Los Angeles Rams Mock Draft: Building Two All-Time Rams Rosters

by Blaine Grisak
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The Los Angeles Rams have a deep history in the organization. From Deacon Jones and the Fearsome Foursome to Kurt Warner and the Greatest Show on Turf, the Rams have had some of the league’s greats come through the organization.  Jake and I thought it would be fun to do an all-time Rams draft and see how our full 55-man rosters came out and then discuss what a matchup might look like. The results are below:

The Draft

  1. Blaine: RB – Marshall Faulk
  2. Jake: DL – Aaron Donald
  3. Blaine: QB – Kurt Warner
  4. Jake: DL – Deacon Jones
  5. Blaine: OT – Orlando Pace
  6. Jake: OT – Jackie Slater
  7. Blaine: DL – Jack Youngblood
  8. Jake: DL – Merlin Olsen
  9. Blaine: iOL – Tom Mack
  10. Jake: WR – Isaac Bruce
  11. Blaine: WR – Torry Holt
  12. Jake: RB – Eric Dickerson
  13. Blaine: FS Nolan Cromwell
  14. Jake: WR – Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch
  15. Blaine: WR – Henry Ellard
  16. Jake: QB – Roman Gabriel
  17. Blaine: iOL – Dennis Harrah
  18. Jake: LB – Isiah Robertson
  19. Blaine: DL – Rosey Grier
  20. Jake: DL – Kevin Greene
  21. Blaine: DB – Eddie Meador
  22. Jake: CB – LeRoy Irvin
  23. Blaine: iOL – Rich Saul
  24. Jake: CB – Dick “Night Train” Lane
  25. Blaine: DL – Fred Dryer
  26. Jake: CB – Jerry Gray
  27. Blaine: WR – Tom Fears
  28. Jake: iOL – Doug Smith
  29. Blaine: LB – Les Richter
  30.  Jake: iOL – Kent Hill
  31. Blaine: LB – Jack “Hacksaw” Reynolds
  32. Jake: S – Aeneas Williams
  33. Blaine: OL -Charlie Cowan
  34. Jake: S – Johnnie Johnson
  35. Blaine: DB – Todd Lyght
  36. Jake: LB – Maxie Baughan
  37. Blaine: iOL – Ken Iman
  38. Jake: LB – Tank Younger
  39. Blaine: CB –  Pat Thomas
  40. Jake: LB – London Fletcher
  41. Blaine: LB – James Laurinaitis
  42. Jake: RB – Steven Jackson
  43. Blaine: DL Larry Brooks 
  44. Jake: LB – Roman Phifer
  45. Blaine: S – Dave Elmendorf 
  46. Jake: DL – Robert Quinn
  47. Blaine: DL – Leonard Little
  48. Jake: RB – Todd Gurley
  49. Blaine: TE – Lance Kendricks
  50. Jake: DL – Lamar Lundy
  51. Blaine: RB – Lawrence McCutcheon 
  52. Jake: OT – Bob Brown 
  53. Blaine: QB – Bob Waterfield
  54. Jake: iOL – Riley Matheson
  55. Blaine: WR – Jack Snow
  56. Jake: iOL – Tom Newberry
  57. Blaine: WR – Flipper Anderson
  58. Jake: WR – Robert Woods
  59. Blaine: RB – Jerome Bettis 
  60. Jake: CB – Jalen Ramsey
  61. Blaine: LB Jim Youngblood
  62. Jake: DL – Andy Robustelli
  63. Blaine: iOL – Adam Timmerman
  64. Jake: DL – Coy Bacon
  65. Blaine: DL – Chris Long
  66. Jake: iOL – Rodger Saffold
  67. Blaine: DL – Michael Brockers
  68. Jake: DL – Kevin Carter
  69. Blaine: DB – Keith Lyle
  70. Jake: WR – Cooper Kupp
  71. Blaine: P – Johnny Hekker
  72. Jake: CB – Dexter McCleon
  73. Blaine: CB – Clancy Williams 
  74. Jake: WR – Red Phillips
  75. Blaine: LB Jack Pardee
  76. Jake: WR – Brandin Cooks
  77. Blaine: QB – Marc Bulger
  78. Jake: CB – Dre’ Bly
  79. Blaine: TE – Pete Holohan
  80. Jake: TE – Tyler Higbee
  81. Blaine: OT – Andrew Whitworth
  82. Jake: TE – Billy Truax
  83. Blaine: OL – Duane Putnam
  84. Jake: OT – Joe Scibelli
  85. Blaine: DL – D’Marco Farr
  86. Jake: PR – Az-Zahir Hakim 
  87. Blaine: CB – Rod Perry
  88. Jake: S – Adam Archuleta
  89. Blaine: KR – Tony Horne
  90. Jake: S – Oshiomogho Atogwe
  91. Blaine: CB – Janoris Jenkins 
  92. Jake: OT – Irv Pankey
  93. Blaine: DE – Grant Wistrom
  94. Jake: DL – Reggie Doss
  95. Blaine: TE – Ernie Conwell
  96. Jake: LB – Cory Littleton
  97. Blaine: LB Mike Jones
  98. Jake: iOL – Andy McCollum
  99. Blaine: K – Greg Zuerlein
  100. Jake: KR – Ron Brown
  101. Blaine: DL James Hall
  102. Jake: QB – Norm Van Brocklin
  103. Blaine: DB – Will Sherman
  104. Jake: QB – Jim Everett
  105. Blaine: WR Ricky Proehl
  106. Jake: TE – Roland Williams
  107. Blaine: PR – Tavon Austin
  108. Jake: K – Jeff Wilkins
  109. Blaine: OL – Tom Nutten
  110. Jake: P – Donnie Jones

