Rams Awarded 3rd-Round Compensatory Pick for 2020 NFL Draft

by Jake Ellenbogen
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The Los Angeles Rams were projected all year to receive a fourth-round pick from the NFL for the loss in free agency of starting guard Rodger Saffold who moved onto the Tennessee Titans this past year. However, the NFL, to the surprise of many has awarded the Rams a third-round compensatory pick in this year’s draft.

This decision comes from a certain formula the NFL uses when choosing which teams are compensated and how they are compensated. The Rams lost safety LaMarcus Joyner in addition to Saffold which according to the formula was enough to get a third-round selection even while signing Clay Matthews.

This means the Rams while being shut out in the first round of the draft due to their acquisition of Jalen Ramsey, they will pick three times Friday night. Or at the very least they will have three picks to play with on Friday night. As you likely know, you can never count out a trade when it comes to the Rams and the NFL Draft.

The Rams pick in the 2020 NFL Draft consist of…

2nd round – 52nd-overall

3rd round – 84th-overall

3rd round – 104th-overall (compensatory)

4th round – 126th-overall

6th round – 199th-overall

7th round – 234th-overall

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