2021 NFL Draft Updates: 5 Best Prospects for This Years Draft

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Just a month from now, the 2021 NFL draft will take place in Cleveland. We can assume that this year’s draft will be exciting because a lot of new faces and names will enter the league. Not only that, these players in the draft are already playing on an elite level and will indeed have a significant impact on the game, perhaps carrying their team to win a Superbowl title.

With Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets securing the 1st and 2nd pick, respectively, you may have some clues and ideas right now as to who are their best options. Draft favorites for this year have exceptional skills, so each team needs to be skeptical in recruiting players. With that said, here are the best prospects for this year’s draft.

Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence is the top QB in Clemson Tigers and the presumptive number 1 pick for this year’s draft. With the ten games he played as Clemson Tigers QB, Lawrence recorded an incredible stat of 24 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, and made a total pass of 3,153 yards with a 169.2 rating. Not only that, with this stat, he helped his team secure the 2nd spot in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

However, Trevor Lawrence declines the invitation to attend the draft in Cleveland and watch it in his home in Clemson instead. But this doesn’t affect his status and popularity as the best prospect for this year’s draft. Lawrence still secures the top spot and will surely be the number 1 pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Zach Wilson

With Trevor Lawrence as the Jacksonville Jaguars’ primary target, Zach Wilson moves to the number two spot as the best prospect to acquire by the New York Jets. Zach Wilson is a QB from BYU Cougars, and with the twelve games he played, he recorded an unbelievable stat of 33 touchdowns, only 3 interceptions, and 3,692 total punt yards with a rating of 195.6.

With the New York Jets coaching staff and team, Wilson will continue to improve in their training and as a team leader. Why? Because what makes a great QB is not their ability to pass or make plays, it is the ability to lead a team in the right direction, to bring positive vibes to the team, and the New York Jets believe that Wilson has it.

Justin Fields

With the recent trade made by the Miami Dolphins, the San Francisco 49ers acquired the number 3 pick in the 2021 NFL draft. In the past few years, 49ers’ picks were somewhat uniform in that their first pick in the first round were all defensive players. However, they traded a skilled wide receiver last March 26, Brandon Aiyuk, which means they’ve changed their game plan and that they need a QB.

With that in mind, now that Lawrence and Wilson will surely be picked 1st and 2nd, this makes Justin Fields the best prospect to acquire by the 49ers and their hope to win a Superbowl title. What makes Justin Fields a good prospect for the 49ers is in his last eight games, he recorded 22 touchdowns, only 6 interceptions, and made 2,100 PYDS with 175.6 ratings.

Penei Sewell

The 4th pick for this year’s draft goes to the Atlanta Falcons; they’ve been struggling on their offensive end and cost them to have one of the lowest records last season. With that said, their best prospect for this year’s draft is Penei Sewell, an OL from the Oregon Ducks. Penei Sewell would make a great contribution on the offensive end for the Atlanta Falcons.

Although he chose not to play in the 2020 season, he won an Outland Trophy in 2019, an award for the best interior lineman. The Falcons are not the only team who’s eyeing Penei Sewell; you also have the Cincinnati Bengals, who drafted Penei Sewell in the mock drafts. But regardless of the team he’ll be drafted; you know Penei Sewell will be a great competitor.

Ja’Marr Chase

Ja’Marr Chase from LSU Tigers opted out in the 2020 season. However, in 2019 he was very dominant as a wide receiver. Although he is not fast like other receivers, his physique and the ability to mix with opponents’ defenders and still standing made him so dominant. That same season, he recorded 84 receptions, 20 touchdowns, and caught 21.2 yards (1,780 yards).

There is no question that Ja’Marr Chase will be drafted this year. But the question is, which team will he fit the most? To answer the question, it’s the Philadelphia Eagles. If they acquire this talented guy, they will have an excellent shot for a Superbowl appearance or even winning the next Superbowl.

In Conclusion

There are so many talented names in the 2021 NFL draft right now. Some names may not be mentioned in this article, but those mentioned above are the best prospects for the 2021 NFL draft. Regardless of who will be picked first or last, these names will indeed be included in the draft. 

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