Los Angeles Rams: McVay shows maturity in moving on from Jared Goff

by CJ Barber
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When the Los Angeles Rams hired Sean McVay as the youngest head coach in NFL history in 2017, many critics referred to potential issues with leadership, maturity and experience in the NFL. Some even said his life as a head coach in the league would only last as far as his tenure at the Rams.

However, after posting a 43- 21 record in his first four seasons, with three playoff appearances, those critics seem to have been silenced by McVay’s success early in his NFL career. 

Uncharacteristic Frustrations

With Jared Goff running the offense, McVay’s system flourished early. However, the last two years seemed to be hindered by the decision-making of Goff. McVay said after the 23-20 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, “our quarterback’s got to take better care of the football. Clearly, McVay was frustrated.

NFL Network’s Steve Wyche reported in January that the relationship between McVay and Goff was, “not great,” and an anonymous source told Wyche that the two needed, “marriage counseling” to work through their issues. 

In the end, it was a divorce that was decided to be the right move for both sides. The Rams front office got their guy by trading for quarterback Mathew Stafford. Likewise, Goff told NFL Network’s Mike Silver that he is, “happy to be somewhere that I know wants and appreciates me.

A Sign of Growth

For the first time since the trade, McVay spoke to the media this week. In reference to the events leading up to the Mathew Stafford trade McVay said:

“There are a lot of things when I self-reflect that I wish I was better for him in some instances. I’m not going to run away from some of the things that I could been better for him as a leader and a coach.” 

Los Angeles Rams fans should be elated to see this growth from McVay. While frustrating at the time, McVay probably shouldn’t have been criticizing his quarterback in post-game press conferences. McVay has typically been a coach that takes the blame from his players. Calling out the quarterback position specifically was uncharacteristic.

All of the specifics in terms of blame can be said in private. Most likely, Goff would’ve been the first to say that he needed to play better. This is only one example that just so happened to be public. What their private relationship was like is unknown. All we know is there are things that transpired that Sean McVay wishes he handled differently.

McVay didn’t have to come out and say these things about how he handled the situation. However, it shows that he is willing to take some of the fall. Even when Goff is no longer on the team in order to let us know that he is maturing. This should be seen as nothing but a great sign of personality and leadership development from head coach Sean McVay.

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