TEAM JAKE Los Angeles Rams ALL-TIME Draft

QB (3): Roman Gabriel, Norm Van Brocklin, Jim Everett

RB (3): Eric Dickerson, Steven Jackson, Todd Gurley

WR (6): Isaac Bruce, Elroy Hirsch, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Red Phillips, Brandin Cooks

TE (3): Tyler Higbee, Billy Truax, Roland Williams

OL (10): Jackie Slater, Doug Smith, Kent Hill, Bob Brown, Riley Matheson, Tom Newberry, Rodger Saffold, Joe Scibelli, Irv Pankey, Andy McCollum

The offense was not my initial priority, I prioritized building the defense up with the plethora of talented defensive lineman from Rams past. I added Roman Gabriel, Van Brocklin and Everett to my quarterback room. I put a premium on grabbing who I believe is the Rams best wideout in team history in Isaac Bruce and a dominant player back in his era Crazy Legs Hirsch. I didn’t stop there as I added not only Eric Dickerson but Jackson and Gurley as well. In addition, I bulked up the offensive line by adding Jackie Slater, Smith, Hill, Brown, Matheson, Newberry, Saffold, Scibelli, Pankey and McCollum as well. I missed out on getting Pete Holohan but I added the potential future franchise tight end in Tyler Higbee in addition to Truax and Williams.

DL (10): Aaron Donald, Deacon Jones, Merlin Olsen, Kevin Greene, Robert Quinn, Lamar Lundy, Andy Robustelli, Coy Bacon, Kevin Carter, Reggie Doss

LB (6): Isiah Robertson, Maxie Baughan, Tank Younger, London Fletcher, Roman Phifer, Cory Littleton

DB (10): LeRoy Irvin, Dick Lane, Jerry Gray, Aeneas Williams, Johnnie Johnson, Jalen Ramsey, Dexter McCleon, Dre’ Bly, Adam Archuleta, Oshiomogho Atogwe

K: Jeff Wilkins

P: Donnie Jones

KR: Ron Brown

PR: Az-Zahir Hakim

On the defensive side of the ball, you have a defensive line that has a combined 48 Pro Bowls, 25 All-Pros and four Hall of Famers. It was a no-brainer to make Aaron Donald the second-overall pick after Blaine chose Marshall Faulk. Adding three-quarters of the Fearsome Foursome was about as no-brainer as it gets. In addition, grabbing Hall of Famer Kevin Greene, former All-Pro Robert Quinn, extremely underrated Coy Bacon and another Hall of Fame player in Andy Robustelli was also indeed a no-brainer. The linebacker room was beefed up and while I missed out on adding Les Richter to the roster, I made up for it by grabbing Isiah Robertson, Baughan, Younger, Fletcher, Phifer and Littleton. In the secondary, I went ahead and made sure to acquire my favorite corner, LeRoy Irvin. Not long after that, I added Night Train Lane to the roster as well as Jerry Gray, Aeneas, Johnson, Ramsey, McCleon, Bly, Archuleta and Atogwe.

The special teams unit I don’t want to call leftovers but I did want Hekker and Zuerlein and waited too long to add them. Jeff Wilkins was still phenomenal (although it was hard to pass on Mike Lansford) and Donnie Jones was incredible during the brutal year’s in St. Louis post-playoffs. Ron Brown was a no-brainer as someone that adds a Pro Bowl and All-Pro award. Finally, I love Hakim, I don’t care about the muffed punt, I’ve always been a fan of Hakim. 

Hall of Famers: 11

All-Pro Selections: 64

Pro Bowl selections: 163
MVPs: 2

TEAM BLAINE Los Angeles Rams ALL-TIME Draft

QB (3): Kurt Warner, Bob Waterfield, Marc Bulger

RB (3): Marshall Faulk, Lawrence McCutcheon, Jerome Bettis

WR (6): Torry Holt,  Flipper Anderson, Henry Ellard, Tom Fears, Jack Snow,, Ricky Proehl

TE (3): Lance Kendricks, Pete Holohan, Ernie Conwell

LT: Orlando Pace, Andrew Whitworth

LG: Tom Mack, Tom Nutton, Duane Putnam

C: Ken Iman, Rich Saul

RG: Dennis Harrah, Adam Timmerman

RT:  Charlie Cowan

On offense, it seemed like an easy decision to take Marshall Faulk and Kurt Warner with my first two picks. Faulk transformed the running back position and was one of the first dual-threat backs. Warner is the greatest Rams quarterback to ever play, so having him to distribute the ball to Torry Holt, Henry Ellard, Tom Fears, Jack Snow, and Flipper Anderson, seemed like an easy choice. With those weapons, I needed a stout offensive line, and got just that with Los Angeles Rams legends Pace, Mack, Iman, Harrah, and Cowan leading the charge. 

