Legal sports betting in California: multiple sportsbooks eye huge opportunity to provide betting options to state residents

by Jake Ellenbogen
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Anyone who lives in or around California knows that some people in the state are sports mad. This is
no surprise when you consider that it has the most professional sports teams of any state in the USA.
Of course, we know and love the Rams in the NFL but you also have the LA Lakers in NBA and the
Dodgers in MLB, to name but a few. The sheer number of people who live in California also means
that plenty of sports fans live there. It is also no surprise to learn that the legalizing of sports betting in
Cali is something that many residents are eagerly anticipating.

This comes after the historic 2018 repeal of the PASPA Act by the US Supreme Court. This ruling
made waves as it enabled individual states to make their own decision on legal sports betting. Many
believed that such a populous and sports-mad state as California would be one of the first to jump on
board – but we are still waiting.

Most predict that state officials will eventually sanction legal sports betting and hope that bills will be
passed in the next few years to make it happen. As well as land-based sports betting in tribal casinos,
this will hopefully open the floodgates for online sportsbooks. When this occurs, the good news is that
plenty of online sportsbooks should be ready to accept bets placed in California.

Big name sportsbooks ready to enter state market

If sports betting is soon legalized in the state, there are many online sportsbooks waiting to provide
betting options. Unibet is a well-established and trustworthy sportsbook, with several different markets
to bet on. It is one of the biggest and many believe that it will throw its hat into the ring. Rams fans will
love the NFL odds and the markets it carries.

Be sure to read a comprehensive Unibet review, such as this one at, first before signing up,
so you can see just how awesome it is. Of course, it will not be the only big-name sportsbook to show
up in Cali when sports betting is – hopefully – made legal. There will be other top brands and all will
offer their own take on legal betting in the NFL and other sports. As with the Unibet review above, just
make sure to carefully research who you bet with before registering.

This will help to keep your data safe, give the best experience and protect your money. It will also help
you find the sportsbooks with the best bonuses to enjoy. But why is California attracting so much
attention from so many sportsbooks?

Cali represents a great opportunity for online bookmakers

We have already noted how many people live in Cali and how lots of them love their sports. There
have been so many mock drafts for the LA Rams that it’s all starting to get a bit overwhelming from
where we’re standing. So when you also consider that the sports betting market here is pegged to be
worth around $4 billion per month, you can see why it is attracting attention from the best

A populous and sports-obsessed state such as California is simply too big an opportunity to ignore. If
the market is worth anywhere near the projected $4 billion per month mark, then it could generate
huge additional revenues for the sportsbooks. The extra attention it will bring to their brand from Cali
residents is also a real plus and could help them grow. This is especially true for sportsbooks looking
to make further inroads into sports betting around the rest of the USA. By having a strong presence in
such a high-profile state as Cali, they may then find it much easier to break into legalized sports
betting in other states.

Sports betting could soon be within state borders

It really is an exciting prospect for LA-based sports fans to think of legalized sports betting soon being
available within state borders. This is especially true for Rams fans, who could use sports betting to
get closer to the action. If online and mobile betting is enabled, then it will be even more convenient
and fun to bet on sports. While it may still take a few years, the appetite for it seems to be growing
and state officials must surely see the financial benefits it has brought to other states, such as New
Jersey. If the relevant bills can be raised and passed on to state legislature, then we could all enjoy
placing a legal sports bet online in the near future.

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