Rams Football in 2020 for Fans and their Families

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The year 2020 has been challenging for everyone. With the upcoming season just a couple of weeks away, it will challenge the Rams and their fans. The stress of no preseason games can be felt from every player and fan alike. The anticipation of waiting for the upcoming season has Rams fans on edge, ready to cheer and support the Rams more this year than ever before. Unlike any other season, however, we all will be cheering from the comfort of your homes.

New Uniforms, New Stadium, New Roster…

This year the Rams will sport new uniforms in a new stadium with little to no fans in attendance. Changes are significant not only in appearance and location but also the roster. With Cam Akers, Darrell Henderson and Malcom Brown taking over for Todd Gurley and Van Jefferson, Terrell Lewis, and Terrell Burgess showing off their potential for the team, the stakes are high. These new teammates will need to step up immediately to earn validation not only from the fans but their teammates alike.

Now these questions have lingered in many heads since the beginning of the offseason: will the changes that have been made to support the safety of fans and players effect how the fans view the game? Will the fans find it difficult to watch and cheer for their Rams? Not being able to go to the newly minted SoFi stadium or to tailgate and pregame beforehand going to hamper the experience?

My response? It should definitely not! And, I’ll tell you why: football is about having fun with the ones you love and care about, watching and cheering for your favorite teams. Which of course is the LA Rams. 

…Same Rams Family

In my family Rams football has been passed down from generation to generation. It all started in 1937 with my Grandfather who was a Rams fan from the beginning. Then my father, born in 1960 continued the tradition, instilling in myself and my children how to be faithful fans throughout many changes.

I became a Rams fan in 1990 straight from the womb. I remember going to games with my grandpa and dad as a little guy. If we didn’t go to the games we all hung out having barbeques at the house enjoying each others company and watching our Rams together. I then had my own son in 2012 and he also became a Rams fan at birth. My grandpa passed before all four generations could catch a game, but we all watch in spirit.

The family definitely loves going to games meeting new people and watching the games live. But I must say staying at home and having the whole family together is a blessing. Togetherness is what is needed today in our world and Rams football definitely brings family’s together.

Bigger Than Football

The roster may change, uniforms may look different and the new stadium be an awesome experience. Fans are all eager to find their new seats at Sofi Stadium. But What the Rams and football can do for families and friends is more than just beer and hotdogs. Football is one of the best sports in the world, and it brings fans and people together in hopes for one goal, one dream. Being the best, doing the best. For a few nights a week football brings the family together to spend quality time together. Its our time as fans to do our best, to show our support from our sidelines, our homes and keep those around us safe.

For the league, they have shown they are making their best efforts to keep teams and fans safe. Now its up to the players to do their part, play at their best, put forth all their momentum, all their training and give us a game that’s worth replaying on the television time and time again. 

This year will be different, look different, and as we try to keep our families and friends safe and this pandemic ends. Rams fans will be making sure all their neighbors smell their barbecues and hear their cheers for none other than the Los Angeles Rams!

As always, Go Rams!

Alex Carter 

DTR Staff Writer

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