Eagles Sign QB Carson Wentz To 4-Year, $128M Extension: What Does This Mean For Jared Goff and the Rams?

by Jake Ellenbogen
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It’s only going to be a matter of time before the Los Angeles Rams have to make a decision on Jared Goff’s contract. That’s why when a quarterback sign’s a large deal, it’s going to be something to keep on eye on.

That happened Thursday evening as the Philadelphia Eagles announced an extension for franchise quarterback Carson Wentz that will carry him through the 2024 season according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. ESPN Insider Adam Schefter announced the final numbers for Wentz that puts him in the $32M range annually with over $107M in guarantees.

The news came as a bit of as a surprise, but it’s not entirely shocking to see the Eagles lock up their franchise quarterback. They let go of 2018 starting quarterback Nick Foles in free agency this year as he moved onto the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Wentz was always expected to be “the guy” but injuries derailed that early on. Still, though, the 26-year old Wentz has plenty of talent and is exactly what an NFL team would want in their franchise quarterback.

Over Wentz’s tenure in the NFL, he’s racked up a pretty nifty stat sheet which is headlined by some gaudy numbers in 2017. You could even make the argument his next season, despite going 5-6 he was improving upon those numbers even more with a 69.6 completion percentage and a 21:7 TD-INT ratio.

Here’s how Wentz’s numbers compare to that of Rams QB Jared Goff.

Wentz no matter what he does, will always be linked at the hip of Jared Goff. Why? Simply put, Goff and Wentz went back-to-back to start the 2016 NFL Draft and that’s what people will remember and continue to talk about. While the tale of the 2016 number one and number two overall picks in the NFL Draft has been exciting, it’s not as exciting as it could have been to this point. Wentz has battled injury, while Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff, the guy everyone counted out after his rookie season, has risen high up the quarterback tier chart.

It wasn’t long ago that Wentz was the odds-on favorite to win the MVP award in 2017, but a torn ACL and injuries this past year put a dampener on the Eagles franchise quarterback. That, however, doesn’t mean the league and most importantly, the Eagles, do not value Wentz. Here’s some insight on the situation:

What NFL Insider Adam Caplan says here is perfect in regards to addressing the “Why pay the guy when you can just tag him?” crowd. This is exactly it. It may come off as the easy thing to just continue to franchise tag your players and save money, but you have to think of it in terms of how valuable the player is.

For the Eagles, after letting go of Foles, Wentz is absolutely 100-percent their guy. They simply couldn’t afford to string him along like that. Putting that into the Rams and Goff perspective, it makes even more sense. Goff has simply been the more reliable signal-caller out of the two and has been better as of late. If Wentz is getting paid now, how can you justify letting Goff wait his turn? You really can’t. Even more so, this gets interesting with both Goff and Wentz being represented by the same three agents at Rep 1 Sports: Ryan Tollner, Bruce Tollner, and Chase Callahan.

Could the Wentz “splash” turn into a double whammy for Rep 1 Sports and ultimately lead to the top two 2016 signal-callers grabbing contract extensions? Maybe. However, there’s always the interesting devil’s advocate that can be played when discussing Jared Goff.

As far as this narrative goes, I think it’s fair because of the fact Sean McVay truly inherited Goff but never had his own guy. However, if McVay wanted his own guy the Rams likely would have drafted one of the talented quarterback’s last year or even this year. McVay has been committed to Goff and at the end of the day, while I think this is a fair point, Goff is more than likely going to remain with the Rams.

This deal for Wentz basically set the table for Goff similar to the Todd France set the table for Rams superstar defensive lineman Aaron Donald when France made the Eagles’ Fletcher Cox the highest-paid defensive lineman at the time.

There is no telling exactly how much Goff will end up getting or when it will come. We just know that this event in NFL history is not one to be slept on. The Wentz deal today just got the ball rolling on a Goff extension if it wasn’t already.

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