yards in each of his three seasons. Edwards now is the lone wolf in the backfield with only Ty’Son Williams on the active roster at the moment.

He is loved by the coaching staff and was still expected to have a big role before the JK Dobbins injury. Now, with Dobbins out of commission for the season Edwards will assume the backfield duties. He’s shown very limited usage in the receiving game but last year he had his best year going over 100 yards. This year I expect Edwards to be utilized more in the receiving game and have a pretty solid season a receiver while dominating on the ground.

17. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Kansas City Chiefs (228.6 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 214 CARs, 1,006 rush yards, 7 TDs (50 receptions, 430 yards & 3 TDs)

He only played in 13 games last year but started all 13 while coming away with 1,100 scrimmage yards in his rookie year. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is eyeing 1,000 yards rushing this year and what hopes to be a healthier year in general. Edwards-Helaire is going as high as mid-first to as late as late second-round. He’s a low-end RB1 with high-end RB1 upside especially with Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback.

18. Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys (215.1 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 232 CARs, 928 rush yards, 8 TDs (45 receptions, 338 yards & 3 TDs)

Ezekiel Elliott has been a huge name in the fantasy football game for awhile. He’s only 26-years old and should have plenty left in the tank but as mentioned above with the recent demises to star running backs, the Cowboys are expected to take a more cautious approach with Elliott’s workload. One can expect a heavy dose of Pollard this year as someone the Cowboys know they can trust as well as Elliott. It’s worth mentioning while last season was Elliott’s worst season, he is in the reportedly the best shape of his life this year and could out-perform this ranking if the coaching staff decides to turn it loose with Elliott.

19. Kareem Hunt, Cleveland Browns (212.4 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 172 CARs, 826 rush yards, 6 TDs (41 receptions, 373 yards & 6 TDs)

Kareem Hunt is one half of the best running back duo we have seen in awhile for the Cleveland Browns. He filled in last year in replacement for the injured Nick Chubb. Hunt is one of the best receiving backs in the league and just in general he’s one of the better backs in football.

It’s hard to give him an RB1 tag since he shares time with Chubb and gets the lesser percentage of the carries between the two. However, Hunt is so good and has a good enough workload that he can be considered an RB2. If Chubb were to go down again this year it would be like last year and Hunt would be extremely valuable.

20. Chase Edmonds, Arizona Cardinals (211 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 177 CARs, 850 rush yards, 5 TDs (54 receptions, 410 yards & 5 TDs)

Chase Edmonds has been waiting for his chance since being drafting in the 2018 fourth-round. Now, he somewhat has it. While Edmonds is expected to be the starter, one could definitely see James Conner generating a big run for playing time.

Even still, Conner isn’t the receiver Edmonds is and so I think the ever-improving Edmonds will have his best season yet and furthermore should be a serious fantasy football RB2 consideration moving forward. Edmonds had 53 receptions last year so while I expect him to average about the same receiving output, I think his rushing numbers are going to put him in contention for an RB2 spot.

21. David Montgomery, Chicago Bears (210.9 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 270 CARs, 1,188 rush yards, 7 TDs (32 receptions, 301 yards & 1 TD)

The Bears will likely have Justin Fields in there early and he will be instructed to take what the defense gives him. The defense is going to give him a lot of David Montgomery and while Montgomery can certainly be counted on in the backfield as a runner, it’s the underrated receiving ability that makes him so lethal. With Tarik Cohen starting the year on the PUP list, Montgomery is going to assume almost all of the backfield duties in all likelihood and he’s going to produce while doing it. Following last year’s breakout season, Montgomery will look to pile on and even more impressive 2021 campaign.

22. Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders (204.5 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 242 CARs, 968 rush yards, 10 TDs (39 receptions, 242 yards & 1 TD)

Jacobs broke onto the scene his rookie year when he amassed 1,100 yards on 242 carries. He went over 1,000 last year on 273 but this year I think we should expect some of the same as in he takes 242 carries but doesn’t end up with over 1,000 yards. I do think Kenyan Drake being there will keep him fresh but on top of them will take him out of his rhythm. Jacobs is a very talented back in his own right but I do not think he’s the upper echelon guy we all expected to see following his 2019 season. If he was, the Raiders would not have gone out and signed Kenyan Drake.

23. Miles Sanders, Philadelphia Eagles (201.5 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 222 CARs, 1,021 rush yards, 7 TDs (36 receptions, 274 yards & 2 TDs)

The Eagles backfield is not the sexiest looking one but many seem to sleep on Miles Sanders. Sure, the injuries aren’t the greatest but he’s only missed four games. Furthermore, Sanders have gone over 1,000 yards from scrimmage back-to-back seasons and even in 2020 when he only played 12 games.

He saw a boost in yards per carry average going up from 4.6 to 5.3 and even went up in touchdowns in fewer games. This year, Sanders should have his first 1,000 yard rushing season but even  if he doesn’t he’s been consistent when he’s been on the field. In year three Sanders could be looking at the best season he’s had which bodes well for fantasy football owners.

