Los Angeles Rams: Three Players Heading into Contract Years

by Joseph Isola
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This year the Los Angeles Rams have numerous young players on a contract year who will be looking to get a big second contract next season. The final year of a player’s contract is commonly referred to as that player’s “contract year.”  The better the play, the better the pay.

Here are three players on the Rams who are heading into a contract year and will be playing for a big contract.

CB Darious Williams

Darious Williams is a true rising star in the NFL who is starting to getting noticed all over the league. Playing corner alongside All-Pro Jalen Ramsey means that Williams is typically the primary target on the opposite side. That can be a difficult task.

Williams stepped up to the challenged and excelled. Last season, Williams allowed just 34 receptions and had four interceptions. The Rams signed Williams this offseason to a restricted free agent tender. While the Los Angeles Rams got Williams for the cheap price fo $4.6M this year, next year, he’ll be looking to cash in.

Williams is a player who is expected to keep improving and should deserve to get paid after the season. The question is, will the cap allow it?

LB Micah Kiser

Kiser is on the last year of his rookie contract and has had some ups and downs in his career. The last two years, Kiser has been asked to be the starting inside linebacker in a strong Rams defense.

However, the linebacking core has been the Los Angeles Rams’ biggest defensive weakness in that time span. Kiser lost the 2019 season injury before returning in 2020 where he was responsible for 57 tackles – but also had his share of missed tackle.

This is a major contract year for Kiser. Not only is playing for his job, he’s playing for big money. If Kiser takes a step forward and becomes a productive inside linebacker. Kiser could become a paid hero, or could be looking for a new team.

C Austin Corbett

Austin Corbett was acquired by the Los Angeles Rams via trade from the Browns in 2019. Corbett was drafted in the second round by the Browns in the 2018 NFL Draft.The Browns, who had a strong offensive line at the time moved on from Corbett who needed a fresh start.

The Rams needed another utility lineman who could win a starting job and grow to be a formidable starter. Last year Corbett was one the Rams’ most impressive offensive lineman and now is in the final year of his rookie contract.

Corbett’s play will be pivotal to the Rams success. Furthermore, Corbett may be asked to play center. If Corbett takes the next step, he could be considered a premier offensive lineman. This could make him eligible for a large contract. Offensive line is a position in decline in the NFL and the demand is high.


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