DE: Jack Youngblood, Fred Dryer, Leonard Little, Chris Long, Grant Wistrom, James Hall

DT: Rosey Grier, Larry Brooks, MIchael Brockers, D’Marco Farr

LB (6): Les Richter, Jack “Hacksaw” Reynolds, James Laurinaitis, Jim Youngblood, Jack Pardee, Mike Jones

CB (7): Todd Lyght, Pat Thomas, Clancy Williams, Rod Perry, Keith Lyle, Will Sherman, Janoris Jenkins, 

S (3): Nolan Cromwell, Eddie Meador, Dave Elmendorf

K: Greg Zuerlein

P: Johnny Hekker

KR: Tony Horne

PR: Tavon Austin

On defense, I needed to make up some ground. Thankfully the Los Angeles Rams have had some good defensive lines in their history. Having a front four led by Jack Youngblood is a good consolation prize for missing out on Donald and Jones. Pairing Rosey Grier and Larry Brooks inside isn’t too bad either. My linebackers are the star group of my defense with Les Richter, Hacksaw, and Laurinaitis leading the way, with the other Youngblood and Pardee behind them as depth. The back end is a little weak, but Todd Lyght and Rodd Perry each rank top-5 in franchise history in career interceptions while Cromwell and Meador can hold their own at safety. 

Zuerlein and Hekker seemed like easy choices on the kicking team. For the returners, Horne is one of the franchise’s best kick returners with four touchdowns and he ranks third in franchise history in yards. Tavon Austin, while I despise the pick, did have success as a punt returner and could have had more without a few penalties. 

Hall of Famers: 9

All-Pro Selections: 89

Pro Bowl selections: 127

MVPs: 4

Breaking It Down

Blaine: Alright Jake, well this Los Angeles Rams all-time draft was fun! I’m really pleased with the results. My first question is, outside of Faulk who I took first, who is that one player that you wish you could’ve had on your team? And then adding to that a little bit, what do you think is your team’s biggest strength?

Jake: Great question Blaine. The one player I wish I could have added to my team is probably Kurt Warner. It was tough because I knew in picking Aaron Donald it set you up to nab Warner and Faulk back-to-back. With that being said, the selection of Donald allowed me to set the tone early and sculpt the greatest defensive line I’ve ever seen on paper. So, to finish answering this question, I would say the strength is clearly the defensive line which is going to give Warner fits if they can’t be contained.

Blaine: I think this just goes to show how strong the Rams’ history has been. I was hoping to grab a Jackson or Gurley to pair with Faulk, and yet I still managed to get Bettis who had a great rookie year with the Rams as well as McCutcheon who is the team’s fourth all-time leading rusher. While I would love to talk about our teams some more if our teams were to play, what matchups are you looking forward to the most? 

Jake: I think the matchups that I would highlight first have to be the defensive line vs. your offensive line. Deacon Jones coming off the edge versus Orlando Pace, Tom Mack, Ken Iman and Dennis Harrah trying to contain Aaron Donald and Merlin Olsen and Kevin Greene going one-on-one with Charlie Cowan. 

Blaine: Ya, I think that Los Angeles Rams offensive line vs. defensive line is the matchup you have to watch. I have two Hall of Famers plus Iman and Harrah and then you have three on the other side with a future Hall of Famer in Donald. It would be a lot of fun. If you had to pick a winner between our two teams, who’s your winner and what’s your score? I think this game would go very similarly to Super Bowl 34 just because I believe the teams are built so similarly. I have the high-powered offense, you have the scary defense. You have the mobile quarterback and good running backs, I have Warner and a plethora of receiving options. It would be interesting, but I think with Mack and Pace would be able to contain your DL. I go Team Blaine 23, Team Jake 16.

Jake: This is tough because while I think Marshall Faulk is the legitimate chess piece here that I do not have, Dickerson is going to be able to carry the ball in this game I think. He proved back in the day he could run no matter how good or bad the OL was. I think I gave him a nice OL. Plus, I have a very well balanced receiver core for multi-faceted Roman Gabriel to run around and make magic. If Gabriel struggles, I have Norm Van Brocklin who has the single-game-passing record and Jim Everett who is the Rams all-time passing leader. That’s not including the fact that my team is primarily based on the defensive side of the ball. The thing that would scare me having to face the defensive line is how even if the starters get tired, you are looking at backups like Robert Quinn, Lamar Lundy, Andy Robustelli, Coy Bacon, Kevin Carter and Reggie Doss with a nasty secondary to boot. I think the game would obviously be close. I see a nailbiter Team Jake: 24 – Team Blaine 21

Blaine: We both have close games, but I guess we’ll have to let the people decide! Thanks Jake, this was a lot of fun. I’m sure we’ll be doing a lot more collaborative stuff this offseason on DTR.

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