Los Angeles Rams Uniforms: Combinations Rams Should Use in 2021 and 2022

by Blaine Grisak
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The Los Angeles Rams unveiled their new uniforms on Wednesday with the overall reaction being positive. However, along with the three uniform sets that were announced, the team will also be adding one more set in 2021 and 2022. What makes 2021 and 2022 interesting is that the NFL is ridding its one helmet shell per team policy. For the Rams’ sake, this would allow a yellow shell with a blue horn or a white shell with a blue horn, etc.

The team is off to a good start on the uniforms, but below are a few combinations that would complete the set.

All Yellow Color Rush

Over the past five years, the Rams’ all yellow color rush uniform has become very popular among the fans. Using the new “sol” yellow, a yellowm jersey with blue numbers would make fans very happy. With the ability to add a new helmet shell as well, the Rams could go with a yellow helmet and a blue horn that would complete the set.

As it stands, the Rams really don’t have a “color rush” uniform. It’s assumed that if the team does go with a color rush set, it will be the all blue set that was released or the all bone. While both are solid options and look fine, adding an all yellow with the potenial yellow shell, blue horn, and blue numbers, would be a nice combination.

A “Deacon Jones Era” Throwback

With the new release, the Rams did a decent job of merging the old Rams era with the new. Unfortunately, there really isn’t that signature throwback uniform to touch on the team’s rich history. Over the past 10 years, Rams fans have enjoyed when the team has played in the throwback blue and yellows.

However, blue and yellow is now the current unform colors, therefore it doesn’t make sense to make that the throwback. If the team were to go to actual white jersey with a blue number and a blue helmet with a white horn to touch on the early 70s Rams era, fans would most likely be very happy. Fans enjoy the throwback looks, even if it is just for one game, and remembering the older eras. The Rams could easily combine that older look with the new style and have a clean looking throwback.


Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Rams rolled out a black draft hat that did not sit well with fans and is probably a large reason why fans aren’t a fan of the new logo. It gave fans a bad taste before actually ever seeing the actual thing. However, if the Rams were to roll out an all black uniform? That would look pretty nice and is something that the team has never done before.

If the Rams were to go with a black jersey with white numbers that have a white to yellow gradient with a blue accent on the font with black pants that have a blue and yellow stripe, that might look good. Pairing an all-black uniform set with the normal helmet would be an interesting combination and one that the franchise has never attempted before.

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1 year ago

Yes yellow color rush yellow helmet blue horns
And yes blue and white throwback with blue helmet & white horns Go Rams!

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