3 Potential 'Unsung Heroes' for the Rams in Super Bowl LIII

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The Super Bowl is this Sunday and so here’s an article to get familiar and keep five names in mind that could have monstrous impacts like players such as Seahawks WR Chris Matthews, Seahawks LB Malcolm Smith, Giants WR David Tyree, Rams WR Ricky Proehl, Falcons DL Grady Jarrett and let’s not forget Mike “The Tackle” Jones among others…


3.KR/PR JoJo Natson

The 24-year old has appeared in 20 games over the course of his young NFL career and has never taken a kick or a punt back to the house. He flashes an ability to stop and start in an instant, Natson could easily take it all the way back for a touchdown if given the right opportunity. The reason Natson has not gotten in the end zone yet has nothing to do with his speed or agility which are great. It’s more so just about finding the right creases and of course having them to begin with. People remember when the Seahawks got Percy Harvin who was expected to be a star. He actually wasn’t…like at all. However, his one shining moment for his team was when Harvin took the opening second-half kickoff for six in what was a backbreaker for the Broncos that ultimately put Denver in the coffin for that Super Bowl. 


If anyone is due for a touchdown, it’s Natson, guy who flashed amazing return ability to start the year but tailed off and even had a fumble that likely costed them the game versus the Eagles. Of course, none of that matters, clean slate, you’re in the Super Bowl and you can do exactly what Percy Harvin did with his opportunity for the Seahawks. When people hear Seahawks and Percy Harvin in the same sentence, they think about the Super Bowl kickoff return. Right now, Natson can change people’s opinions of him who only view him as a fumble waiting to happen even if that was his first fumble lost of his career. Can you imagine if the Rams get the kickoff to start and Natson houses the opening kickoff to go up 7-0 on New England? Unsung hero to keep an eye on.


2.TE Gerald Everett

How can you not mention Gerald Everett. Is he too popular to put on this list? He didn’t have 400 receiving yards and if you are ranking the offensive weapons, he’s probably the sixth or seventh most targeted on the team. However, without Everett, the Rams likely aren’t in Atlanta this weekend and they definitely do not beat the Chiefs without his heroic touchdown late in the Monday Night football game of a lifetime. So, you have to imagine Everett will be up for the task in this one and it has more to do with the Patriots than the Rams. 


First off, the Rams know they can count on Gerald but secondly the Patriots know they are going to want to force the younger less experienced players to have to make plays. The Patriots and mainly Bill Belichick are great at taking away the important things you use to help you win a ball game. So, process of elimination would show us that Belichick will want to take away the reliable Robert Woods, the deep threat Brandin Cooks and the Todd Gurley – C.J. Anderson thunder and lightning duo in the run game. You can’t possibly take away everyone which is why Gerald is one of the potential unsung heroes. Once again, he came through in the 54-51 victory over the Chiefs, there is no reason he can’t propel his career as a Super Bowl hero.


1.DE John Franklin-Myers 

Number one on the list goes to the fourth-round edge rusher and the “diamond in the rough” John Franklin-Myers. “JFM” sent a message to everyone early on in the Rams 2018-19 campaign, when he sacked Kirk Cousins in the picture above and forced the ball out for the game-sealing forced fumble. That was a defining moment for Franklin-Myers, who has played a total of 313 snaps this season and is averaging 8.7 pass rushing snaps per pressure according to Pro Football Focus. 


JFM has played a season game-high snap total of 35 snaps and that came against the Minnesota Vikings. The Rams needed all hands on deck to win that game despite Jared Goff playing perfectly. This is the Super Bowl, doesn’t it seem crazy that the same guy who logged two games over 30 snaps on defense, the Rams have played just 12 defensive snaps since the playoffs started? He’s capable of helping the team, last game against the Saints in the NFC Championship game he was unfortunately put in a bad situation having to cover Alvin Kamara on a broken play. This week, like the theme of the article, Bill Belichick and the Patriots will likely take away the weapons on the Rams defense in Aaron Donald and maybe even Suh, it will be up to the rookie out of Stephen F. Austin to make the big play and if it comes down to that, don’t be surprised if number 94 cements his legacy with a game-sealing play equal to the one he had in week four but this time, in the Super Bowl.


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