Los Angeles Rams: ST Coach Joe DeCamillis puts emphasis on returner

by Blaine Grisak
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The Los Angeles Rams introduced their new coaching staff on Thursday. Among those new hires from the Rams was special teams coach Joe DeCamillis. DeCamillis comes to the Rams from Jacksonville and brings a lot of experience to special teams. The Rams special teams until ranked near the bottom of the league last season and will look to improve on that.

Among the things that need to get better for the Rams is in the return game. Rams new coordinator, Joe DeCamillis put an emphasis on the returner in his opening press conference. Said DeCamillis:

“We’ll try to condense the field as much as we can in coverage which means just trying to put (the ball) in small areas. We’ve got a great punter who can do that. The kicker I think is going to get better as we go. Then the return game you want to spread the field. Make it as wide as you can and get as many gaps as you can for your return team. And then get a great returner. We’ve got to get a guy that can ring the bell and then drop the ball over the goal line.”

DeCamillis added that he is still evaluating the return game, but that the better the coverage and the better the gaps are, the better the returner is going to be. He didn’t sound committed to moving on from Nsimba Webster, but didn’t sound committed to him either. Most likely the Rams will have a competition in camp for that spot as well as others.

The Rams should expect better play from their special teams unit. With John Fassell, they typically had one of the best units in the NFL. That was not the case at all last season. DeCamillis has proven success at the professional level and will be able to add a voice to what will be a fairly young and new unit outside of Johnny Hekker.

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