Los Angeles Rams: Five Contracts the Rams Could Restructure

by Blaine Grisak
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With free agency coming up and teams looking to get under the cap, cuts will be made and contracts restructured. The Los Angeles Rams are $35M over the cap and will need to do a lot of work in order to get under that mark. Here are five contracts that the Rams will look to restructure as they look to get under the cap.

DT Aaron Donald

The Los Angeles Rams opted not to restructure Aaron Donald’s contract last offseason and they did a very good thing by holding out. This is a card that Les Snead and Tony Pastoors have been holding on to. Aaron Donald is going to be on the Rams hopefully for the rest of his career. By spreading his money out and turning it into guarantees, the Rams will also be helping their current cap situation.

A base salary restructure would save the Rams $14M and get them nearly halfway to being under the cap. This is a restructure that is almost guaranteed.

CB Jalen Ramsey

This is another one that makes sense for the Rams. Ramsey has played well in his two years with the team and will be on the roster for hopefully many years to come. Spreading his money out won’t put the Rams in a bind if they try to cut him down the line because most likely, they won’t be looking to cut Jalen Ramsey.

The Rams can save over $12M but doing a base restructure of Ramsey’s contract. By restructuring Donald and Ramsey, the team is already almost under the cap.

WR Cooper Kupp

The Rams just signed Kupp to an extension last season. By restructuring Kupp this season, the Rams would save around $6M. Kupp is someone that the Rams have decided to build the offense around. As with Ramsey and Donald, spreading the money out and turning money into guarantees should be beneficial to both sides.

This is one contract that the Rams could wait on if they can get creative elsewhere. They can save $6M this offseason, or by restructuring Kupp next year, they could save $9M. Due to their current situation, they may be forced to restructure a year earlier than they would like.

WR Robert Woods

Along with Kupp, the Rams also extended Woods just last offseason. However, ff the two wide receivers, restructuring Woods this year makes the most sense. By restructuring Woods, the Rams can save nearly $11M. That’s a huge chunk of money that the Rams need in order to get under the cap this offseason. Woods’ contract along with Donald and Ramsey would save the Rams the most money.

QB Matthew Stafford (Extension)

The Rams won’t be looking to give their 33-year old quarterback a five-year extension by any means. However, by adding an extra year to his current two-year, $43 million contract, it will spread the money out and make the deal a little more team friendly.

According to Over The Cap, if the Rams want to go the void year route, they can reduce Stafford’s cap number to $4.86 million, a $15M savings. By doing this, the Rams would put themselves in good shape for free agency with the ability to sign an impact player or two.

By performing these moves, the Rams would have over $20M in cap space and that doesn’t include potential cuts. The situation looks bleak as of right now, but the Rams have yet to go to work.



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