2019 NFL Season Prediction

by Skyler Burkardt
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NFC North


Chicago Bears | 13-3

If there is anything we are 100% sure about with this Bears team it’s that they know how to build a championship defense. Ever since adding Khalil Mack to this defense last year they have dominated the NFC North. Even their offense is starting to become a top threat ever since Trubisky took the reins. The Bears have also added a great downhill runner in Montgomery in the draft that should add some more kick to that offense. Sorry Packers, your time of being too dog is over, here come the Bears.

Green Bay Packers | 10-6

The Packers May have lost Randal Cobb but that doesn’t mean they don’t have talent at the wide receiver position to pick up the slack. Aaron Rodgers is also healthy and ready to lead this team back to glory but not before learning a new offense. Expect for this Packers team to be more balanced and see a lot more running the ball in this new offense. Unfortunately for the Packers, the NFC North is ready to fight back and will keep Rodgers and Company out of the playoffs this year.

Minnesota Vikings | 12-4

The Vikings added a stud in Garrett Bradbury in the draft to help keep Cousins upright and open up running lanes for Dalvin Cook. Not only that but this should help out the two best route runners in football in Diggs and Thielen to wreck havoc. Expect for this talent filled Minnesota team to take the NFL by surprise and reach the playoffs once again with Cousins at the helm.

Detroit Lions | 8-8

The Lions are still the underdog in the NFC North as the rest of this division keeps getting better. Lions May have added some more solid Lineman on either side of the ball but this division is never an easy one to win out. Lions miss the playoffs this year but don’t expect them to be missing it next year.

NFC East


Philadelphia Eagles | 11-5

Eagles have a ton of talent all along the defensive line and this will help them keep ahead throughout the season. Carson Wentz will be healthy and good to go so we should see him light up the scoreboard this year in Philly.

Dallas Cowboys | 13-3

Freshly paid and back from Cabo, Zeke is gonna help lead this team into the playoffs with a force. Dak and Cooper remind Cowboys fans of how a real explosive offense looks like. Let’s not forget about their new toy in Gallup that’s gonna look to make a big impact as well.

Washington Redskins | 3-13

The Redskins have question marks at the receiver position and still have no sign of their top offensive lineman showing up. Haskins ends up starting halfway through the year but struggles in a competitive division that gets after the quarterback.

New York Giants | 2-14

Outside of Evan Engram and Saquon Barkley there isn’t much exciting about this Giants team. Giants struggle all year and accept fate late in the year to try and get more talent in the draft to surround their future franchise QB in Daniel Jones.

NFC West


Los Angeles Rams | 12-4

Plain and simple, this Rams team hasn’t lost a step and will easily win the NFC West once again. With Cooper Kupp healthy and a new leader on defense in Weddle we should see this squad look more complete than last year. Goff will also look to break the 5,000 yard passing mark now that he has more experience under his belt. Concerns around the offensive line are still surrounding this team but everything will fall into place.

Seattle Seahawks | 8-8

Seahawks take step back this year with many key pieces of their team leaving in free agency. Even with the addition of Clowney we are still gonna see this team try to keep up in a very talented NFC Conference this year.

Arizona Cardinals | 3-13

With a new Coach and new franchise quarterback I don’t expect the Cardinals to be very competitive from the start. This team has the right players to make something special but Murray is going to have a learning curve that will hold him back. Cardinals fans may groan at seeing another under .500 but they future looks bright with Kingsbury and Murray to lead this team.

San Francisco 49ers | 4-12

San Fran gets their franchise quarterback this year fully healthy and try to make their mark on the NFC West. Unfortunately for them, the Rams aren’t looking to give it up anytime soon. 49ers have a great defensive line but still need more experience together as this young team looks to find their identity this year on offense with Jimmy G fully healthy.

NFC South


Atlanta Falcons | 9-7

Falcons are finally healthy once again but can’t win out in the NFC South. Falcons cant close out in big games down the stretch which allows the Saints to close out this division.

New Orleans Saints | 12-4

Saints added another weapon for Drew Brees in Jared Cook and will look to easily stay ahead in the NFC South. Brees has another low year in passing yards but leans more on his talented running back in Kamara and his strong defense.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers | 10-6

Bruce Arians will elevate this team to new heights and bring a resurgence in Jameis Winston’s career. Evans and Godwin make this team a legitimate threat every week but the Bucs fall just short of the Playoffs.

