Re-Rating Every Ram in Madden NFL 21

by Jake Ellenbogen
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The Madden NFL 21 rosters have been released and now everyone knows and is aware of what overall every player in the league was given. To put it bluntly, the ratings are weak in my honest opinion and so I’ve decided to re-rate every Rams player in this piece.


Jared Goff – 82 OVR (76)

John Wolford – 68 OVR (55)

Bryce Perkins – 63 OVR (52)

Josh Love – 61 OVR (52)

Madden erased everything they saw from Jared Goff in 2017 and 2018 while using one season to practically decide his rating in the latest Madden title. Goff being a 76 seems rather ignorant considering the fact he was arguably a top 10 quarterback in 2017 and even showed flashes of top 5 potential in 2018. No excuses will be made for how poorly he played in 2019 but we’ve seen it before Madden has bombed ratings and has lacked consistently while being tough on players like Goff that struggle and keeping a long leash on other players who arguably haven’t played as well. As far as the rest of the quarterback room goes, I do not believe you can make the NFL as a 52 overall, I just don’t believe that’s NFL-level and for that reason, the lowest I’ll go is a 59. In this case, Wolford has flashed enough in the preseason for me to put him in the upper 60’s. Perkins and Love are quality UDFA quarterbacks and a 52 overall is just flat-out disrespectful.

Running backs:

Malcolm Brown – 79 OVR (75)

Cam Akers – 78 OVR (73)

Darrell Henderson Jr. – 77 OVR (71)

John Kelly – 69 OVR (67)

Malcolm Brown deserves to be the highest-rated running back on the roster but I think it’s closer than people think. I believe in giving the best rookies coming out of the NFL draft a starting overall between 78 and 80. Akers in my mind is one of two running backs that were the best in the draft and so he gets a 78. Henderson didn’t do a ton last year but his raw prospect abilities in my mind keep him over the average 75 overall hump. John Kelly might not even make the roster and Madden left out Xavier Jones who I think could make the roster. I do wish Madden would just put everyone that is currently on the active 90-man roster in the game.

Wide receivers:

Robert Woods – 89 OVR (86)

Cooper Kupp – 89 OVR (89)

Josh Reynolds – 77 OVR (75)

Van Jefferson – 75 OVR (70)

Greg Dortch – 68 OVR (65)

Nsimba Webster 67 OVR (63)

Well, the game is missing about five more wide receivers but anyway, the fact Woods is rated three points lower than Kupp is confusing and goes to show you how Woods is one of the most underrated players in the game today. They both are the definition of right outside that 90 range. Reynolds comes in with a rating that describes him being average but I tend to think he’s a little above average. While I’ve gone on record saying Van Jefferson is the better receiver of the two, I don’t believe he should be ranked higher than Reynolds due to his lack of experience. Dortch and Webster are good developmental receivers that deserve a higher rating as well. Also, how Easop Winston Jr. isn’t on the roster is beyond me.

Tight ends:

Tyler Higbee – 84 OVR (82)

Gerald Everett – 78 OVR (79)

Brycen Hopkins – 74 OVR (65)

Johnny Mundt – 69 OVR (60)

Kendall Blanton – 64 OVR (57)

Ethan Wolf – 60 OVR (55)

LS* Jake McQuaide – 86 OVR (35)

The game sold Brycen Hopkins short in my mind. The rating guys saw where Hopkins went in the draft and rated him accordingly even though in my opinion he was the best tight end in the draft. I found that they rated Higbee decently but I would have bumped him upright below an 85. Johnny Mundt has been key for the Rams as a blocker and I think a 60 overall was just too low. The rest kind of go along with the fact I don’t agree with many 50 overall ratings. Lastly, Jake McQuaide, it’s time Madden, it’s 2020 and you still haven’t figured out a way to make a position for a long snapper. McQuaide is one of the game’s best and he should not receive a 35 overall because you have no clue how to deal with long snappers.

