Final Rams 7 Round Mock Draft

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I will have two final mock drafts for the R


ams.. One will be with trades and the other will be if we stay at pick 31. Picks based off who is available on thedraftnetwork’s mock draft simulator. After completing some trades using a trade value chart, I think I came away thinking trading back is the best option. Obviously a player falling changes this. The Rams needs are (in no order) OL, DL, EDGE, DBs, TE, LBs, and barring Les just throwing smoke out there I guess a RB. I am not a fan of reaching for need. Depth is key in the NFL as players drop like flies when it comes to the injuries. Here it is… My final 2019 LA RAMS MOCK DRAFT!


*stats via sportsreference



*Rams trade with Denver

Rams give pick number 31.

Rams receive picks number 41 and 71.

*Rams trade with NYG

Rams give pick number 94

Rams receive picks number 108 and 132




Round 2 Pick 9 – Jachai Polite, EDGE, FLORIDA



Jachai Polite is the BPA when the Rams are on the clock at pick 41. Jachai has his flaws… The combine was awful, his measurables were average at best, but the film is ELITE. Jachai shows explosion and quickness with a very good speed rush. Jachai uses leverage, flexibility and great footwork to produce great counter moves off the speed rush. Jachai is not a one trick pony and has the skill set to beat you many different ways. Another aspect of Jachai’s game that goes unnoticed is the motor. He gave max effort on every play, often chased down the ball carrier sideline to sideline. The film makes you wonder how much effort Jachai really gave at the combine….



Play comparison: Dee Ford.




Round 3 Pick 7 – Trysten Hill, IDL (1 tech), UCF


Trysten Hill is a big human being. At 6 food 2 320 pounds he shows very good athleticism and quickness on film. This was backed up at the combine with a 35 inch vertical (via mockdraftable). Trysten has good explosion off the ball, but gets into trouble with his pad level. This one weakness basically decides if Trysten wins the play or not. If he stays low there aren’t many OL in the league that will stop his combination of strength and quickness. But he can get in a bad habit of popping straight up at the snap which causes him to lose strength, quickness, and leverage. He won’t bring much of a pass rush to the table but should develop into an outstanding run stuffer. With a little bit of coaching on his technique, Trysten Hill could be an absolute beast next to Aaron Donald. I should also note that Trysten had some issues at UCF. He made it known he wasn’t happy about his playing time and his send off letter was a little worrisome, as he made it a point to not thank anyone on the coaching staff.



Player comparison: Kyle Love






Round 3 Pick 35 – JoeJuan Williams, CB, VANDERBILT


JoJuan Williams is a very interesting prospect. I say this, because he doesn’t show much speed, but makes up for that with very rare size This spider graph shows how big he actually is compared to other cornerbacks in the NFL (via mockdraftable)


Even with the size and lack of speed JoeJuan shows very good technique. He isn’t stiff with his hips like many would be at his size. JoeJuan struggles when WRs get away from his jams at the line, but he is incredible at the line of scrimmage and makes it very hard for WRs to get off the line and into their routes. From the film I have watched JoeJuan seems like a press only corner. A very good player opposite of Marcus Peters, if we choose to extend Peters in the near future.



Player comparison: Brandon Browner





Round 4 Pick 6 – Jahlani Tavai, LB, HAWAII


Tavai might be my favorite prospect in terms of value. The Rams snag my third rated LB in the fourth round. Tavai is an extremely smart player who is always beating his blockers to the ball carrier, or gap. He plays with zero fear, but also under control. His lack of athleticism will push him down to the middle rounds, but his football IQ more than makes up for this flaw. This is a guy that can step in and compete for a job right away, and at the very least provide depth at a position in need.



Player comparison – Todd Davis





Round 4 Pick 31 – Justin Hollins, EDGE, OREGON



Once you get to the middle rounds I like betting on upside or gaining depth. Justin Hollins fits both of these. Hollins is an athletic monster and speed rush specialist who fits really well as a stand up edge guy. The 4.5 40 will have NFL teams drooling, but his game is very raw. He often just lets himself get blocked and strength is a big issue. I truly believe at the very worst Justin Hollins will come be a third down specialist at the next level, which is a lot more valuable than most think.



Player comparison – Dion Jordan







Round 4 Pick 32 – Evan Worthington, Safety, COLORADO


Evan Worthington is another guy I like more than most. Has very good size to play the run, speed to play single high, and showed tremendous ball skills. Worthington can play single high or in the box and would bring tremendous depth and versatility to a secondary that could use youth. Ball skills are tough to develop and learn and Worthington might be at the top of this class. His flaws can be taught and developed behind safety, Eric Weddle. Was suspended for violating team rules for 2016 season, which should be noted.



Player comparison: John Johnson




Round 5 Pick 31 – Dru Samia, OG, OKLAHOMA


I watch a lot of Oklahoma football and one thing I know about this draft class is that Dru Samia is the meanest, angriest, baddest man in it. He finishes blocks, wins with leverage, and one of the best pulling guards I have ever seen. NFL teams are worried about how awkward his stance is, which I must admit is pretty darn weird. He doesn’t over power you with strength and it’s very hard to develop an opinion based on the weak big 12 defenses he was blocking. Samia started all 4 years at Oklahoma. At the very worst I think Samia provides depth and who doesn’t like an angry OL in your locker room protecting your franchise QB?



Player comparison: Richie Incognito






Round 6 Pick 30 – Rodney Anderson, RB, OKLAHOMA


Rodney Anderson ranks as third best running back and if he is available here like he was on the thedraftnetwork draft simulator, there is no other correct pick. Rodney, who would be a first round lock if he didn’t have brutal luck when it came to injuries. Rodney can do it all on the field and no one questions how good of a talent he is. He brings size, strength, speed, and vision to the table, but the durability concerns are very telling.




Player comparison: Arian Foster









Round 7 Pick 37 – Ross Pierschbacher, IOL, ALABAMA


Pierschbacher has good size, versatility, football IQ, and has played A LOT of football. Pierschbacher started all 4 years at Alabama, playing guard and center. He is a very average player who I believe can fill in as a swing G/C whenever he is needed. I don’t see much of a ceiling… He is who he is and that’s as average of a player as they came. Pierschbacher will bring nice depth to a Rams OL that needs more bodies.


Player comparison – Matt Skura


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