Offseason Rumors: DeSean Jackson reunited with McVay?

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Reports have been coming out of Tampa since early November that wide receiver DeSean Jackson is unhappy with his current role within the Bucs offense. Jackson started to make his opinions clear as the Bucs started to have their late season skid in an interview on Nov 7th. He stated:


“I can’t say I’m as happy. I’m not winning. I’m not being as productive. For me to sit here and say I’m happy with that, I’d be lying to you, It’s a competitive sport, a competitive nature, we’re all professionals. Everyone gets paid to do a job and do it at [our] best. I don’t feel we’ve been doing that the past couple of games, at our best, with what we’re capable of doing with the talent in this locker room.”

Jackson is definitely a winner and playing on this Bucs team that has all the talent to win but always comes up short is frustrating for a player of his pedigree. Jackson reportedly asked Bucs GM Jason Licht to be traded before the NFL’s Oct. 30 deadline, yet the team sat on their hands and waited out the rest of the season. Both sides had a different opinion on the situation and how the season has played out because of it. Head Coach Koetter believed it was a “lack of effort” from the wide receiver after Jackson failed to practice with the team during a hand injury. Jackson was also unhappy with the lack of chemistry between him and Jameis Winston, whom Jackson felt shouldn’t be in the starting lineup over veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

Fast forward to today, January 30th 2019, only a few months from when Jackson made his intentions public we have more news. Jackson joined the Simms & Lefkoe Podcast earlier today and told Simms:


“I would like to end up in LA, being a Ram…Sean McVay, you know we got some connections from when I was in DC.” – DeSean Jackson on Simms & Lefkoe Podcast earlier today.


Initial reaction for most fans after Jackson said this was excitement and urgency to pounce on this receiver to bring him on the team. On the surface that may seem like a great idea but when we stop and think about it may not be the best idea for this LA Rams team. Adding another veteran presence and a speedster at wide receiver next to Cooks may sound great at first. Even with the Rams already having a solid receiving core having another veteran like Jackson would only help solidify the depth the Rams have at that position. With Jackson expressing his desire to play in LA with McVay the Rams have a lot to consider about adding the veteran. Cap space is one factor as they are looking to re-sign some of their own players that helped them get to Super Bowl 53. Plus the Rams have to start negotiations with their franchise QB Jared Goff this off-season. Another problem that arises is playing time for Jackson since the Rams currently have Cooks, Woods, and Kupp as their main starters at the position. Thirdly the Rams have to consider the ego of Jackson and how that affects the locker room. As silly as that may sound considering they added Suh, Peters and Talib to the roster this last off-season it has to be considered. The Rams may be full of talent but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to add more to the roster when they can. The situation has to be right for the Rams to pull the trigger and bring in Jackson. Rejoining McVay here in LA is ultimately up to Les Snead to determine if this relationship could work out given the reasons stated earlier. Jackson also demands the ball in his hands to make plays but in this Rams offense any one of these players will be the focus of the game plan and the rest are not selfish about it. So this may sound like a great idea on the surface, but underneath it all it may be best for the Rams to keep what they have and focus on younger talent in the Draft.


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