Opinion: The NFL Needs to Stop Sleeping on Cooper Kupp

by Zach Martin
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The National Football League every year seems to find a way to sleep on players who deserve Pro Bowl selections, NFL All-Pro selections, and even NFL Awards for their contribution to the league. In 2019, one Los Angeles Rams player in particular, was snubbed from everything in the NFL; his name is Cooper Kupp. 

Kupp’s Huge 2019 Season

In 2019 after coming off a shortened 2018 season due to injury, Cooper Kupp was a God among men when it came to the wide receiver position. After playing in all 16 games, Kupp finished the season with 94 receptions, 1161 receiving yards, and 10 touchdowns. All of this after playing in only 8 games the year before. How does this man NOT get a Pro Bowl selection or even Comeback Player of the Year? According to Pro Football Focus, his rankings among all WRs in the league is beyond amazing. His 94 receptions, 7th in the league.

He was ranked 11th in yards, 8th in targets with 132. What’s even more impressive, his 10 touchdowns were SECOND IN THE LEAGUE. Second. Here’s something even more impressive; his grade by PFF was 74.4 for a receiver on a team that struggled offensively all season. Think of how massive his numbers would have been if the offense was clicking on all cylinders as it did in 2018 when he missed the majority of the season. Remember Comeback Player of the Year Award? He got one vote. One! Kupp was putting up numbers guys would dream to have and he gets one vote. The NFL is sleeping on Cooper Kupp. 

Kupp’s Contract

The thing that really makes Cooper Kupp interesting is that he’s going into the last year of his rookie contract. Yea that’s right, Kupp was drafted back in 2017 by the Rams in Round 3 (69th overall) in that draft. His contract was for 4 years/ $3.831M when he signed that rookie contract. Kupp is only 26 years old and still has room to improve on an already hot start to his career. According to Spotrac, Kupp’s market value is $19.4M a year. A contract with that average would look like a 4 year/ $77.884M deal.

That would make him the second-highest-paid WR in the league and 24th in the whole league. Compared to his contract now which puts him 103rd among WRs and 967th in the league. If Kupp gets that 4-year/ $77.884M deal, that would be compared to the likes of Michael Thomas who has a 5 year/ $96.25M ($19.25M/year) and Odell Beckham Jr, 5-year/ $90M ($18M/year). Kupp deserves to get paid since he is on the last year of his deal (cap hit 2019: $1.199M). You can not deny that Kupp needs to get paid and the Rams would foolish to let this guy walk after a great comeback year in 2019. 2020 is going to be Kupp’s year to prove and bet on himself to get that pay raise. 

2020: The Year of Cooper

The 2020 season is going to be a massive year for Cooper Kupp stat-wise in a season where he’s going to prove why he should get paid after this current contract. The addition of Offensive Coordinator Kevin O’Connell working alongside Head Coach Sean McVay will give the boost the offense needs after a struggling 2019 season. If Jared Goff gets help from a healthy offensive line; look out for the McVay playbook of 2018 with the game plan help of O’Connell to spark this offense to a whole new level.

The “young blood” mentality McVay is pouring into his staff which will give the offense some new light on getting points on the board and you know McVay will pick out Kupp to get a lot of targets that will result in more catches, yards, and touchdowns. Expect Kupp to have a bigger 2020 season compared to 2019 if the offense clicks on all fronts and outs up numbers game in and game out.


In conclusion, as stated earlier, the NFL slept on Cooper Kupp during the 2019 season. Well in 2020, Kupp will put the league on notice along with the rest of the Rams when they start putting video game numbers up on the board. McVay and O’Connell together will get the offense going just like in 2018 and you can expect Kupp to get a lot of attention his way if he played like he did last season. A season with a full onslaught of a well-oiled offense with Kupp’s production, expect Kupp to get over 1800 yards receiving and 13-15 touchdowns on a season where the Rams can make a playoff run. 

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