Los Angeles Rams: Predicting the 2019 Regular Season

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Week 1 @ Panthers

Panthers had a nice offseason by adding a few veteran pieces on offense and defense. Chris Hogan was a nice addition on offense but this isn’t a good enough group on offense to keep up with the high scoring offense of the Rams. This game will start out slow until both teams get in rhythm but once halftime hits expect the Rams to get ahead and remind people what they are capable of.

Outcome: Rams Win

Week 2 vs Saints

The Rematch is the year has arrived and Saints fans have been gnawing at the bone to get revenge. Look for the Saints to pull out all the stops to make sure they get ahead and keep the Rams playing catch-up. Saints will have added a few more tricks up their sleeves with gadget player, Taysom Hill, and will keep the Rams on their toes. Newly acquired Jared Cook will burn the Rams up the middle and open up the field as Brees works his magic in the Coliseum. Saints end up with the win here by over a score but this will not be forgotten as both teams may meet again later this year.

Outcome: Rams Lose

Week 3 @ Browns

The LA Rams roll into the Dawg Pound to take down Baker and Co. after a loss at home from the Saints. Baker and Odell get things rolling by picking on the Rams defense with moving him around the formation to keep them guessing. This game ends up being close the whole way as both teams go into a shootout after halftime. Both Qbs end up going for over 400 yards passing this game but the Rams end up winning late in the 4th.

Outcome: Rams Win

Week 4 vs Buccaneers

The new look Bucs head into town lead by their newly appointed Head Coach, Bruce Arians, as they look to stay competitive in the NFC South. Winston will have no excuses this time around as he will have the Quarterback whisperer giving him every opportunity to succeed. Expect the Rams to blitz more this game and keep Winston uncomfortable in the pocket. Aaron Donald should get to Winston a few times this game and force the Bucs to utilize their TEs to get the call out quick. The Bucs should hang around for a few quarters as long as Winston doesn’t catch the turnover bug. Rams end up closing out this game in the 4th led by Goff and Kupp and keep ahead in the NFC West.

Outcome: Rams Win

Week 5 @ Seahawks

The LA Rams head into Seattle to take on their arch divisional rival in what is going to be a battle for lead in the NFC West standings. Seattle has lost some key pieces on both sides of the ball in the off-season but they still put up a good fight. Wilson looks to take advantage of the Rams line-backing core by hitting locket early and often across the middle. Seattle also keeps things interesting by keeping a consistent rushing attack throughout this game as the Rams look to slow them down. Goff and Higbee end up getting a few big plays in the 3rd to get the Rams ahead and they never look back. Wilson tries again at his 4th quarter magic but comes up short as Aaron Donald sacks him late in the 4th to seal the game.

Outcome: Rams Win

Week 6 vs 49ers

A healthy Jimmy Garoppolo leads the 49ers into the Coliseum to slow down the high flying Rams. The 49ers look a lot better than last year as Jimmy G and his young wide receiving core get things going early by scoring a few early in the 1st. The Rams linebackers are no match for the 49ers best weapon, George Kittle, as he terrorizes them them throughout the game. The 49ers pass rush has also improved from last year and is constantly getting into the backfield to keep the Rams on their toes. The Rams end up getting a few good chunk plays in the 3rd lead by Brandin Cooks and end up punching a few in to take the lead. Rams stay ahead as the Niners offense spurts out and they cruise through the 4th to get the job done.

Outcome: Rams Win

Week 7 @ Falcons

The Falcons are a great home team and look to defend their nest as the Rams come into town with a two game win streak. Unfortunately for the Rams the Falcons defense is now fully healthy and steals one away from Goff early. Falcons then take advantage of the turnover and quickly find Julio down the sideline for an easy score. Rams quickly respond on the next drive by making smart throws to Kupp and Woods as they finally punch it in with Gurley. Once the 3rd quarter begins a shoot out beaks out between Goff and Ryan. Ryan is hitting his receivers in stride all throughout the 3rd and keeps the Falcons just ahead of the Rams. Goff tries to get his team ahead in the 4th but ends up short as Matt Ryan finds Julio once again to seal the Rams fate.

Outcome: Rams Lose

Week 8 vs Bengals

The LA Rams head to London to face the Bengals in an international beatdown for the ages. Rams ex-coach Zac Taylor may have fallen from the McVay coaching tree but does not have the weapons to keep up with the Rams. LA ends up getting to Dalton early ad often as they combine for 5 sacks before the half. Goff also has a field day as Cooks goes for over 100 yards heading into the 3 quarter. Kupp keeps things going as he puts another score on the board for the Rams and the rest is history. Bengals get embarrassed on international television and look forward to a long flight home.

