Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff Calls for Positive Change in Our Country

by Holden Cantor
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In the Sean McVay era of the Los Angeles Rams, there have been many positive contributions in the community that show the culture of the Rams. Mcvay is a coach of high character and he loves having players on the team that emulate that as well. In the midst of everything happening in the world today, Jared Goff released this statement on his Instagram page a few days ago:

My heart hurts for our country. There needs to be change and it can only happen together. I’ll never pretend to understand the struggles that the black community goes through daily in our country and never will know this struggle. It is my responsibility to educate myself and actively participate in advocating for the change our country desperately needs, in words and action. Love each other a little more than usual, come together, and continue to push for positive change in our country.”

Goff is a player who just gets it; its no wonder his teammates always have the highest praise for him when his name is being brought up or for example when he got drafted how ecstatic the Cal football program was for him. He is a fantastic leader who the Rams are lucky to have to say the least. Goff knows that being an NFL player gives him that platform to seek change and use it for good.

Earlier today Jalen Ramsey responded to a tweet from Washington Redskins Quarterback Dwayne Haskins in which Haskins had stated “I never understood why people want athletes to speak on so many things

Ramsey replied with:

If you have the platform & can use it for good, you do that. No, You’re not obligated to & even if you don’t, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a stance or a lot on your heart, but using your platform is a good tool.”

Ramsey hits the nail on the head with this reply. Goff has over 340,000 followers on Instagram in which many look up to him as a role model especially the younger generation. It was important for him to speak up and he did just that.




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