Rams vs Bills |Week 1| Good, Bad, Meh

by Nikko Buenavidez
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Football has finally returned! Every week, I’ll bring you a game recap, summarizing what was good, bad, and meh.

The Rams started their season with a 31-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills. The Rams were dominated by the Bills in what many thought would be a Super Bowl preview. There is a lot to discuss about the game, so let’s get started with the key takeaways from the loss.



The defense’s capacity to force turnovers was one of the few good aspects of the game last night. The defense appeared to have made progress in that area with two interceptions and two fumble recoveries. The defense will certainly benefit from Troy Hill’s arrival, who made a strong impression. If the defense keeps creating turnovers that will lead to success only if the offense is able to capitalize.

Cooper Kupp

Cooper Kupp was his usual self and led the Rams in receiving with 128 yards and a touchdown. It seemed as if he was the only ram that played like a Super Bowl winner on offense, consistently fighting for yards. His chemistry with Matthew Stafford was still evident, as he had almost all the targets in the receiver room. Kupp was the only bright spot on a team that could barely stay on the field.


Offensive Line

The absences of Andrew Whitworth and Austin Corbett are clearly felt. Stafford was consistently pressured by the defensive line, which was one of the reasons they lost this game. The Bills recorded 15 QB hits and 7 sacks, a record high under Sean McVay.  The worst stat is that the Bills never blitzed, allowing their normal pass rush to generate that much pressure. For reference, Burrow was sacked seven times in the Super Bowl by a line that was considered one of the worst last year. The offensive line is in desperate need of reinforcements, and the loss of Logan Bruss appears to have made things worse.

Matthew Stafford

Stafford had a bad game, but he’s not singlehandedly responsible for this loss. In fact, this version of Stafford appeared a couple of times last year against the Titans and 49ers so it wasn’t that surprising. There isn’t much you can do as a quarterback when you get pressured all game. The run game wasn’t exactly giving him much help either, making him focus on dropping back more, and being pressured more as a result. Stafford needs to be smarter with the football unless he wants to lead the league in picks yet again.

Allen Robinson

In his first game with the Rams, Robinson was quiet all night with only 1 reception for 12 yards. LA needed some more receiver help last night and a big signing like Robinson should have helped. Stafford didn’t seem to notice him all night and barely looked his way. This was a similar problem last year with Robert Woods, him and Stafford never seemed to be on the same page, hopefully, Robinson doesn’t end up the same way. This is the best offense he’s ever played in and unless they use him more, he’ll have another down year.


Bobby Wagner

In his debut with the Rams, Wagner did alright, notching 7 tackles, a sack, and a tackle for loss. The former Seahawk had a decent night and didn’t flash, but made a couple of good plays. The only reason he’s not in the good column is that he wasn’t the best in run support and looked a little off at times. A former all-pro playing in a new environment for the first time gets a pass this game, but if he continues to play this way, the Rams could’ve spent that money elsewhere.

Run Game

The run game started off poorly, but Darrell Henderson sparked some life into it towards the second half. Cam Akers seemed to cede work to Henderson, largely because I don’t think he’s ready to play. When on the field, Akers averaged 0 yards a carry and looked like he still might have a lingering injury. It will be interesting to watch his performance the next couple of games to see if he can return to his pre-injury form. Henderson on the other hand was solid and performed as expected. He’s a tough runner, but can’t really be a three-down back which is when Akers should step in. In the coming weeks expect to see a 60% 40% split between the two with the most snaps going to Henderson.

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