Rams Uniforms: What will the design be of the Rams new 2021 uniforms?

by Blaine Grisak
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Last offseason, the Los Angeles Rams rebranded and revealed a new logo as well as new uniforms as they headed into SoFi stadium. Prior to last year, the Rams had stuck with the “St. Louis” look, but removed the gold from the horn. The reaction from fans were mixed, but over time, the new look seemed to grow on some.

Over the next two offseasons, the Rams will reveal two new sets of uniforms to go with their current set. The news sets will be seen more as alternate jersey’s whereas the blue and bone will remain the primary home and away.

One direction that has been popular is for the team to move more in the “sol” direction. While in St. Louis, the Rams did have an all-yellow “color rush” look. Therefore, it makes sense for the team to add a similar look with the new set.

While these are not an official look or an actual leak, this color scheme does make sense. However, it would not be surprising for the blue number and stripes to incorporate the gradient that is featured on the current blue uniforms.

This will certainly be one of the top options that the Rams consider for their final two uniform combinations. The Rams wore ‘sol’. pants a few times last year. It makes sense for the team to also come up with a ‘sol’ jersey as well. The ‘sol’ was a popular look among Rams fans last season.

Jourdan Rodrigue from The Athletic didn’t go as far as reporting that ‘sol’ would be featured in the next look. But her personal guess is that the team does incorporate more ‘sol’ in future looks.

It will be interesting to see the direction that the Rams go with the final two uniform combinations. Fans didn’t immediately like the look, but as the season went on, it seemed to grow. Could the Rams go with an ‘all-sol’ combination? Or will they try to incorporate a throwback look to the new uniforms? Or will the team go a completely different route and try a black uniform.

We’ll find out later this offseason!

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6 months ago

They couldn’t be dumb enough again to use another gradient. That’s the element of the new look EVERYONE hates!! The gradients on the blue set need to be tossed as soon as they’re allowed to do so.

Last edited 6 months ago by Trevor
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