It’s Time For Everyone To Let Rams QB Jared Goff Define Himself

by Jake Ellenbogen
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“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” – Alfred Pennyworth, a fictional character in a fictional movie delivered this quote. The crazy thing is – fiction or not – This perfectly sums up the young Rams signal-caller. When you think about Jared Goff, this is really perfect.

The Rams young franchise quarterback has picked himself up off the ground time and time again, and February 2019 was no different than his days being a California Golden Bear.

The Super Bowl is all anyone talks aboutHere’s the latest delivered by Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio on The Dan Patrick Show.

Anyone can have an opinion It’s why such a thing as Freezing Cold Takes exists. But at least have something to back it up. Some argue that Cowboys Dak Prescott is a better quarterback than Goff. Why? Maybe because Prescott is the signal-caller for “America’s Team” or maybe because people are still not over Jared Goff’s rookie year behind a porous offensive line, no production from the best running back in the National Football League and operating under a first-year offensive coordinator that was, as Todd Gurley put it, “running a high school offense.” But yes, of course, clearly all Goff’s fault.

Lets just cut right to the chase. Goff is the one quarterback in the league that the majority thinks is a product of his Head coach. Let’s take a look at the statistics for Goff.

First off, credit to Goff on the improvement each year. Second, the efficiency. He may not be your first choice over having Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees right now, but the idea that Goff is not even in the top-10 just seems off. If the only argument for Goff not being a top-10 quarterback is ‘Sean McVay reads the defense for him’ then you are sadly mistaken.

Goff still has his faults. He still misses open targets downfield, he still throws off his back foot, he still makes a bad decision here and there, and of course, he still throws a “duck” every game. However, he’s also a leader, intelligent, poised, hard-working, accurate, tough, athletic and has a great arm for the NFL game. The title of former first-overall pick will always lead to scrutiny, but don’t you think that maybe, just maybe Goff hasn’t received enough credit?

The tough part about getting to the Super Bowl and losing as a quarterback is always being named the reason for the loss and the fact that no one cares about what you did to get there if you can’t get the “W”, which has been proven by fans and analysts alike.

It doesn’t matter that Goff led his Rams squad to the Super Bowl while at the age of 24. It doesn’t matter that he improved in almost every single passing statistic. It doesn’t matter that he took his first loss in the playoffs last year and helped lead the Rams to two playoff wins the very next year. All that matters is that Goff and the Rams offense only scored three points in the biggest game of the year.

It’s a chosen narrative. It’s become the ‘cool’ thing to say. We won’t go into the fact that the Rams defense stifled the legendary Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Patriots for 97% of the game either. The reason? The Patriots won. The Rams did not.

We move onto the 2019 season. The 24-14 career starter has an NFC Title to help defend and a Super Bowl revenge tour that awaits. It’s time to let Goff define himself.

Everyone talks about where Goff falls in the list of quarterbacks. At the end of the day, Goff doesn’t care, Sean McVay doesn’t care, and the Rams don’t care. All this team cares about is hoisting the Lombardi trophy at the end of the 2019-20 season. You’ll see article after article and TV spot after TV spot on how ‘Jared Goff has immense pressure on himself to succeed’ or ‘Jared Goff needs to earn his contract.’ Goff will need to go out and prove himself in his fourth season….again.

The double narrative will always be around and people will manipulate things to see how they fit, almost as if it’s a puzzle and no one else can solve it but the person making the narrative.

With Goff, it’s going to be “Well, he has Robert Woods, Brandin Cooks, Cooper Kupp, Josh Reynolds, Todd Gurley, Darrell Henderson & Gerald Everett.” It’s always going to be that way. If you somehow prove the critic wrong, you will likely hear, “Well, he has Sean McVay.” But eventually Goff is going to prove that critic wrong and then you will surely hear about how great his offensive line is and how they give him all the time in the world.

This upcoming year, all the talk is of a Super Bowl hangover for Goff and the Rams. What many are discounting is that in year four and at just 25-years old, Goff will get even better. Our friend Benjamin Allbright tweeted out this great tidbit that goes along well with all of this.

Whether it’s Sean McVay’s doing or not, it’s time for people to let Goff show us. This right here is an impressive stat from Allbright and to be completely honest, it isn’t shocking. Goff has been a model of consistency since McVay took over, but more so, since he left the high school offense and that 4-12 season in 2016.

We don’t seem to question Tom Brady for being with Bill Belichick or Drew Brees being with Sean Payton. However, it’s like a sin to think Goff is actually better than people give him credit for because of McVay. That’s not to take credit from McVay who is by all means, a football savant and a coaching genius. He could be the best coach in the NFL when Belichick decides to hang up the hoodie. That doesn’t mean Goff can’t be great as well.

Right now, at this point in time, I believe Goff is the seventh best quarterback heading into the new season. It may sound high, but Goff certainly has the production. He went to a Super Bowl appearance in his third year, he thrown 60 touchdowns to just 9 interceptions, and has tallied a 24-7 record in his last two years.

Maybe everyone got so used to the 0-7 Jared Goff that they haven’t actually given the modern day Jared Goff a chance. Troy Aikman started off 0-11 and we all know how that career turned out. It’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish and Goff is certainly moving up the rungs since stumbling out of the gate.

What does Goff have left to do? A lot. However, the most important thing is winning a Super Bowl and he came very close to doing that with no experience in the big game, against a duo that has won six Super Bowls together. This season should be a special one for Goff. He gets another year under his belt in McVay’s offense, another year to gel with last year’s trade acquisition Brandin Cooks, and will not only receive Cooper Kupp back from injury, but he will also receive a new weapon in the form of rookie RB Darrell Henderson.

Now, let’s stop bashing Goff and comparing him to lesser talents like Prescott and allow him to define himself this year in his fourth season with Super Bowl vengeance on his mind.


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