Los Angeles Rams Schedule: Ranking The 2020 Games From Easiest To Toughest

by Blaine Grisak
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The NFL’s 2020 schedule is expected to be released on Thursday and while dates and times won’t be known until then, the Los Angeles Rams already know their opponents for the upcoming season.

From that, we can anticipate what look to be the toughest games ahead for the Rams, and the easiest as well, setting up the middle ground that will help decide how big a step forward Sean McVay, Jared Goff, and the Rams will take in 2020.

For each opponent, we’re including their record last season, their updated odds to win the Super Bowl and over/under totals for 2020 wins, which has the Rams with 25:1 Super Bowl odds and an over/under at 8.5 wins.

16. vs. Washington Redskins

Last year: 3-13 | Super Bowl odds: 100:1 | Over/under wins: 5.5

The Washingto Redskins were one of the worst teams last year, holding the second overall pick. While the team did draft Chase Young and bring in head coach Ron Rivera, this is a team that looks to be on the rise, but still probably two years away from competing. There’s no such thing as automatic win in the NFL, but this is about as sure of a win as any.

vs. New York Jets

Last year: 7-9 | Super Bowl odds: 70:1 | Over/under wins: 6.5

The Jets have improved on the offensive line, but still look to be a dumpster fire. Sam Darnold was a great talent coming out of USC, but Adam Gase just hasn’t proven that he can be anything without Peyton Manning. This should be another win at So-Fi for McVay and the Los Angeles Rams.

at Miami Dolphins

Last year: 5-11 | Super Bowl odds: 80:1 | Over/under wins: 6

The Dolphins could be a trap game. This game will be on the road and with a new quarterback and head coach that did a lot with nothing last year, that is a dangerous combination. On paper, the Los Angeles Rams should win this game, but if the Rams overlook this Dolphins team, it could come back to bite them.

vs. New York Giants

Last year: 4-12 | Super Bowl odds: 66:1 | Over/under wins: 6.5

The Giants should be a lot better than they were a season ago. Saquon Barkley is prime to bounce back and Daniel Jones showed promise. The Rams put up 50 points in New York two years ago, and a win should be expected here. However, this will be a lot closer than the game in 2017.

vs. Arizona Cardinals

Last year: 5-10-1 | Super Bowl odds: 50:1 | Over/under wins: 6.5

The Cardinals are a team on the rise, but are probably still a year away from being a serious contender. Kyler Murray has one of the best wide receiver groups in the NFL but they still have questions on the offensive line and on defense. While Isaiah Simmons may have been the best player available, this is a team that probably should have drafted one of the best tackles in the draft at eight.

vs. Chicago Bears

Last year: 8-8 | Super Bowl odds: 33:1 |  Over/under wins: 8.5

Ever since ‘double-doink’, the Bears just haven’t been the same. This is a team that looked like it would compete for the next five years with the defense that they were putting on the field. However, Mitch Trubisky has held the team back and they have taken a step back without Vic Fangio running the defense. The Rams beat the Bears in Los Angeles last season and should do the same in 2020.

vs. New England Patriots

Last year: 12-4 | Super Bowl odds: 20:1 | Over/under wins: 9

The Patriots lost Tom Brady, but this is still a playoff caliber defense and offensive line. McVay and Goff will need to be on their ‘A-Games’ if they want to avenge the Super Bowl loss from two years ago. Thankfully this game is at home which should give the Rams an advantage.

at Arizona Cardinals

Last year: 5-10-1 | Super Bowl odds: 50:1 | Over/under wins: 6.5

Sean McVay has never lost to the Arizona Cardinals since he’s been in Los Angeles. However, 2020 is the first year where that even feels like it could change. The Cardinals are a team on the rise while the Rams have seemed to take a step back. If its going to happen, it will be in Arizona on the road.

vs. Dallas Cowboys

Last year: 8-8 | Super Bowl odds: 11:1 | Over/under wins: 9.5

The Cowboys might be one of the more improved teams in the NFL. They had one of the best drafts among any of the 32 NFL teams and they finally got rid of Jason Garrett. Mike McCarthy seems like a great fit in Dallas and with a skill position group of Amari Cooper, Cee Dee Lamb,  Michael Gallup, and of course Ezekiel Elliot. The Cowboys handily beat the Rams last year and very well could do the same in 2020.

vs. Seattle Seahawks

Last year: 11-5 | Super Bowl odds: 14:1 |  Over/under wins: 8.5

The Seahawks and Rams always seem to play a close game. Last season, the Rams lost by one-point in Seattle before winning by 16 at home. McVay is 2-1 in Los Angeles against the Seahawks and that’s probably where he’ll have the best to win against the division foe this season.

at Buffalo Bills

Last year: 10-6 | Super Bowl odds: 28:1 | Over/under wins: 9

The Buffalo Bills are a confusing team. They look to be a team on the rise, but Josh Allen clearly needs to get more consistent. Sean McDermott is one of the best coaches in the NFL and with this game in Buffalo, it won’t be an easy game at all for the Rams. The Bills added Stefon Diggs and brought in Zach Moss to compliment Devin Singletary.

at Philadelphia Eagles

Last year: 9-7 | Super Bowl odds: 22:1 | Over/under wins: 9.5

Sean McVay has never beaten Doug Pederson in two meetings against the Eagles. In 2017, despite Carson Wentz getting hurt, the Eagles came out ahead and then without Wentz in 2018, it was Foles and the Eagles coming out on top. This will be the first game between the two coaches in Philadelphia which won’t be an easy environment to play in.

vs. San Francisco 49ers

Last year: 13-3 | Super Bowl odds: 7:1 | Over/under wins: 10.5

The Rams nearly beat the 49ers in Los Angeles last season and if they win against their division foe in 2020, at home will be their best chance. On paper the 49ers are one of the top-five rosters in the NFL after just appearing in the Super Bowl.

at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last year: 7-9 | Super Bowl odds: 17:1 |  Over/under wins: 9

The Buccaneers have had one of the best wide receiver groups in the NFL. After improving the coaching staff last season with Bruce Arians, this is a team that now has a quarterback that won’t turn the ball over 30 times. Playing this team on the road in 2020 will be an uphill battle.

at San Francisco 49ers

Last year: 13-3 | Super Bowl odds: 7:1 | Over/under wins: 10.5

Last season’s game in San Francisco was not good for the Rams. Despite being tied or within one score for most of the game, it just seemed like the Rams were never going to get anything going on offense and it was only a matter of time. The 49ers scored 10 third quarter points and that was all they needed to put the game out of reach. The 49ers won’t be an easy team to play this year, and playing them on the road will be even more difficult.

at Seattle Seahawks

Last year: 11-5 | Super Bowl odds: 14:1 |  Over/under wins: 8.5

Seattle is arguably the most hostile environment to play at in the entire NFL. McVay is 2-1 in Seattle in his career, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. The Seahawks didn’t do a lot to get better in 2020, but with Russell Wilson at the helm, this is a team that will always compete.





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