Los Angeles Rams’ Brand Reveal Has Caused More Questions Than Answers

by Max Perez
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The Rams’ rebrand did not get off on the right foot. 


For five years fans of the Los Angeles Rams have been patiently waiting for the new color, jersey, and logo reveal that is coming in 2020. As the days pass by and the new brand reveal of the Rams inches closer, it feels like the fan base has been getting thrown more questions than potential answers. 

Demoff, Again

Just days ago, the official LA Rams twitter account released their first “teaser” video:


Not Doing Enough

The video was the first taste that fans have gotten of the new brand, but the video shows nothing more than the old logo being taken off its wooden placeholder at the Rams’ home office. Like the Rams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are also rebranding. Unlike the Rams, the Bucs began their process earlier in the offseason and already released their teaser video not yet a month into their change. 



This entire brand change for the Rams has been known for five years or since the Rams returned to southern California and the entire thing has caused fans to stir and wonder for the entire length of the Rams’ term at the L.A Coliseum. The leader of all the confusion surrounding the impending changes is team C.O.O Kevin Demoff. 

Activity, Not Answers

Demoff has been very active on social media and local airwaves attempting to mediate fans’ cries for answers. His actions have only caused more questions. 

When is the brand reveal?


What are the colors going to be?


Why hasn’t the logo been teased?


Is THAT the logo? 


The team has been less than eager to reveal any hints of their new brand, but recently there have been leaks of a potential new logo on a draft hat that was posted on Reddit, then on Twitter.



Let’s just say that the leaked hat and logo got less-than-enthusiastic responses from fans and former players alike. As sources poured in saying that the logo was real the day afterward, fans got even more restless. This can’t be it, can it? A team that hasn’t leaked anything in the past half-decade suddenly letting this slip by seems far-fetched. 

Demoff, Again

The hat fiasco caught the attention of Demoff on Monday, where he sarcastically played with the idea of the Rams using the leaked logo next season. 



Demoff’s scoffing directly coinciding with former Rams quarterback Jim Everett’s tweets on Monday while going against credible sourcing raises a ton more questions for fans to answer. There is no real way to comb through what is happening. 


The Rams, while building anticipation and excitement over the new branding, colors, and stadium, have also managed to set themselves up in the middle of some unfortunate PR. people are talking about the Rams for all the wrong reasons, and fans are being left in the dark. Everything is set to be released pre-draft sometime in early April and the team seems set on keeping it that way: as panic sets in over the change the Rams have stayed the course and that is the scariest part of it all. 


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