DTR Draft Profile: CB Trayvon Mullen, Clemson

by Jake Ellenbogen
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Height: 6-foot-2

Weight: 190 pounds

Age: 21

Tape: Trayvon Mullen vs. Duke (2018)


Strengths: Has great length and uses it well. Uses his hands to bounce receivers off their original route path. Physicality at the beginning of the snap can lead to him being in the driver’s seat when covering his assignment the rest of the way. Understands man-to-man and plays his receiver well and has good overall feel for inside breaking routes. Able to accelerate when running in a straight line and can be isolated on an island in coverage. Long frame creates a tighter window that most QB’s won’t even test. Capable tackler, uses his long arms to disrupt a ball-carrier’s movement. Didn’t log a ton of ball production but he’s got solid ball skills and is a threat to take it to the end zone if he gets a hold of one. Does a great job of ripping the ball out of the receiver’s hands if he is initially beat. Loads of potential. Displays patience and understanding in zone coverage.


Weaknesses: Not relatively quick, struggles in flipping his hips as he’s a little stiff and takes the bait more often than not in coverage. Top receivers such as Kelvin Harmon that had great releases off the line of scrimmage found the tendency to turn him inside out and put him in a blender. Gets happy feet pre-snap and may have a snap or two where he isn’t even fully set. He isn’t the most sound guy in click and close opportunities, more of an ankle-biter as a tackler and gets stuck on blocks. Really isn’t much of a block shedder, so once you have him blocked he’s pretty much out of the play in run support. Noticeably plays a tad worn down towards the end of games which leaves you wondering about his overall conditioning. 


Draft Grade: Early 2nd-round


Best Fit: A team that wants a guy that can come in and start day one but knows that guy is nowhere near his ceiling. Mullen has some things to like but he also has some things that could be an issue at the next level. He needs to be a man corner and a defensive backs coach will have to work on him to help him improve in run support and technique.


Player Comparison: James Bradberry


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