Rams Rumors: NFL Network’s Peter Schrager says McVay ‘was over’ Goff

by Blaine Grisak
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The Los Angeles Rams shocked many last week when they traded away quarterback Jared Goff and draft picks in exchange for quarterback Matthew Stafford. Goff helped the resurgence of the Rams back in LA and helped the team reach a Super Bowl. His 44 wins since 2017 were second-most in the NFL.

A lot has changed since 2018, notably how Sean McVay soured on Goff. Details have come out about their relationship and how McVay had a pretty negative opinion of Goff down the stretch due to his poor play. NFL Network’s Peter Schrager added to that, saying McVay was “over Goff” on the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday. Schrager has strong connections to both McVay and Goff, so what he says on the subject, is worth taking into account. There’s a lot here, so I’ll break it into three parts. Said Schrager:

“McVay was over Goff. He was done. It happened this year and it wasn’t necessarily Jared’s doing. I think the defense being the leader in this thing, McVay not being able to do the same things that (Matt) LaFleur was able to do with (Aaron) Rodgers, and what he’s watching other teams do…Once they got to this point it was ‘do we try to rebuild or do we just move on for both of us?’ And McVay wanted to move on.”

This falls in line with what other reports have said. McVay soured on Goff. He felt like Goff was holding him back. When the Rams signed Goff to the long-term extension, their belief was that he would continue to develop with McVay and the two would become an elite quarterback-coach combination.

However, that never happened. As we’ve seen, Goff regressed over the last two years and wasn’t moving where McVay wanted to take the offense. Teams adjusted to McVay and in order for McVay to continue to be successful, he also needed to adjust. Goff’s limitations wouldn’t allow him to do that.

How the Rams-Stafford Trade Went Down

“Once Stafford came into his life, and when I say came into his life I mean, the thought of Stafford and the wonder of what he can do with his arm, and how smart and how cerebral…it was over. And McVay made the call. It’s a business. I think Sean is going to be respectful to Jared. He’ll also be unapologetic. He believes this team had run its course with Jared Goff. He wanted Matt Stafford.”

Schrager also detailed what McVay’s thought process was as the trade went down. It sounds like McVay fell in love with Stafford and the idea of Stafford. Now, hopefully this isn’t a situation where the idea of Stafford is better and greater that Stafford the quarterback himself.

This was a business decision. At this point in the relationship between McVay and Goff, McVay felt like it was best for the two sides to move on. However, given what the Rams gave up, the pressure is on for McVay to succeed. If he doesn’t, the failure of the Rams offense lies squarely on McVay.

What’s Next for Jared Goff?

“Goff could make him look foolish. If Goff goes on to have this incredible career in Detroit or even anywhere else he ends up, he could make McVay look wrong. But as someone from the Rams side told me, ‘Are we living or are we existing?’ They want to live.”

Schrager brings it up in the video, but the Lions like Jared Goff. Brad Holmes was someone who helped make the decision to draft Goff over Carson Wentz. This is a 25-year old quarterback that, if it works out, the Lions can build around. They have the seventh overall pick and they’ll be able to surround Goff with talent. If the Lions take J’Marr Chase, he’ll be the best individual wide receiver that Goff has had and DeAndre Swift is his best running back since Todd Gurley.

Goff isn’t being given a fair shot by a lot of people, but with Anthony Lynn as his offensive coordinator and the potential weapons on offense, he’ll have a chance to succeed. The Rams and Lions will play next season at SoFi in what will likely be a primetime game.

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