Rams ILB Cory Littleton Snubbed In NFL Honors Voting

by Zach Martin
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Just a day before the 2019/2020 NFL Playoffs start the Associated Press released the 2019 NFL First and Second-Team All Pro Lists. When looking over both teams, all you see is Aaron Donald making the First-Team All-Pro which is highly deserved, his fifth in six seasons might I add. But, where is Cory Littleton? When you look back over the season, you could make a case as to why Littleton should be on the All-Pro team, even if it’s the second which is still impressive. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the All-Pro teams at all. There is a case to be made by Littleton should have made it over one, maybe two players who did make it. 

Littleton over the 2019 season has the stats that backup a clean as to why he should be on the All-Pro team this year. This year in a full 16 games played, he had two interceptions for 32 yards with the longest being 26 yards in return. He also had four fumbles recoveries along with 134 combined tackles, 78 solo, & 56 assisted. Furthermore, he had six tackles for losses to boot. Those are defensive numbers from a player that any team would love to have on their roster. One guy you could say that Littleton could replace on the Second-Team All-Pro roster is Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard.

For the record, Leonard on his own did have impressive numbers in his own right to make a case for the All-Pro honors, but not over Littleton. In 2019 Leonard only played in 13 games compared to Littleon’s full 16 game season. He did have an advantage with five interceptions compared to the three by Littleton. Although, when it came to fumbles and tackles, Littleton had the better stats to back up a claim to make the roster than Leonard. Leonard didn’t recover or force any fumbles in the 13 games played unlike Littleton with the four recoveries. When it comes to tackles, Leonard only had 121 combined tackles (71 solo, & 50 assisted with 7 tackles for loss). The only thing that Leonard has over Littleton is the interceptions but Littleton has the games played, fumbles, and the tackle stats to make a greater case to be on the list. 

 In conclusion, we still have to congratulate Leonard on making the All-Pro team because that’s still a massive accomplishment for a guy only in his second season in the NFL. But, there’s still a feeling that Littleton should have made the All-Pro team as well. Expect 2020 to be a year of Littleton making a massive claim to be included in next years All-Pro team. 

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