Los Angeles Rams: Five Players to Watch in Week Two vs. Cowboys

by Jake Ellenbogen
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The Los Angeles Rams were unable to score a touchdown in last week’s preseason debut. Now, the team heads to Hawaii to play the Dallas Cowboys on Prime Time. Here are five Rams you need to watch this weekend.

5. Ogbonnia Okoronkwo

Ogbo Okoronkwo was spotted practicing in Hawaii. Will he play? At this point, for the fans of Okoronkwo and I’m one of those fans, he must. Okoronkwo has never suited up for the Los Angeles Rams. He’s going to have to suit up in this contest and he’s going to have to prove he belongs. It’s not going to be an easy thing for him to do seeing how many players are in competition at that position. Can Okoronkwo make the 53-man roster? Yes, he’s a second-round talent in my opinion. However, with Okoronkwo, it’s all bound to the status of his health. He’s had a myriad of injuries to start his young career.

In this game, watch number 45 if he plays. He’s athletic, he’s ferocious and his motor never runs cold. If Okoronkwo plays he should make an impact in preseason game number two. Cooper Rush, Taryn Christion, and Mike White will be running for their lives as long as 45 has something to say about it.

4. Landis Durham

The former Aggie is back in action a week after proving the coaches made the right decision to start him last weekend. Landis Durham is considered that of a bubble roster guy to most people. However, Durham showed last week that he can rush the passer in this league and he can definitely play the run supportive role as well. The issue was certainly going to be how well Durham works as a stand-up pass rusher, seeing as his game converts more to a traditional 4-3 defensive end. With that being said, last week should have stomped on that worry heavily.

Look for the new number 96 to make an impact again and start again in another impressive showing. The Rams defense really didn’t have as bad of a game as many said last week. Guys like Durham were a big reason for that. You saw a sack last week, you’ll probably see another one this week as well from Durham.

3. John Wolford

Alas, the guy I’m most excited to watch is former AAF star John Wolford. Wolford was by far the best quarterback on the field last weekend in the Rams and Raiders game. He commanded the huddle, he made plays off schedule and he moved the ball downfield. The problem was that Brandon Allen basically played the whole game and it left Wolford stuck with about half of the fourth quarter to make something happen. He did. Now, after last week’s performance, the hope is for number nine to get his shot earlier than the fourth.

Will the Rams give it to him? There are a lot of question marks on the roster but Blake Bortles being the backup and Wolford being the odds on best option as the number three is not one of them. If the Rams let Wolford loose, watch out because he could be in for a huge performance.

2. Darrell Henderson

The third-round pick didn’t muster much of anything last week as running back. However, he did a stellar job in pass protection. Darrell Henderson the product of Memphis is going to get more of an opportunity in preseason game number two. This is a guy the Rams thoroughly expect to play in a role in the regular season and so he will need all the reps he can get. Henderson had nothing going for him last weekend whether it was on the offensive line or his lack of vision in the moment. However, this week, he’s gotten his feet wet already and we should all expect to see number 27 run loose.

Is Henderson going to break the all-time single-game rushing record? Probably not. However, expect him to reel in a great performance in his second NFL game.

1. Taylor Rapp

The Los Angeles Rams traded out of the first round and brought in Washington safety Taylor Rapp with their second-round pick. Rapp looked very good in his quick appearance last weekend. However, it’s week two, and we are talking about a potential starter this year. Look for the Rams to up the ante on number 24’s plate. Rapp could be in for another exciting performance.

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