Los Angeles Rams: Week Three Stock Up, Stock Down vs. Browns

by Max Perez
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The Los Angeles Rams slid past the Cleveland Browns on Sunday Night Football with a score of 20-13. Some of the players who we have expected to shine did exactly that, but some surprising names appeared on my seventh straight stock, up stock down. This is stock up, stock down versus the Cleveland Browns.


Cooper Kupp, Wide Receiver 

Cooper Kupp is the security blanket we all need. Once again he, along with the whole Rams receiving core played well. Even throughout the Rams’ slow first half start, Kupp along with Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods was sure-handed. Kupp had the first touchdown of the game in the second half as well as a couple of supporting catches. In other words: business as usual. A catch, another catch, an insane route, then another catch: the timeline of Kupp’s game against the Browns just solidified the hype around the stud. 

Dante Fowler Jr, EDGE

Playing in another contract year, Dante Fowler has played great in the first three games of the 2019 season. Getting his twist/spin move down to a science, Fowler took advantage of Greg Robinson and the rest of the Browns offensive line in the first half. In the second, his presence was felt less than his EDGE-mate Clay Matthews on the other side of the line, but Fowler has shown he is more than deserving of the praise he has gotten this season. 

Brandin Cooks, Wide Receiver

Brandin Cooks going left to right or vice versa is a dangerous thing for NFL defenses. Going vertical is even scarier. Cooks has had a great tenure with the Rams so far, and through three weeks he has been that same guy. Against the Browns, Goff his him with some mid-level shots early and into the second half, the Goff-Cooks connection continued being a well-oiled machine and I am as happy as any Rams fan should be that this connection will be a thing for years to come. 


Jamil Demby, Right Guard

Jamil Demby had zero starts coming into this game versus the Browns. I don’t know what I expected from him but the game still felt disappointed. The Browns’ defensive line is a great one and it showed. Myles Garrett had an impact off of the right side of the line, and Demby was a part of that. Austin Blythe can’t come back soon enough!

Sean McVay, Head Coach

Sean McVay has had a problem with his play-calling since the Bears game of last year’s season. It is known, it is a topic of every game because it is true. It’s especially true when the Rams have a good drive and end up in the red zone; in this case, the offense usually stalls out and only gets three. Why? Is it because McVay feels like he can’t trust his offense, because he is scarred from a couple of bad losses, or is it because he is incomplete as a play-caller? I’d argue it is all three, but it is a problem no matter why it happens. If I have learned one thing, it is to trust McVay and this Rams team, they’ll figure it out.  A win is a win, right?

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