Outcome: Rams Win

Week 9 BYE

Week 10 @ Steelers

Steelers have had a crazy offseason as they have lost two of their best weapons on offense in Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. Even with those key losses though the Steelers still put up a big fight as Big Ben and JuJu get things rolling early as they combine for 2 scores before the half. Things aren’t easy for Donald this game either as the Steelers boast one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, keeping Donald in check for the moment. James Conner keeps the Rams linebackers on the run as he continues to be a dual threat in receiving and rushing the ball. Rams end up getting a pick late in the 3rd to give them good field position and score with the hep of Gurley. Rams keep this lead and win a close one in Heinz Field.

Outcome: Rams Win

Week 11 vs Bears

This game has a “game of the year” feeling as the Bears return to play the Rams at home for a possible playoff preview later this year. Both teams come out looking to score early but both defenses hold each other to a field goal. This game goes back and forth throughout the first half as neither team can seem to score a touchdown. Bears finally get the first score as Allen Robinson gets a nice jump-ball into the corner over Peters to put them ahead of the Rams. The Rams fall behind until the 4th quarter where they finally get their first score from a big run by Todd Gurley to tie this game up. Trubisky ends up putting on his best Tom Brady impression and takes a nice drive down the field and hits Cohen for an easy score across the middle to put them ahead once again. On the Rams next possession Mack comes up the middle and gets a fumble from Jared Goff to give the Bears great field position in which they score again to seal the game.

Outcome: Rams Lose

Week 12 vs Ravens

The Ravens may boast one of the best defenses in the NFL but their offense is no match in this game for the Rams. Second year QB, Lamar Jackson, ends up giving the Rams a few turnovers which they in turn get some easy scores to keep a nice lead before halftime. The Ravens do get one turnover from Goff later in the third to get their second score of the game but its not enough as the Rams continue their scoring streak to keep this game away from the Ravens.

Outcome: Rams Win

Week 13 @ Cardinals

The LA Rams come into the desert to take on their division rivals in the Arizona Cardinals lead by rookie QB Kyler Murray. Aaron Donald quickly introduces himself by getting to Murray 3 times early in the 1st half as Cardinals go down by a few scores. Nothing goes right for the Cardinals in this game as the Rams pass rush keeps Murray uneasy and the Rams end up winning this game by a few scores.

Outcome: Rams Win

Week 14 vs Seahawks

Seahawks are not one to lose twice to their rivals in one season as they roll into the Coliseum with playoff hopes on the line. Seahawks get their rushing attack going early and keep their foot on the gas as they score on the first drive. Goff ends up getting sacked and fumbles the ball to Seattle’s defense which they score that possession. Rams look a little rattled heading into halftime as Seattle leads by 2 scores and look confident in their gameplan. After halftime the Rams look to pound the rock to control the gameflow but Seattle ends up continuing where the left off and cruise to victory.

Outcome: Rams Lose

Week 15 @ Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys welcome the Rams into town as they look to get payback from the last time they met when the Rams knocked the cowboys out of the playoffs. Dak and his favorite weapon, Amari Cooper, are firing off as they get 2 early scores to set the tone. Zeke is contained for most of the game as Aaron Donald and company win the battle in the trenches. Goff ends up throwing a pick before halftime to seal the Cowboys lead only to be forgotten as the Rams come out hot after halftime. Woods gets some big plays to start the 3rd quarter to set the Rams up with an easy score by Todd Gurley. Goff keeps things hot by making smart throws throughout the rest of the game and the Rams keep ahead by 10.

Outcome: Rams Win

Week 16 @ 49ers

The LA Rams look to end their last road game of the regular season with a bang as they head into Candlestick Park. Jimmy G and company cannot get ahead in this game as the Rams are firing on all cylinders and keeping Jimmy uneasy in the pocket. He ends up throwing a couple of picks in this game as the Rams get ahead early and contain the 49ers best weapon in George Kittle. Donald also has his as the 49ers QB goes down 3 times by him alone in this game.

Outcome: Rams Win

Week 17 vs Cardinals

The Rams are in full playoff mode and will be clicking on all cylinders in Week 17. Even with a full 15 games under his belt, Murray will be at the mercy of the Rams pass rush led by Donald. Expect for the Rams to get ahead early and try to rest their starters by halftime to ensure they are saving their starters for the playoffs.

Outcome: Rams Win

LA Rams Season Record: 12-4

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