Fantasy Football: 5 Alarming Takeaways From Week 10

by LaQuan Jones "RealDealFantasy"
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Week 10 is in the books and we have entered the back half of the season, boy are we flying through this fantasy football season. Now with fantasy playoffs around the corner, I have 5 alarming takeaways from Week 10 that we can’t ignore moving forward to the fantasy playoffs.

What’s going on with Cortland Sutton?

Cortland Sutton has been a dud in fantasy football lineups since Jerry Jeudy returned from IR.

In the last three weeks Sutton has been a huge disappointment to say the least. He has just five catches on nine tigers in the last three games. It’s safe to say that Jerry Jeudy is the reason why he’s been underwhelming.

If I told you Marquise Goodwin and Cortland Sutton have the same amount of fantasy points in the last three games, would you believe me? Well, believe it, that’s where we’re at with Sutton’s situation. It’s also worth mentioning, Goodwin has more targets than Sutton. What do we do moving forward? Sutton should see the bench until further notice, but he shouldn’t be dropped in case Jeudy gets injured again.

Mike Williams Toast?

Mike Williams started off hot the first give games of the season, but fell hard on his face in the last four. In PPR fantasy football formats he hasn’t had over eight fantasy points since Weeek 5 putting him at WR80 since Week 6. Williams is playing on the final year of his contract as well.

Williams has been battling a knee injury that isn’t just hurting himself playing, but hurting his team in the big picture. Mike Williams can’t be trusted in fantasy football lineups. We all missed that window to trade him. At this point, wehave to suffer with him on our bench for the remainder of the season, unfortunately.

Myles Gaskin Fire & Ice

Gaskin is the most unpredictable top-20 running back in fantasy football right now. He’s a biweekly fantasy producer and the off-and-on consistency is impressive. In his toughest matchup of the season against the number on rushing defense in the Tampa bay Buccaneers he had the second best game of his career in fantasy.

Gaskin getting involved in the passing game is the only reason why he’s staying afloat in those fantasy-relevant games. This does not make sense when it comes to Gaskin especially having a fifth round price tag. It’s difficult for fantasy football managers to manage a player who’s so hot and cold.

If Gaskin puts up double-digit points next week, then we need to play him in lineups every other week and pray for the best. Hopefully, it lines up well in the playoffs if you’re willing to roll the dice on Gaskin.

Chuba Hubbard back up to the backup?

We all love that Christian McCaffrey is back and putting up points for fantasy football managers. We all understood that Chuba Hubbard would take the back seat and have the backup role. However, we did not see Ameer Abdullah coming in out-snapping, out-touching, and out-producing Hubbard.

Abdullah has fantasy football PPR upside each week even with McCaffrey on the field. Chuba Hubbard managers are in a weird space now figuring out what to do. Do we hold in case of injury? Do we keep him on the bench taking up space? These are questions we don’t have the answers to yet. However, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens if McCaffrey does face another injury that could sideline him.

Zach Wilson is not the Jets starter?

It’s crazy to think the New York Jets went into this season without any real quarterback depth or veteran presences on the roster. Zach Wilson went five weeks in the row with at least one interception.

Fantasy managers waited with players like Michael Carter and Elijah Moore. However, each had to deal with Wilson’s struggles. Mike White has provided a boost for these players. With Wilson injured, Elijah Moore has had double-digit fantasy points with a touchdown in three out of the four games played without Wilson.

Each backup quarterback for the Jets is responsible for at least one touchdown to Moore. Wilson shouldn’t be back on the field this season simply because he’s not ready. Mike White simply looked better under center and making big plays. Carter has been looking like Alvin Kamara 2.0 lately with the targets out the backfield, solid rushing attempts, and red zone opportunities. Wilson should remain the backup for the remainder of the season.

End Game

These were my five alarming takeaways from Week 10 and hopefully, things start to look up for these players and situations. On to Week 11!

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