Los Angeles Rams: Plan A trade Goff, Plan B open competition

by Blaine Grisak
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The Los Angeles Rams could have an open competition during training camp according the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

“Here’s my understanding of where it is,” said Rapoport. “If Jared Goff is not traded, if he remains on the team in 2021 expect an open competition in training camp.”

This lines up to what Sean McVay and Les Snead have said over the last two weeks. McVay, after the Packers game, state that Goff was the quarterback, “right now” while Snead also said, “Jared Goff is a Ram at this moment.”

It’s clear that the Los Angeles Rams are unhappy with play at the quarterback position. Over the past two years, Goff has a total of 47 turnover worthy plays according to Pro Football Focus and has turned the ball over 38 times. Bad play calling, bad offensive line, etc. aside, a quarterback needs to take better care of the football.

If the Rams were to go to an open competition, it would presumably be with AAF standout John Wolford. Wolford filled in for Goff during the Week 17 game against the Arizona Cardinals to make the playoffs. The offense failed to score a touchdown, however, an Everett drop and Cam Akers fumble at the one yard line had a lot to do with that. The Rams also had the ball at the one yard line a second time, but back-to-back false start penalties pushed the offense backwards.

Even still, Wolford became the first quarterback to throw for 200-plus yards and run for 50-plus yards in his first career start. Wolford stared the following week against the Seattle Seahawks in the wild card round. The Rams quarterback left with a stinger after throwing for 29 yards on three completions.

After also signing Devlin “Duck: Hodges as well as wanting to start Wolford, it’s pretty clear that McVay values mobility in the quarterback position. That’s an aspect that Jared Goff simply does not have in his game. Plan A remains to trade Goff if the Rams can get a buyer. However, if they are unable, expect an open competition.

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