Carolina Panthers | 8-8

Newton may have avoided missing this season to injury but he cant avoid how talented the NFC South is. McCaffrey leads this team in receptions and rushing yards while the receiving core lacks that play making ability to keep them in games.

AFC North


Pittsburgh Steelers | 12-4

Steelers may have lost arguably their best receiver in the off-season but this team has plenty of weapons. JuJu and Conner keep this team rolling week in and week out as Big Ben has another career year while leading the Steelers to the Playoffs once again.

Baltimore Ravens | 7-9

Lamar Jackson struggles again this year as he cant accurately hit his receivers in stride. The Ravens defense cant carry this offense all year long and we see this Ravens team lean heavily on the run. Ravens take the backseat this year as the Baker Train runs through town.

Cleveland Browns | 12-4

Browns come out in full force as they knock on the door for the Steelers as the best team in the division. Baker has a huge year and passes for over 5k and helps Odell be a top 3 wide receiver threat in the NFL once again.

Cincinnati Bengals | 6-10

Joe Mixon is the biggest bright spot on this team as they look to make magic happen without their star wide receiver, AJ Green for a few weeks. Dalton cant beat out his division rivals this year which prevents them from sniffing the playoffs under their new head coach.

AFC East


New England Patriots | 12-4

Its the Patriots. Rebuild, Retool, Dominate.

Buffalo Bills | 5-11

Bills are still trying to find more weapons for their young gunslinger in Josh Allen as they fall below the .500 mark. Allen makes strides as a passer and really gives this Bills Franchise something to look forward to.

New York Jets | 6-10

LeVeon Bell cant save this team as they struggle to be very effective in the passing game. Bell still rushes for 1k rushing even though he sees a lot more stacked boxes this year.

Miami Dolphins | 1-15

Dolphins are in full tank mode and will look to lockup that number one overall pick to claim one of the top QB prospects in the 2020 draft.

AFC West


Los Angeles Chargers | 9-7

Chargers take step back this year as they lose a key piece to their defense in Derwin James. Rivers and company look to keep up with the high flying Chiefs but injuries once again decimate this team to keep them out of the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs | 13-3

Hill isn’t suspended this season and Mahomes leads this team back to the playoffs with a bottle of ketchup in one hand.

Denver Broncos | 4-12

Flacco is not the savior the Elway thought this team was and they ride this season out as the doorstep of the AFC West once again.

Oakland Raiders | 5-11

Its a Hard Knock Life for this Team as they struggle to get things rolling after all the drama surrounding their diva wide receiver.

AFC South


Houston Texans | 11-5

Hopkins is gonna our on a show this year as he eclipses 2k in receiving and helps Watson bring the Texans back to the Playoffs.

Indianapolis Colts | 3-13

Colts will struggle to be as competitive as they were with Andrew Luck at the helm. Plenty of talent but it’s just not the same without the nice guy. I guess nice guys don’t always finish last?

Jacksonville Jaguars | 6-10

Nick Foles May of been magic in Philly but he can’t elevate this Jags team back to the playoffs.

Tennessee Titans | 6-10

Maybe it’s time the Titans move on from Mariota after this year. Titans add more weapons for the Oregon star but they come up short once again.

Wild Card Playoffs:


5 Steelers vs 4 Texans

Result: Texans Win


6 Chargers vs 3 Browns

Result: Browns Win


5 Vikings vs 4 Rams

Result: Rams Win


6 Eagles vs 3 Saints

Result: Saints Win

Divisional Round:


3 Browns vs 2 Patriots

Result: Patriots Win


4 Texans vs 1 Chiefs

Result: Chiefs Win


3 Saints vs 2 Bears

Result: Bears Win


4 Rams vs 1 Cowboys

Result: Rams Win


Championship Round:


2 Patriots vs 1 Chiefs

Result: Chiefs Win


4 Rams vs 2 Bears

Result: Rams Win


Super Bowl:


4 Rams vs 1 Chiefs


Result: RAMS WIN

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