DTR Draft Profile: Jaleel Scott, WR, New Mexico State

by Jake Ellenbogen
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Who is the 6-foot-6 and 215 pound WR Jaleel Scott?  

He’s someone that has an opportunity to blow his stock through the roof after the Senior Bowl. Regarded by draft nerds as the most acrobatic big-body receiver in the draft and someone that has other underrated qualities about his game. Scott could end up being the best receiver in the class when it’s all said and done. You may already know him as that guy that made that “OBJ like” catch against Arizona State earlier in the year. 


Highlights: Jaleel Scott vs. Arizona State (2017)



Scott excels in 50/50 jump-ball situations as good as anyone. He has the ability to box out defenders using his 6-6 frame like a basketball player. Normally, people will flag a player like this for not playing against top competition but here’s the thing, when he did, he stepped up in a huge way. No moment feels to big for him and he has a chance to be a special receiver at the next level if he puts it all together. This is a player that does not use his gift of size to allow himself to be lazy, this is someone that make subtle route adjustments to make it easy on the QB, this is someone that is going to continue to come down with the big-play ball. This is someone that isn’t extremely quick but runs relatively well and releases off the line with ease. 



While Scott is extremely intriguing, he is still going to need to work on multiple things to get himself prepared to be an every-Sunday starter. Scott needs to be more consistent in many areas but one thing he absolutely has to get better at the next level is his ability to stay in bounds. Look, in the college game you just need one foot down so some of these fantastic catches that Scott made will work at that level but not in the NFL. It’s a relatively easy fix but it’s still a weakness. Another thing with Scott is his blocking is going to have to be legitimate in the NFL. Lastly, Scott needs to develop an extensive route tree to reach his full potential. This is someone that has the ability to only continue to grow and become a possible top 15 starter at the next level but he is still raw and will need to work in these areas to ensure that happens.


How does he fit with the Rams?

Well, I will tell you right now if he could develop as a blocker, he might be a perfect fit for the Rams. It’s not a guarantee Sammy Watkins is going to stay long term or that Josh Reynolds develops. However, the same can be said about Scott who is younger and less experienced than both of those names. If you watch the film of Scott it’s hard to argue he could make the Rams already lethal offense even better. This is someone that might be too high of a pick to spend but if GM Les Snead decides to trade down and coup a bunch of picks the Rams might want to consider using one on this player. He’s raw for sure, but the Rams don’t have that old coaching staff anymore. They have teachers of the game and would be able to coach this kid up. If that were to all work out, now you are looking at baby Julio Jones (except bigger) in an offense that doesn’t have that type of size. Scott would create mismatches and would be a terror for the rest of the league when trying to defend Todd Gurley, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Sammy Watkins and probably Gerald Everett. It’s not a need and it honestly still shouldn’t be a need with Watkins, but with that size and all of the traits Scott possesses, he might be too hard to pass up on if the Rams do decide to trade down and have the ammo to afford a selection here. Again, a lot depends on the future of Watkins and the team’s evaluations of Reynolds and even Michael Thomas but Scott is no slouch and in a class that is more average than great you might strike gold in Scott. 


Draft Grade

Round 2 – 3


Player comparison

Terrelle Pryor 

The comparison many people will make with Scott is Brandon Coleman of the Saints. I find that kind of lazy since they are both 6-foot-6. I think with Scott you have to look at Terrelle Pryor, sure, he’s an inch shorter but the two are pretty similar. Remember last year when Pryor was a star in Cleveland? That’s the exact type of player Scott can end up as. Both players are big-body receivers that can make the big jump-ball play for their team. Pryor had a nightmare season in Washington after battling injuries seemingly all season-long but this is still a good football player. This isn’t a best-case scenario for Scott, this is realistic. Scott resembles Pryor big time and could be a serious game-breaker if he falls into the right system.


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