Los Angeles Rams: Did the New Rams Uniforms Get Leaked?

by Blaine Grisak
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Last season the Los Angeles Rams dealt with a public relations and marketing nightmare when the infamous draft hat got leaked. This was the first time that fans saw the new “LA” logo and it did not go over well. The Rams were unable to release the logo on their terms which was less than ideal. That carried into the uniform release as well.

The same thing may have just happened with the third jersey in the Rams’ new set of uniforms. On Tuesday, rookie wide receiver TuTu Atwell was preparing for an autograph session. Atwell took an Instagram Live video which seemed to include the new uniforms.

The white helmets that were included in the video were likely fake as they are apart of the Lunar and Eclipse line that Riddell has made for every team. However, the jerseys seem to be legitimate. Very rarely will teams mass produce a fake line of jerseys.

There was some initial confusion, with the sports memorabilia company saying that the jerseys were custom made for the event. However, as mentioned with the earlier draft cap, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Chris Creamer of Sports Logos has confirmed with team sources that these are in fact the new Los Angeles Rams uniforms this season.

As with every uniform, some fans will like them, while others will hate them. The Rams went with a unique bone color jersey as their away uniform last season. It seems like that unique twist might only last one season. The white uniforms are very similar and do have a throwback “1970’s LA Rams” feel to them with a modern twist.

The new white jersey looks very similar to the current blue uniforms with horns wrapping around the shoulders. Nothing is official until they are released by the team, but there is  good chance that these are the new jerseys.


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