Are The Los Angeles Rams Still Viable Super Bowl Contenders?

by Jake Ellenbogen
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The Los Angeles Rams came into this season as Super Bowl contenders. But they’ve been
struggling this season and have been slowly slipping down the ranks. That’s thanks to an ultra-
aggressive strategy of paying out to acquire star players. Not to mention Stafford being ruled out
because of an injury resulting in concussion protocol. And Kupp sustained an ankle injury that
didn’t look good in the recent Cardinals game. The struggles look set to continue.

But not everything is negative. The Rams still have one of the best defensive lines in the game.
Could this still take them all the way to the Super Bowl playoff qualification?
Are The Rams A Safe Bet?

The 2022 season hasn’t been the greatest start for the Rams in their history. There are plenty of
struggles stacked against them. And you might be safer sticking to looking at mlb playoff odds
than putting money on LA Rams. But all isn’t lost.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Rams have had to contend with so far. And whether they can
turn it around in time for the postseason.

Slow Start To The NFC Season

While the Los Angeles Rams may have lifted the Lombardi Trophy earlier in the year, they’ve
gotten off to a slow start. Sitting at 3-6 after nine games, they’ve got a way to go. But with nine
games in hand, we’re only just over halfway through the 17-game season. And we all know that
anything can happen when Sunday rolls around again.
They might not be in the position they want to be in. It’s definitely not ideal. But there’s plenty of
time to gain momentum and turn it around again. And the Rams have the talent and experience
to end the season in a good position.

Injury Pile-Up

The Rams are piling up the injuries along their offensive line. And they’ve led to difficulties
finishing games as their offensive line is stifled. It’s hard to see, as the Rams have often been
explosive in attacking during past games and seasons. While it’s not too late for them to get back
on track, the so-far injury-laden season will have lasting and knock-on effects. And it’s likely to be
felt through the rest of 2022/23.

And Kupp’s ankle injury against the Cardinals might be the one felt most throughout the team and
the rest of the season if he’s ruled out. That’s because he’s the Rams’ most powerful offensive

Dominating Defense

While injuries threaten the Rams’ offense, their defense is still performing at a familiar high level,
with Donald and Ramsey continuing to excel. The worry now is whether they can hold on to
defensive dominance without young impact players to support and develop around the two
players. Because while the Rams’ defense is their strongest unit, they are falling victim to
situations they should be able to avoid in their current form. But this team is no stranger to
impressive comebacks. And there’s still everything to play for this NFL season.

Overcoming Adversity

To bring it back and make an impact in the latter half of this 2022 season means a lot of hard
work. There’s no secret recipe that’ll bring the Rams’ the success they’re craving. They’ll need to
work harder, focus better, and look out for one another more than ever before. If they do this, they
might be able to rekindle the fire and magic of last season’s title run. Moving forward, the Rams’
have everything to play for.

Wrapping Up

It’s been a challenging and less-than-ideal NFC season so far for the Los Angeles Rams. The
odds are stacked against them thanks to injury after injury and an offensive line that’s falling
apart. But there’s still time for them to recover and make a real play to reach the Super Bowl. The
nature of the game is that anything can happen. And if the Rams’ can get their heads down and
focus, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t raise the trophy again.

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