Los Angeles Rams: Why Now Is The Time to Extend Jared Goff

by Blaine Grisak
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Los Angeles, Calif. – On Thursday evening the Philadelphia Eagles extended quarterback Carson Wentz to a new four-year deal averaging $32M per year. With the Los Angeles Rams selecting Jared Goff one pick ahead of Wentz in the same draft, that contract will have huge implications on the contract the Goff receives whenever he receives it.

According to Rams COO Kevin Demoff on Friday, the Rams aren’t looking to extend Goff immediately. After all, they did just exercise his fifth year option.


The key takeaways from Demoff are:

  1. That the Rams are committed to Goff, as much as Mike Florio may not want them to be.
  2. That a long-term deal will wait until after the season.


While the first one is encouraging, the second may end up hurting the Rams in the long run. Carson Wentz has set the bar for new quarterback contract. The Dallas Cowboys will be looking to extend Dak Prescott, Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers, and Patrick Mahomes will be due in 2020 and 2021.

Prescott may not surpass Wentz, but Newton and Rivers could and Mahomes certainly will. The longer the Rams wait, the possibility of these quarterbacks signing higher contracts exists.

By the sounds of it, Prescott could have a new deal before the beginning of the season, although the two sides aren’t close at the moment.

In 2018 Jimmy Garoppolo signed a deal averaging $27.5M. Not a few months later, Matt Ryan signed a deal worth $30M. Then, a few months later, Aaron Rodgers signed a deal averaging $33.5M.

That was a perfect example of how fast quarterback contracts can move.

Prescott is playing on the last year of his deal and the Chiefs could easily look to extend Mahomes after the season. DJ Moore and Christian McCaffrey have given the Panthers a nice group of weapons for Newton. With Newton healthy, he could play up to his MVP potential similar to 2015 and boost his value.

The longer the Rams wait, the larger the possibility that they will have to pay Goff more than they would if they paid him before the season.

Goff and Wentz are represented by the same three agents at Rep 1 Sports: Ryan Tollner, Bruce Tollner, and Chase Callahan. The group was smart to get Wentz done while they could and set the bar for their next client, Goff. There’s no question, the Rams quarterback will surpass the Wentz numbers. It’s just a matter of by how much.

Wentz and Goff have both put up MVP-caliber numbers. They have both led their teams to the postseason. However, unlike Wentz, Goff has been much more consistent, led the Rams to a Super Bowl, has been named to two Pro Bowls, has passed for 60 touchdowns with 19 interceptions the last two seasons, and has stayed healthy.

That’s not to mention the likelihood of Goff improving in year three under head coach Sean McVay and continuing to develop. If the Rams quarterback goes out and wins league MVP or throws for over 5,000 yards, his number will certainly increase.

As of right now, Goff’s floor is $32M with the ceiling most likely at $34M. As mentioned earlier, if the Rams wait, those numbers could go up depending on the contracts of Prescott and others.

The Rams seem to be content in Goff playing out the fourth year of his five year deal and don’t seem to be in a rush. However, two things are certain: The Rams are committed to their franchise quarterback and they are going to pay him. It’s no longer a question of if, but when.


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