24. D’Andre Swift, Detroit Lions (195.7 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 201 CARs, 905 rush yards, 7 TDs (38 receptions, 342 yards & 2 TDs)

Many are very high on D’Andre Swift but inside the top 20 is a little too rich for my blood. There is still clearly a competition between Jamaal Williams and Swift for carries and while Swift is sure to make a splash in the receiving game, it’s still just not enough for me to rank him higher than RB24. I think he’s an RB2 but I personally would feel much better with him as a flex.

25. Mike Davis, Atlanta Falcons (190.6 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 190 CARs, 874 rush yards, 5 TDs (44 receptions, 352 yards & 3 TDs)

With the addition of Wayne Gallman, Mike Davis owners might find themselves back peddling a bit. However, since Davis wasn’t a big name until last year and this early on this year, you might be able to get him at a very cheap bargain either on the trade market from a panic seller or in a draft as he slides down the board. As you can see I like Gallman but to slide Mike Davis out of the top 25 is ludicrous to me. This is why you have to take advantage of the knee-jerk reactionary folks.

26. Javonte Williams, Denver Broncos (186.2 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 220 CARs, 1,002 rush yards, 7 TDs (37 receptions, 195 yards & 1 TD)

The combination of Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon makes from a great dual-backfield but in fantasy football obviously that could be quite the tug-of-war. Williams is one of only two rookie backs I have eclipsing the 1,000-yard mark this season and I think it’s going to surprise some people. Williams was a healthy scratch for the final preseason game while Gordon played. It will be interesting but Williams’ all-around ability makes me think he’s already won the job in Denver.

27. Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys (172.6 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 184 CARs, 810 rush yards, 4 TDs (42 receptions, 286 yards & 3 TDs)

This may seem crazy but I really think Tony Pollard cuts into Zeke Elliott’s workload a ton this year. It just makes sense, we’ve seen the likes of Todd Gurley, LeVeon Bell, and David Johnson fall completely out of that elite status seemingly overnight. Teams are getting the hint you need to keep your running backs fresh. Pollard can do that for Elliott just like Elliott can for Pollard. The thing that is important to realize is that Pollard isn’t just a guy he’s had a lot of success in a short amount of time when called upon. I think he has a ton more in 2021.

28. Kenyan Drake, Las Vegas Raiders (167.1 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 166 CARs, 699 rush yards, 3 TDs (40 receptions, 472 yards & 2 TDs)

A lot to love about Kenyan Drake’s game but the biggest question is premium touches and at the end of the day I would imagine the Raiders trust Josh Jacobs at the goal line more than Drake. Both are very talented but the lack of touchdowns lowers Drake a bit. He should get plenty of yards though in that dual-back role and should be rostered in fantasy football.

29. Myles Gaskin, Miami Dolphins (161.6 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 189 CARs, 794 rush yards, 4 TDs (36 receptions, 302 yards & 2 TDs)

Speaking of touchdowns being vultured away…Have you met Myles? Gaskin is going to be a consistent double digit scorer but the issue is that he also should have premium touches taken away by the likes of Malcolm Brown and Salvon Ahmed. I don’t expect him to lead the team in rushing touchdowns and neither should you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

30. Damien Harris, New England Patriots (157.2 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 226 CARs, 1,107 rush yards, 6 TDs (7 receptions, 70 yards)

The biggest issue with Damien Harris is the lack of premium touches and usage as a receiver. I do think that the addition of Rhamondre Stevenson could be a damper on his touchdown totals as well. Harris is going to get you yards in fantasy football. That’s obvious. However, the touchdowns are going to be vultured away and you have to realize that before you make the Harris investment.

31. Nyheim Hines, Indianapolis Colts (150.8 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 72 CARs, 331 rush yards, 2 TDs (52 receptions, 437 yards & 6 TDs)

It’s a loaded backfield in Indianapolis but I do trust Nyheim Hines to continue his consistency as a receiver. He’s going to garner a ton of targets and I think with T.Y. Hilton being out to start the season it will open up more opportunities. He may get out-carried by Marlon Mack but the Colts know what they have as a receiver in Hines.

32. Jamaal Williams, Detroit Lions (147.7 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 171 CARs, 752 rush yards, 4 TDs (34 receptions, 255 yards & 1 TD)

Speaking of Williams, I do think he has a significantly larger role than most in Detroit. Dan Campbell and Anthony Lynn want to run the football and so it won’t be just D’Andre Swift doing all of that work. Jared Goff is going to need the play-action passing attack for his success in Detroit and establishing the run is going to be vital for that.

33. A.J. Dillon, Green Bay Packers (145.7 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 165 CARs, 841 rush yards, 5 TDs (20 receptions, 156 yards & TD)

Here’s a running back that would be a top 10 pick if Aaron Jones didn’t re-sign. Regardless, Dillon is almost an RB2 as it stands. Dillon and Jones are going to be better than tandem than Jones and Williams were.

34. Giovani Bernard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (142.8 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 63 CARs, 286 rush yards, TD (69 receptions, 497 yards & 4 TDs)

This is a love him or hate him guy and for me I’ve never liked Gio Bernard in fantasy football. However, this year he’s Tom Brady‘s “James White” so to speak and so because of this I think he ends up as a better option than the other two lead backs in Jones and Fournette.

