Los Angeles Rams: Bold Predictions vs. Bengals

by Max Perez
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ITS BENGALS WEEK and the Los Angeles Rams are coming off a dominant win against Atlanta. The bold predictions swarming through my head are ready to come out so that’s what I am here to do today. Will the Rams’ trio of receivers go off once again? Will Aaron Donald have his first three-sack game of the year? This is bold predictions for week eight versus the Cincinnati Bengals.

Jalen Ramsey Will Have a Pick-6

Jalen Ramsey almost forced a turnover in his first game as a Los Angeles Ram, and he had only been on the team for a few days. Now, going up against a team with a below-average offensive line and a really below-average quarterback, Ramsey could be seeing a lot more balls being thrown his way. With the way the Bengals are playing, I could see Ramsey getting a gimme interception, but the question is: will he return it? For Ramsey, a pick-six could stand as an exclamation point to the start of his Rams career, and I think Andy Dalton is the quarterback to give it to him. 

Darrell Henderson Will Have 100 Total Yards, 1 TD

Darrell Henderson was a player most Rams fans have been waiting to see. Against the 49ers, Henderson had one bad turnover but ran well overall, and against Atlants he showed us what he can really do. He ran with speed, he shed tackles, he showed agility, and most important of all, he didn’t turn the ball over. As Henderson’s snaps continue to rise, his touches and yards will as well, and if the Rams offensive line can run-block effectively (a big ask) he will go off. 100 yards and a touchdown could be a big task, but if the offense keeps their game up, we could be seeing a lot of Hendo on Sunday. 

Rams Will Score a Special Teams Touchdown For 2nd Week In a Row

Will John Fassel dial up something special on Sunday? Maybe. Does Jojo Natson sometimes surprise us as a fanbase and return punts for great gains? Yes. If both of these happen the Rams might be in business. Scoring a special team’s touchdown isn’t exactly predictable but the rams have a knack for this type of thing. Hekker, Littleton, Natson, Nick Scott, the list goes on and on of special teams playmakers. Pin the Bengals within their own 5-yard line, and let those guys get to work.  

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