Los Angeles Rams Featured Fan Week 2: Tom Langford

by Blaine Grisak
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The Los Angeles Rams continue the season this week against the Indianapolis Colts. Every week this season on Downtown Rams, we’ll be featuring one Rams fan and get to know them a little more. We’ll find out why they became a Rams fan as well as some gameday superstitions.

This week, we continue with with the UK’s own Tom Langford. You can also follow Tom on Twitter at @TL_LARams.

Week 1: Holden Cantor

1. When and how did you become a Los Angeles Rams fan?

I started to get into the NFL in 2001 after I had rented Madden NFL 2001 for the PS2 from Blockbuster for the weekend on a whim. I had no idea about the teams or rules or anything, it was just one of the few games left available that I hadn’t previously rented!

When playing I picked teams based on a combination of how good the team was and the uniforms, and I ended up using the St Louis Rams more than most. The following morning I noticed that Sky Sports in the UK were showing a replay of an NFL game, and it happened to be Rams at Falcons. I watched the whole thing, and the Rams ended up winning easily. I started watching the NFL properly from the start of the 2002 season, and the Rams were my team from then onward.

2. What’s your favourite Rams memory?

Having started watching after the Greatest Show on Turf era had just started to end, I missed the Rams previous Super Bowl appearances, and supported the team through a period without much success. My favourite memory during that period was when Marc Bulger engineered a furious late comeback away in Seattle in 2004, ending with a TD in overtime to Shaun McDonald to win 33-27.

However, obviously nothing compares to the NFC Championship from the 2018 season, with the Los Angeles Rams winning away in New Orleans to reach the Super Bowl.

I would add that I have limited opportunities to see the Rams in person, and sat through the Rams being blown out by the Patriots at Wembley Stadium when they first came to London in 2012. So it was fantastic to see the Rams shut out the Cardinals at Twickenham Stadium for the first Rams win that I got to enjoy live!

3. Who’s your favourite player on the Rams and why?

I find it hard to choose a favourite player as I like all Los Angeles Rams players and there are so many good players to choose from! But I would probably say my current favourite player is Jalen Ramsey. I played corner and safety when I played football. I always gravitate towards the defensive backs as my favorites, There’s simply no one better in the game at the moment than Ramsey.

As for my favorite player in Rams history, it’s hard to narrow it down. However, Steven Jackson and Torry Holt would definitely be up there. A favorite that is probably less common is Adam Archuleta, and I always wanted an Archuleta #31 jersey when I was first supporting the team (virtually impossible to get in the UK, especially at the time!)

4. Do you have any gameday rituals or traditions? Do you have a specific gameday jersey? What’s your gameday spread (what do you eat, drink, etc.)

On a Rams gameday I generally try and wear some form of Los Angeles Rams gear. Not necessarily a jersey, but definitely a T-shirt or hoodie. I don’t really have any other rituals or traditions, I’m mainly spending my time in the lead up to a Rams game making sure my family have had dinner and that my two kids are asleep ready for the kick off. This is usually about 9PM UK time. As for gameday food, as it’s often a late kick off for me in the UK I will usually stay away from things like beer and too much food, usually I will stick with coffee or energy drinks to help me stay awake!

5. What’s your prediction for the game this week?

Indianapolis can be a tough team, especially in the trenches, and they will looking for their first win of the year after a loss to the Seahawks in Week 1. I still think the Los Angeles Rams are a stronger team overall though. They will rely on Matthew Stafford and the passing offense to move the ball given Indy’s good front 7 against the run.

I think the Rams defense played well against Carson Wentz last year and I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t continue in this game. I have the Los Angeles Rams coming out on top 31 – 20. Bold prediction: Desean Jackson and Sony Michel score their first touchdowns as Rams. However, Jackson’s will be on a run play (jet sweep!) and Michel’s will be a receiving touchdown.

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