35. Zack Moss, Buffalo Bills (141.2 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 172 CARs, 774 rush yards, 5 TDs (17 receptions, 133 yards & 2 TDs)

Zack Moss is in for a much better season than last year and I think we will see him surpass Singletary a bit as the favored back in the backfield.

36. Ronald Jones II, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (140.7 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 172 CARs, 866 rush yards, 6 TDs (14 receptions, 111 yards)

Ronald Jones broke out last year but then the team added Giovani Bernard. While I expect Jones to out-touch Fournette, Bernard takes Jones out of RB2 considerations for me.

37. Leonard Fournette, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (140.2 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 160 CARs, 720 rush yards, 5 TDs (36 receptions, 202 yards)

While Leonard Fournette is the better pass catcher, I think the Buccaneers trust Ronald Jones more with the ball. Fournette is one of those players you could draft in fantasy football and end up getting massive dividends. However, it’s a tricky backfield.

38. David Johnson, Houston Texans (139.8 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 140 CARs, 588 rush yards, 4 TDs (30 receptions, 240 yards & 3 TDs)

David Johnson is the better pass catcher in Houston. That’s why he grades out a little higher on than him on the list.

39. Melvin Gordon III, Denver Broncos (135.3 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 179 CARs, 761 rush yards, 5 TDs (27 receptions, 157 yards)

Denver decided to name Teddy Bridgewater the starter so in all likelihood we should expect a balance offensive attack and that will allow Melvin Gordon the opportunity to get in on the fun.

40. Devin Singletary, Buffalo Bills (132.7 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 139 CARs, 612 rush yards, 3 TDs (31 receptions, 260 yards & 2 TDs)

Motor Singletary had an impressive rookie year but fell off a bit after and now in year three he’s expected to share the load with Zack Moss. His ability in the passing game is what will be very important to monitor from a fantasy football perspective.

41. James Conner, Arizona Cardinals (132.3 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 152 CARs, 669 rush yards, 6 TDs (21 receptions, 189 yards)

He’s sharing the rock with Chase Edmonds but make no mistake about it James Conner when he’s healthy can run the football. How big of a role he gets remains to be seen.

42. Trey Sermon, San Francisco 49ers (132 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 172 CARs, 740 rush yards, 5 TDs (20 receptions, 120 yards & 1 TD)

Big fan of his coming out of Ohio State this may take longer than a year but once Trey Sermon is comfortable he’s going to be a very good fantasy football starting running back.

43. Phillip Lindsay, Houston Texans (126.2 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 150 CARs, 660 rush yards, 5 TDs (24 receptions, 122 yards & 1 TD)

The Texans are a mess but they did add former 1,000-yard rusher Phillip Lindsay to their backfield to complement David Johnson. Right now, it appears Lindsay may be in line to be the starter.

44. Raheem Mostert, San Francisco 49ers (120.4 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 138 CARs, 621 rush yards, 5 TDs (23 receptions, 108 yards & 1 TD)

Is he a starter anymore? That’s uncertain as the 49ers spent a third-round pick on Trey Sermon. However, Mostert if he stays healthy will have a hefty role in a potentially lethal offense.

45. James White, New England Patriots (118.7 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 58 CARs, 226 rush yards, TD (54 receptions, 446 yards & 3 TDs)

The Patriots backfield is a little odd but James White adds some clarity as the bonafide pass catcher. White should be a useful re-signing for rookie quarterback Mac Jones.

46. J.D. McKissic, Washington Football Team (117.3 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 60 CARs, 270 rush yards, 2 TDs (53 receptions, 398 yards & 2 TDs)

This man is basically a wideout but Washington has plenty of confidence in him and he’s a must-add for anyone who takes Antonio Gibson.

47. Tevin Coleman, New York Jets (116.9 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 154 CARs, 693 rush yards, 5 TDs (15 receptions, 101 yards)

He reunites with Mike LaFleur and with that familiarity comes a starting job…kinda. Splitting time with Ty Johnson will be beneficial for Coleman though and make him somewhat valuable.

48. Sony Michel, Los Angeles Rams (108 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 112 CARs, 582 rush yards, 4 TDs (18 receptions, 168 yards)

No, Sony Michel is not the starter in Los Angeles but he’s one of the most important handcuffs in the league. Michel averaged 5.7 yards per carry last year and will be kept fresh working behind Darrell Henderson.

49. Ty Johnson, New York Jets (105.3 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 106 CARs, 509 rush yards, 3 TDs (28 receptions, 224 yards)

I’m still in disbelief that the Lions let this fifth-rounder walk for nothing. Either way he’s going to be splitting the starting running back duties with Tevin Coleman.

50. Wayne Gallman, Atlanta Falcons (99.6 PTS)

2021 Projected Stats: 115 CARs, 506 rush yards, 5 TDs (17 receptions, 105 yards)

Wayne Gallman went from a body but very interesting when he signed with the Falcons. He knocked Mike Davis down a peg for me but elevated himself in an offense I think he will have a big role in.

Fantasy football season is here and don’t forget you can get $25 on your first deposit in the Underdog Fantasy app using promo code DTR.

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