Fantasy Football: Buyers Beware on Antonio Brown

by Skyler Burkardt
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Many fantasy owners are wondering if they have made a huge mistake in drafting the train wreck that is Antonio Brown. In the last few weeks we have seen this Prima Donna go from fantasy stud to now a possible suspended headache. If you’re looking to try and snatch him at his lowest value right now be cautious in your decision. Let’s breakdown the timeline on how things have escalated:

January 2017AFC Divisional Round -Brown live streamed the locker room celebration on mobile Facebook, which is in violation of league policy. 

December 2018- Wednesday walkthrough where AB there a football at QB Big Ben in an argument. Missed all practices that lead to week 17 matchup against Bengals. AB was benched.

February 2019- AB took to social media and thanked Steelers nation and proclaimed it was time to “move on”.

March 2019- AB told Jeff Darlington of ESPN: “I don’t even need the game. I don’t need to prove nothing to anyone. If they wanna play, they going to play by my rules. If not, I don’t need to play. Obviously, I want the game, but I don’t need the game. It’s a difference.”

March 2019– Raiders send a third and fifth round pick in 2019 for Antonio Brown. Raider s also restructured his deal to pay him more money over the next three years. Brown also posts Instagram reply over his decision to not be traded and never suit up for the Buffalo Bills before the Raiders trade went down. This quickly prompted the Bills to opt out on their decision to trade for Brown.

May 2019– Brown is irate at NFL’s new helmet policy and threatens to not play in 2019 season is he cannot wear his old helmet.

July thru August AB’s feet were severely frostbitten after he entered a cryotherapy machine while wearing improper footwear. Listed as day to day with injury. Helmet saga still continues.

Early SeptemberAB gets in altercation with GM Mike Mayock over fines about missing practice before week 1 game. Calls GM a cracker and threatens to hit him. Finds another model of helmet to wear. What a escalation of events huh?

September 6- AB posts YouTube video about his conversation with Head Coach Jon Gruden. Try’s to come off as Antonio Brown the person not the football player and the games are over.

Wow…. Fantasy owners are currently in a panic over the recent series of events that have surrounded the Raiders and AB. Many are trying to sell Brown before things get much worse and still get a decent haul for the wide receiver. If you’re a buyer I would recommend avoiding this situation as much as possible. If you look back at his resume for fantasy stats he has been a top three producer in standard and PPR formats. Yet, with huge questions marks leading up to his week one status and even his status with the team itself it’s best to avoid. Just earlier on September 6, Antonio Brown was suspended for week 1 and was at risk for loosing his 30 million dollar bonus and on top of a possible separation from the Raiders organization. While this is a huge red flag to all fantasy owners most trying to sell off Brown will still try to get a decent amount of value for this troubled drama queen. If your looking to buy Brown off of another owner you need to get lower than market value because of the risk he bring with his off the field issues. Most of the offers I’ve seen have involved a form of a mid tier wide receiver in Chris Godwin or Cooper Kupp and an exchange in another player. Honestly, if you’re a buyer it’s best to keep what you have and roll with the better upside in your player than trade for a receiver with too many red flags. If you want to be the risk taker and trade Antonio Brown with the upside he brings if he turns his off the field issues around then don’t say I didn’t warn you. Buyer Beware.

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