Offensive linemen:

LT Andrew Whitworth – 84 OVR (86)

LT David Edwards – 75 OVR (64)

LG Joseph Noteboom – 75 OVR (65)

LG Austin Corbett – 73 OVR (64)

LG Jamil Demby – 59 OVR (58)

C Brian Allen – 62 OVR (65)

C Cohl Cabral – 62 OVR (56)

C Coleman Shelton – 59 OVR (50)

C Nate Trewyn – 57 OVR (54)

RG Austin Blythe – 81 OVR (78)

RG Tremayne Anchrum – 71 OVR (59)

RG Chandler Brewer – 61 OVR (57)

RG Jeremiah Kolone – 60 (57)

RT Rob Havenstein – 82 OVR (79)

RT Bobby Evans – 74 OVR (65)

This was kind of a mess but it had to do with more about the fact that the positions were messed up. As you can see I think the Rams have three offensive linemen over 80 which doesn’t fit the narrative of the Rams pitiful offensive line but here we are. With that being said, Noteboom and the rookies that stepped up last year needed a much bigger boost. Aside from that the extremely low non-NFL ratings I disagreed with.

Defensive linemen:

LE Michael Brockers – 85 OVR (83)

LE Marquise Copeland – 66 OVR (61)

DT A’Shawn Robinson – 84 OVR (74)

DT Sebastian Joseph-Day – 75 OVR (66)

DT Greg Gaines – 72 OVR (68)

RE Aaron Donald – 99 OVR (99)

RE Morgan Fox – 74 OVR (70)

There are some adjustments needed but all in all, it’s not a bad bunch of ratings…except A’Shawn Robinson. He was borderline elite in 2018 and had a bad 2019 so he falls below average? Doesn’t work that way in my book. Robinson is near the same tier as Brockers right now and I think the rating failed to do that justice.


LOLB Leonard Floyd – 78 OVR (77)

LOLB Terrell Lewis – 74 OVR (67)

LOLB Natrez Patrick – 70 OVR (59)

LOLB Justin Lawler – 68 OVR (64)

MLB Travin Howard – 70 OVR (58)

MLB Kenny Young – 68 OVR (64)

MLB Troy Reeder – 65 OVR (65)

MLB Micah Kiser – 65 OVR (65)

MLB Clay Johnston – 63 OVR (58)

MLB Christian Rozeboom – 62 OVR (57)

MLB Daniel Bituli – 59 OVR (56)

ROLB Samson Ebukam – 78 OVR (80)

ROLB Ogbonnia Okoronkwo – 75 OVR (69)

ROLB Jachai Polite – 73 OVR (67)

The ratings here are similar to Madden’s except I found that Travin Howard, Terell Lewis, and Natrez Patrick were just way too low. Many will have an issue with my ranking over Micah Kiser but the fact is that Howard, Reeder, and Young have more defensive NFL experience than Kiser. At this point, Kiser is mainly projection from the coaching staff until he starts in an NFL game. In addition to that, I felt as though Okoronkwo and Polite were being underrated so I boosted their ratings as well.

Defensive backs:

CB Jalen Ramsey – 96 OVR (94)

CB Troy Hill – 82 OVR (74)

CB Darious Williams – 79 OVR (65)

CB David Long Jr. – 73 OVR (71)

CB Dont’e Deayon – 70 OVR (64)

CB Adonis Alexander – 67 OVR (64)

FS Taylor Rapp – 81 OVR (75)

FS Terrell Burgess – 75 OVR (72)

FS Nick Scott – 61 OVR (61)

FS Jake Gervase – 61 OVR (61)

SS John Johnson III – 87 OVR (84)

SS Jordan Fuller – 62 OVR (63)

Right off the bat, I have to question how much football has been watched on the Rams secondary. Jalen Ramsey is an easy one but Troy Hill is coming off a very impressive year and Darious Williams was maybe the best cornerback in the last quarter of the season. The grade of 65 for Williams is a sheer slap in the face. Aside from that, the cornerbacks were rated okay. The safeties are all over the place since only Terrell Burgess is truly listed correctly position wise. Rapp and John Johnson were legitimately underrated in my mind, Rapp more than Johnson. The bottom of the depth chart guys in Fuller, Scott, and Gervase they made have hit right on the head.


K Sam Sloman – 74 OVR (68)

P Johnny Hekker – 99 OVR (86)

I can’t for the life of me understand why this game undervalues punters so much but Hekker is the greatest punter of all time and he’s not even close to being done playing. Sam Sloman was a kicker that was drafted in the draft so I think a 68 while not unreasonable should be a little higher due to the fact it wasn’t just a late-round pick, it was a kicker.

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