Stock Up, Stock Down for Tampa Bay Bucs at Los Angeles Rams: What Just Happened?

by Max Perez
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Confused Round-Up

No, I don’t know what happened either. The Los Angeles Rams got throttled at home by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and it could’ve been the worst game in the Sean McVay era. Admittingly I got pissed at Jared Goff’s turnover factory of a game and Sean McVay’s lackluster playcalling, but I came to finalize my thoughts nearly 24 hours after the game. The Rams aren’t bad. Rams fans have become used to the higher standard, but that isn’t the problem either. The real problem in my eyes is Sean McVay’s playcalling. Crazy huh? Sean McVay isn’t Jeff Fisher by any stretch, but there is solid game-by-game evidence that shows that after the loss to the Bears last year, McVay hasn’t found a counter to Vic Fangio’s defensive template. 

The Bucs game is more than a wake-up call for McVay and the Rams. The Rams defense couldn’t save the offense for the fourth time in the 2019 season, and the holes were finally uncovered. McVay is barely letting his star running back the shine, he threw Jared Goff 68 times, and even with a barrage of offensive weapons the Rams can barely have good drives in succession. Even with all of this in the past now, I’m choosing to take a positive view of the situation. We only have a couple of days until Rams vs. Seahawks on Thursday Night Football and McVay has never lost in Seattle and the Rams under McVay rarely lose twice in a row. Let’s hope the Rams go into Seattle and get a win. 

After that rant of sorts, I’ll finally get into the weekly chronicle of which Rams player performed and which players disappointed on Sunday. This is stock up, stock down versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 


Robert Woods, Wide Receiver

Robert Woods was one of the only bright spots for the Rams against the Bucs. In a career day, Woods caught 13 balls for 164 yards and dominated all over the field. You never know which Rams receiver is going to go off on any given night and this game Woods was Goff’s favorite target. Woods, along with Brandin Cooks and Cooper Kupp, is a pro-bowl level performer and the more the Rams offensive line can block the more they will get passes thrown to them. 

Aaron Donald, Defensive End

YES AARON DONALD IS STILL GODLIKE. This loss doesn’t change that. Donald was dominating the interior of the Bucs offensive line even when it didn’t seem like it. Tampa Bay did a great job of giving Jameis Winston quick looks and routes that made him look great. Not much pressure came from the rams defensive line, but when it did it was because of Aaron Donald: per usual. 


Entire Offensive Line

This Rams offensive line is both too young and too old. The only player I came into the season really confident with is Rob Havenstein and he has been terrible. Aaron Kromer has been an offensive line guru for most of his career, so why is this line so terrible? Brian Allen, Joe Noteboom, Austin Blythe, Andrew Whitworth, and Haventstein are all playing under the LA Rams’ standards in the Mcvay era and it needs to change soon. 

Sebastian Joseph-Day, Nose Tackle

I remember the days where I was confident in Sebastian Joseph-Day when it was announced that he would replace Ndamukong Suh at nose tackle. That was classic Rams fandom hazing my thoughts. Joseph-Day hasn’t made a difference and he definitely gave Aaron Donald any help in the middle. Greg Gaines was inactive and he has barely seen the light of day. Will he next week? He better because SJD has been disappointing so far, sacks or no sacks. 

Jared Goff, Quarterback

Sixty-eight throws. Sixty-eight pass attempts. 68 times Jared Goff dropped back and threw. About thirty-five times too many. Goff had one of the highest yardage outputs and passing attempt outputs in NFL history and he still played horribly. Yes, he hit some nice throws and he guided the rams on a tad bit of a comeback, but those four turnovers are scarring. The Rams offensive line isn’t anything special and they had a horrific game, but Goff just has to be better. He has to expand his game and he has to hit routine throws that will elevate the rams to win. He HAS to. Goff has improved in every year of his career but so far into 2019 he has been a disappointment. Expand and elevate. 

Sean McVay, Head Coach

Sean McVay is coming under a ton of fire…… At least on Rams twitter. The golden boy of the past two years in the NFL has become a figure for opposing fans to hate on naturally, what is unnatural is his own team’s fan base doing the same. Comparing Mike Martz to Sean McVay (twitter) is crazy but admittingly I have come to realize our beloved coach needs to change. Playcalling a totally biased game then being adamant about not preserving Todd Gurley is somewhat of a trend recently, and the rams aren’t benefiting from it. Either McVay changes and adapts to NFL defenses guarding his offense or the Rams lose games. That’s that. 

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